I wish words could cause more than just emotional pain. Call me weird, but I wish words were capable of inflicting real pain on some people. Yup !! you know yourselves, you are the ones whom I wish I could reach out and touch through my computer screen when you spout your sanctimonious dribble in support of criminals.

download (9)You know yourselves. ” Oh capital punishment is evil. Oh it’s barbaric to kill the murders when they are caught wantonly and summarily killing others. Oh the Police are all evil. Oh the laws are unconscionable. Oh the person who got killed probably did something to deserve it. Oh the people only break the laws because they are poor. The list of excuses is endless. Jamaicans make so many excuses for wrong-doing , it is now a job in our country.

download (1)Being a criminal coddling apologist is a career path in Jamaica, it’s also has strong support from many hypocrites in the diaspora. The pharisees in the diaspora are particularly reprehensible, they live and thrive in countries which are serious about crime, yet they cheer-lead for criminals at home. Some of you fund crime back home. That makes you particularly disgusting in my eyes.

download (4)Just ask Carolyn Gomes of (JFJ), ask Earl Witter of the Public Defenders office, Ask Horace Levy of the Peace Management Initiative, ask Yvonne McCalla Sobers of (FAST), Throw Terrence Williams of INDECOM into the mix. There’s more, they know themselves. Oh by the way these pharisees wittingly and unwittingly enhance criminality in Jamaica. Where are the organizations looking out for the helpless victims of crime? The truth is the innocent doesn’t matter, it’s a dog eat dog world.  True until the killings reaches individual door-steps. Criminality has always appealed to Jamaicans. The rule of law is mostly seen as a shackle and not a good toward their development.They give criminals the benefit of the doubt over those who risk life and limb in their defense. Here’s a novel idea, how about a national coalescence against crime? How about a national consensus against crime? Oh I forgot that would put a lot of you out of business, not to mention a lot of you would have no more relevance. Criminals are like Cockroaches, shine a light and they scamper for cover. Jamaicans can exterminate this monster once and for all if they chose to. The fact is, they don’t want to, it’s good as long as it’s not their family members getting killed. Those able to read continue to see the police through the prism of   the Morant Bay Rebellion. The police force was created to protect the plantocracy from the rabble. Last time I looked I didn’t see any white plantation owners, didn’t see any rabble, so you need to get over that,and fast.What about those of you who know nothing about the Morant Bay rebellion, why do you hate the rule of law and the officers tasked with upholding the laws?

35917earlwitterJamaicans affinity for criminal support may have been okay when there was no distinction between criminal support and freedom fighting. It is time to recognize the difference between the two. Paul Bogle , George William Gordon, Freedom Fighters. Three finger Jack , Rigen, Sandokan , Natty Morgan, not.  We have been subjected to a sanitized history many of us are unsure where to position ourselves. We still hold the Maroons up as great warriors, yet they actively engaged in returning run-away slaves to the British for cheap concessions. It seem clear then, that this misunderstanding between Jamaicans is deeply rooted in our still unclear yet short history. We seem confused about where our loyalties should lie. This makes it easy for the fraudsters and liars to create their own truths. You know like informer fi dead”. You shouldn’t snitch. Why do you believe they don’t want you to tell what you saw? Democracy is a covenant between the Governed and those who govern. As a people we must decide whether we want to have safe streets safe communities for our children, or we are going to continue to tear down the rule of law so we may eat a food[sic].  Those who look out for your safety are already saying  “why should I bother?  Think about the support you gave to the police when you open your mouths to criticize everything they do. This is not about the police, it is about upholding the foundation structure of our democracy. The people who place stalls on the sidewalks. Those who operate auto-repairs on the sidewalks. The sound system operator who refuses to turn down the music because people have to party to relieve stress. The people who erect zinc shanties on lands which do not belong to them. The people who steal electricity and water forcing other poor people to pick up the tab. The bus drivers who claim they have to block off the streets to get customers , while the line of traffic is held up. Wonder how many man-hours are lost that way each year? Wonder what is the cost of that to the country? Oh it doesn’t matter “a jus suh Jamaica stay“. The authorities are cruel for smashing the stalls. You know all of Jamaica’s ills are a result of poverty ? Do explain to me why Jamaica has the highest deportation numbers in the Caribbean, those deported  did get a chance didn’t they?