Jamaica will this year join a virtual tidal wave of countries across the globe in decriminalizing ganja, forerunner to the establishment of a medicinal marijuana industry estimated to be worth billions of dollars.http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/Ganja-green-light-this-year

Phillip-PaulwellPhillip Paulwell minister of science, technology, energy and mining.

Paulwell, who is minister of science, technology, energy and mining, told members of the task-force at a meeting last Thursday that “ganja will be decriminalized in Jamaica this year and stressed that Jamaica cannot be allowed to be left behind on the issue”. In my estimation there is nothing wrong with what Paulwell had to say regarding not being left behind in the race to decriminalize. My concern has to do with what effect this will have on the electoral process? I believe if this issue was placed on the ballot it would pass with flying colors. Most large countries which are engaged in easing  Cannabis restrictions, are doing so behind serious research and preparation. This in conjunction with much greater infrastructural support to deal with any negative fall-outs to emanate from legalization.

This is a huge political freebie for the ruling People’s National Party. This  issue will invariably pass muster with Jamaicans living at home and abroad. If not handled correctly this could cement the Country into a one party state for a long time to come. It is impossible for me to second guess the motives of Paulwell and the PNP . Yet it is difficult to imagine that they could not wait and have the motion placed on the ballot in the next General Elections Constitutionally due within 2 years. That would give the issue much legitimacy when decided by the people. Of course the PNP, not to pass up a political opportunity, will run with this issue all the way to the next polls. This will be the cover against a crumbling economy, corruption and graft, skyrocketing crime statistics, and an ever increasing amount of Jamaicans sliding below the poverty line. In the end this will not matter Jamaicans can all comfort themselves by getting high. Free up the weed.


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  1. You are right about this decriminalization of ganja being a political freebie for the PNP..I hope and pray that the Jamaican people will not be so foolish to continue to vote them back in office at the time of election..The opposition needs to get ready to target the negative outcomes of this decision before the election in 2 years time..

    1. God knows what hold the PNP has on Jamaicans? I believe this will be a huge issue, bigger than the lie the PNP used for decades, “that they are for the poor”.
      I seriously believe this is a far more potent issue which will reverberate much longer and farther into the future,if the opposition cannot find a way to get on board , yet bring some cautious perspective to the issue simultaneously. .

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