For the first time, at least to my knowledge, the Police High Command has shown some balls, and have actually stood up to the Criminal Rights Lobby (JFJ).

Hopefully the Khaki-Clad-Klutzes at the helm of the JCF will now use this more proactive approach to push back at those lying frauds.

In an Article published in the Daily Gleaner of  Monday January 14th in reference to the killing of 18 people over a 13 day period, the Police Department through its spokes-person Karl Engel took its firmest stance yet, at least that I am privy to.

“We are appealing to all Jamaicans, including the human rights lobbies, to turn their voices of influence towards these ruthless criminals, and appeal to them to stop slaughtering and maiming their fellow citizens and attacking the police when they stand in the lawful defense of the citizens,” the High Command said in its statement. “By doing so, we will all achieve our vision of making Jamaica a safer and gentler society”.



Let’s cut to the chase, the face of this woman is the face of a publicity hound. Without criminals dying she is nobody, nothing!Without police taking out Jamaica’s urban insurgents whom have demonstrably show their willingness to take on the authority of the state in 2010 , Carolyn Gomes is irrelevant. The monies coming  under her control from legitimate Human Rights Organizations overseas would literally dry up.

This woman is about money , power, and influence, what is shocking is that Jamaicans have refused to take their country and their individual lives into their own hands, by .

(1) Ceasing and desisting from a path of criminality.

(2) Supporting Law Enforcement in their fight against criminals, with an understanding that the fight is their fight also!

(3) Refrain from offering, or being seduced into giving bribes to police officers.

(4) Reporting, in an expeditious manner, the activities of dirty cops, with a view to eradicating them from the Department.

(5) Reporting all acts of criminality and following up at the highest levels of the JCF to ensure that their reports are investigated properly.

(6) Understanding that Criminals who challenge cops do not take count how many innocent people they have killed prior. In fact they are emboldened by how many innocents they have killed (how many duppy dem mek), when they challenge and kill Law Enforcement Officers.

If our people can begin to take their country back, if it’s not already too late to act, then Carolyn Gomes and the bunch of criminal supporting leeches who support her will simply disappear, they will fade into irrelevance.

We must simply rescue our country from terror before we contemplate niceties.