What is it about America’s police Departments which makes them feel they have the right to stifle people’s God given rights to free speech and their constitutionally guaranteed right to demonstrate against their Government?
If police are opposed to people’s right to free speech and their constitutionally  guaranteed freedoms  to dissent, does the police serve the interest of the people, or do they serve their own narrow interests ?

Police in Santa Clara California who threatened to boycott working games for the San Francisco Fortyniners over the stance of Colin Kaepernick now appear to be backing away from that stance.

Kaepernick, a biracial man,  has taken the stance that he will sit during the singing of the national anthem. He argues that police are killing black men and are getting paid leave and are not held accountable.
The police Union demanded that the Niners discipline  Kaepernick. The  Forty niners organization has thus far stood by  Kaepernick’s right to free speech.

According to the New York Daily News, after a letter from Santa Clara mayor Lisa Gillmor, the Santa Clara Police Officer’s Association says they “will encourage and support officers to voluntarily work at 49er games and other stadium events.”.

The indications from the police union is that Kaepernick’s right to free speech should be curtailed and he should be also disciplined for speaking about factual occurrences which everyone knows to be true?
If that was done isn’t that the definition of a police state?
When does police get to demand the curtailment of the rights of individual citizens to demonstrate against their government?
Isn’t  Kaepernick and every other dissenter’s right to free speech guaranteed by God Almighty and by the first amendment to the United States Constitution?

Police must work where they are told to, or they may quit and go get jobs as carpenters , laborers, or whatever else they chose.
Working Football games is outside their obligations as police officers , when they do work those games, they do so as security guards. If they chose not to work, it’s their right not to.
In which case someone else will step in and earn that money. It’s that simple…
They simply do not get to dictate who say what, and when.



What makes these cops feel that they get to determine when and how people express themselves ? The stated values of America , enshrined in the Constitution are the very guarantees these cops and their unions seek to take from citizens. It goes exactly to the heart of what Colin Kaepernick is speaking out against.
Do they place themselves above the constitution ? Are they above being criticized? The answer is yes as demonstrated by their reactions whenever people react to their oppressive and brutish behavior!
The fact of the matter is that Kaepernick wasn’t even demonstrating against that particular police department. His actions are against broad injustice in the system which has nothing to do with  the Santa Clara Police Department.

As a former police officer I was obligated  to march alongside and offer protection to citizens even when they demonstrate against police. The Santa Clara Police and it’s so-called board of directors argue that the work it’s members do frequently requires personal and family sacrifices.
That little problem can can be fixed real easy . Stay home.
Private security guards will be happy to work for the money.
Their officers are quite free to stay home with their families.
I doubt they are doing any favors for the monies they receive.