Mark my words, Jamaica will rue the day that this Administration decided to dismantle the Mobile Reserve over an incident which is still in the early stages of an investigation.
This clearly demonstrates that this Administration wanted to take this action before, knowing full well that the Mobile Reserve is the backbone of the force, the last bastion of a department which has stood firm against the tyranny of violent crimes political and otherwise.
This move must be seen as a clear and unequivocal capitulation of the people’s right to security and safety to Terrence Williams, Hamish Campbell and the criminal rights lobby and the complicit media in our country.
Every Jamaican must now be prepared to defend themselves, as this Government has clearly decided that that is not something it cares about.

The Jamaican Government under the leadership of Andrew Holness and National Security Minister Horace Chang with the full support of the Opposition PNP has done their level best to set up the police to fail.
As I said in a previous Article I was confident that there was a real back story to the Chedwin Park shooting last Sunday Morning involving some police officers who were supposedly on suspension.
Nevertheless, as it regards the dismantling of the Mobile Reserve this Administration is establishing an indelible set of footprints which clearly demonstrates that it has scant to zero regards for the Police Department.
This Political party and Government will rue the day it decided to embark on this process.
It will be a watershed moment in our nation’s history.
It will effectively mean that the Government with the Opposition party has taken the final steps to dismantle the JCF and render the Jamaican people defenseless against the Island’s criminal.

PM Andrew Holness

I made it quite clear that I thought that the incident on Sunday morning had a deeper back story and so now, it is becoming evident that there is much more to this story, than have been reported or probably will ever be reported.

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The real story is being whispered in the streets. Front and center are the million dollar question:
(1) The types of spent shells allegedly recovered at the scene are inconsistent with the type of weapons that the alleged good-cop shooter would have.
(2) Was the so-called hero cop really there officially, or was he there as a bodyguard to the so-called “DON” who was killed that morning?
(3) Why has ACP Bent been sent on leave to facilitate the probe, if there isn’t something deeply sinister going on?
(4) Were the police officers involved, really on Suspension, and if not why?
(5) If they were supposed to be on suspension and they weren’t, what type of mission were they on which involved the killing of a “DON”, facilitated by JCF assets?
(6) Who is behind the hit as it has been rumored to be?
(7) Who paid for the hit on the so-called “Don”.

Fire on John’s Road St. Catherine in support of a murdered “DON”

It is now up to the Commissioner of Police and step forward and answer these questions, because if the officers were in service to their country through countermeasures they should not be demonized and their names dragged in the mud.
If they are the criminals some said they are, no effort should be spared to follow the evidence to the top and ensure that the full force of the law applies.
However, criminals play by no rules. Every successful country has been forced to develop strategies which give law-abiding citizens the upper hand.
As Jamaicans, we pretend to be bright but much of what we do is talk without a real understanding of what it takes to maintain a fully functional and stable society.
Simply put, as long as the country continues to proceed on the track it’s on with the present crop of leaders, the nation will inch ever so closer to becoming a fully fledged failed state.
If the officers were serving their country we need to know. If they were mercenaries carrying out hits we need to know under whose instructions and who is behind their actions.