Dathan (duffy( Henry                                                        SSP Dathan (Duffy) Henry (deceased)

On learning of the death of my good friend Senior Superintendent Dathan(Duffy) Henry, I was shocked beyond belief. On the 12:05:30 I wrote a blog-post titled “What caused the death of SSP Dathan Henry”.

Henry’s rank and his smarts belied his age, he was only in his early 40’s when he passed. Duffy, as we called him when he was a young constable, was everything the force needed in a young officer.

He was smart , willing , honest, fearless, and even though we were once constables working at the CIB office at Constant Spring after I left the department, Duffy’s talents took him to the rank of SSP rather quickly, through the accelerated Promotions program. We are left to wonder what would have happened had he lived? The legacy he left in Clarendon will be hard to replicate. the Police department is exponentially worse off for his passing.

Since his passing, there has been reports that the medical examiner could not decide what caused his death, later after the family pressed the authorities, they revealed that the substance   Warfarin was discovered in his body.
Checks with online med­ical ref­er­ences show that War­farin is used to pre­vent the blood from clot­ting, so that it takes longer than usual for some­one to stop bleed­ing if they have a cut or is injured.

I have tried to keep the feet of the Authorities to the fire in my small way, by continuing to highlight this mystery. Word on the streets in Jamaica has been that Senior Superintendent Henry was poisoned. I know that heresy is not evidence as such I will be judicious with my comments.

However it bears mentioning that the Police have been woefully inept in bringing to justice the killers of Superintendent Anthony Hewitt, Superintendent Denzil Boyd, Seargant Simpson, or any of the other Police Officers who have been viciously slain since Duffy died.

This is unacceptable, how can a police force be unable to bring to justice even those who slaughter it’s biggest and brightest stars. What kind of investigations are being done? As we speak  the police have far more tools at their disposal. Yet two decades ago we were able to bring criminals to justice with more alacrity and in much higher numbers.

The Police force has been reduced to a shell, a tooth-less paper Tiger, by the forces of criminal support in Jamaica, and the Commissioner of Police has fallen for it.

carolyn gomes

Carolyn Gomes

No one in their right mind could argue that the police force does not need serious overhaul, but the police force is a security agency first. As such the inner workings of the force must be to run on a need-to-know basis at a bare minimum .

I call on the Commissioner of police Owen Ellington to :

♦ Create a cold-case squad to investigate and bring to justice the killers of the  police officers where there has been no closure. No country, no police department, may survive if it’s law-enforcement agents are summarily slaughtered and no one is held accountable. I call on you to do this in light of the failure of successive administrations (of both political parties) to pass meaningful legislation which protects law-enforcement officers.

♦ Ask senior Investigators who have served , the likes of Ruddy Dwyer, Dick Hibbert and others ,to volunteer their time to help with these investigations, the way good old fashioned criminal Investigations were done.

♦ Impress upon the brain-dead politicians who are above you, that they must pass meaningful legislation that differentiate the killing of police officers from other murders.(No life is more valuable than another, but other nations have attached more punitive teeth to the killing of cops, it works)

♦ Begin to train and equip detectives so that they may once again begin the task of investigations,so the police force may once again be able to solve a crime.


Horace Levy

♦ Cease and desist from publishing the Force Orders to the public/criminal underworld, they have no expectation or right  to what’s in it . It’s none of their damn business.

♦ Stop pandering to the very forces that are destroying the rule of law in Jamaica. Stand for something or step aside. There is a reason those people believe you are doing a good job. Even as police officers are killed and no one held accountable. Even as you argue that crime is on the decrease. Do you seriously believe anyone buys that nonsense.

♦ Build a relationship with the cops under your command, and for God’s sake I do not mean those who walk around with their guts hanging below their belts, in Khaki uniform, who nod at everything you say, they are robots.

The police Force must be free to do it’s job, the job of policing cannot be dictated by Jamaica’s elitist pretenders, the law must be obeyed by everyone.

I call on you to find the killers of all the police officers killed, it cannot be any comfort to you that less that 7% of the country’s criminals are being brought to court and even less are being convicted in a court of law.

That, Commissioner is not success , no matter what Carolyn Gomes, or Horace Levy tell you.