Game Change?

Rick Santorum pulled a hat trick in Colorado, Minnesota. and Missouri, obliterating his rivals last night. losing is never painless, but “ouch” this has got be be most painful for Mitt Romney. Mister Romney’s campaign has everything going for it.  So the talking heads in the main stream media tell us. Romney has  lots of money,,organization, and establishment support, he also has super pac support which pours even more money into massive advertising campaigns aimed at any and everyone in the path of their candidate. There is just one teeny-weeny problem the campaign needs a good candidate.


There seem to be a core dis-satisfaction at the heart of the republican party with Mitt Romney. We were told Romney was the inevitable candidate for his party’s nomination, the next in line, the one who waited his turn, now the republican party want to play by a different set of rules. This is not fair to mister Romney after all he has changed his views to fit his party, he has changed from a pro-choice, pro-civil union, pro-gun control, pro-health care mandates in order to be called a “conservative”.

How could this happen to a good man like Governor Romney? This man ought to be the Bain of envy of all 99%s . He is rich, married to the same woman for decades, has wonderful children, a (christian,) actually not a christian, a mormon, but you know what I mean!!!  right? In so many ways Romney is the all American guy, the guy you want to emulate, so what is the problem? How can his party pull the rug out from under him when he seemed destined for a coronation? Why is the republican party still searching for a different suitor even as the wedding day draws nearer and nearer? Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich. Sarah Palin, Herman Caine, Donald Trump, Tim Pawlenty,Ron Paul, Chris Christie, Daniels, Jeb Bush et al, Conservatives continue to date even though the wedding of convenience between itself and Mitt Romney draws closer. What is the reason why conservatives continue with this cheating, Romney for all intents and purposes has done all that is required of him, lets stop with the cheating and get the wedding underway.

The truth is, Ronald Reagan the holy grail republicans hitch their electoral waggon to, arguably could not get nominated for president in this republican party. Reagan raised taxes, maintained  budget deficits, added trillions to the national debt and granted amnesty to illegal aliens. You tell me where would Ronald Reagan be in this party of Eric Cantor, Michelle Bachman, and Jim Demint?

Romney despite his wealth, would be a good fit for the democratic party, he is at heart, pro-choice, deep down he is for common sense gun control, he deep down believes whether we agree with gays or not, they have a right to protections under the law, and his mormon faith is actually not scoffed at in the democratic party. The  Democratic party has come around to being the inclusive party that believes in tolerance, there is only one problem with Romney and the democratic party, he doesn’t seem to care about the poor enough, he feels they should be allowed to languish in their state, he also believes the very poor should be aided to remain in poverty. Romney said he wasn’t concerned about them they have  a safety net , and if it was broken he would fix it. “WOW“.

Romney in his honesty stated categorically that he did not care about the poor, then when he realized how horrible that sounded he attempted to establish some degree of balance ,he went on to say “I don’t care about the rich , what I care about is the middle, the heart and soul of America”. Maybe if Romney understood that some of the poor were once in the middle class, and with a good job they could climb back to where they were,he would care, but Romney a man estimated to be worth a quarter of a billion dollars cannot understand that and as such he is content to let the poor remain where they are.

So now the republican party has dated everyone, now it’s Santorum turn, one gets the feeling that the party is holding it’s nose on this date with this  latest suitor. It seem to me the republican party knows and understands the inevitability of this arranged loveless marriage between herself and Willard Mitt Romney , and as the pre-arranged August wedding approaches she is determined to have as many illicit affairs she can before succumbing to the hoe-hum boredom of a life with a man she does not love.

It is a long way untill the November elections, republicans will throw any and everything at president Obama, they will launch a scorched earth attack the likes of which we have never seen, those who thought the elections of 2008 that saw the elcction of Barack Obama was turbulent and divisive will be in for a surprise, this election will be a lot like some third world countries, divisive cantankerous, and downright dangerous.

Republicans simply do not believe democrats should govern America, they have demeaned and demagogued the last three democratic presidents in a way that seem completely removed from the way the last three republican presidents have been  treated. One is seriously left to wonder where America is going with this level of polorization? The country has already gone through one civil war.