This is a continuing in a series of blogs I will write on the saga of the escalating crime situation in Jamaica. Yesterday I pointed to the utter incompetence of the country’s national security minister Peter Bunting. Bunting came to the post totally unprepared.  Speaking at the Police Elleston Road Facility, during a weapons destruction event, around the second week of February the minister said he was informed at another event that if crime was lowered it would help the economy !!!!

Really Peter ? You have to be told this ? how utterly dumb and ignorant are you?

Today the Opposition Jamaica Labor Party blasted Bunting for recent statements he made accusing the JLP of not implementing a crime policy drafted in 2007. Delroy Chuck Opposition spokesperson on national security blasted Bunting’s statements as arrant nonsense and pointed out that the policies were not only implemented they were  improved upon.


Bunting and Chuck

(Observer Photo)

Jamaican Cops in action

THE Opposition Jamaica Labour Party has dubbed Security Minister Peter Bunting’s accusation that the party failed to implement a crime policy drafted in 2007 as rubbish. Bunting made the claim during a press briefing at Jamaica House yesterday and drew the ire of the JLP.

“Minister of National Security Peter Bunting stated that the previous government failed to implement a policy drafted in 2007. The Opposition said that this is arrant nonsense and a poor excuse by Bunting for the present failures,” the JLP said in a release.Read more:

Chuck went on to say:

“In respect of legislation the draft of the Anti-Gang Legislation was sent to Bunting and other stakeholders in 2011 for examination and comment. No comment was ever received from Bunting or the PNP and they are only now claiming to be examining this important piece of legislation,” Chuck said.

A total of 165 murders have been tallied by the police since January 1 and yesterday Bunting outlined a raft of short and long-term measures the state would be implementing to collar crime but the JLP said Bunting’s response to the spike in murders and shooting is unacceptable.

“It is patently clear that the portfolio of National Security is beyond the capabilities of Bunting and that Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller must immediately re-examine the assignment of this portfolio, as an increase of even one murder or shooting over 2011 is unacceptable to the Jamaican people,” the JLP release said.

Anyone who follows these blogs knows I am no fan of Delroy Chuck but “wow” I couldn’t have put it better myself. The only problem with Chuck’s statement is that there is an implicit suggestion in it that Portia Simpson Miller is intellectually capable of  understanding that Bunting is a dud. And even if she could understand it, she would not have the will or understanding of the need for change.


  Bunting and the PNP could not address the document the former government sent them ,they were too intent on protecting the criminals in their garrison communities.Remember they voted unanimously not to give police more time to root out terrorists after the fall of the Tivoli empire. The fact is  they have six times more garrison communities than the other party and they had an election to win. In the meantime Bunting and his party has leaked information to the press that they have no confidence in the abilities of Commissioner Ellington to do his job. Word on the streets is that they planted this information to once again blame the police and deflect blame and responsibility  for their failures.

Commissioner Ellington Chief of defense staff  Major General Anthony Anderson and Bunting(observer photo)

It will be a stretch for this latest strategy of the PNP to be effective, Ellington has simply been one of the most effective commissioners in modern history not only in reducing crime but in eradicating corrupt cops from the department. A 40% reduction in crime is very significant , then again does the average  Jamaican understand this? In the mean time Bunting looks into the face of the commissioner and tells him his job is safe .

Bunting, who was speaking during a Jamaica House press conference, insisted Ellington enjoys the confidence of the PortiaSimpson Miller-led administration.”He has been successful and we expect him to continue that success and he will have the support of myself as minister and the administration.”

Since last week, word has been going around that the administration was not pleased with Ellington and the leadership that he provides to the JCF. Persons close to the Government have claimed plans are afoot to replace Ellington, who was appointed to lead the JCF under the previous Jamaica Labour Party government.

In the image above Jamaican cops are seen in action under the caption “Gang conflicts raging” in the (Jamaica Observer) Those conflicts will continue to rage in the absence of a serious once and for all piece of legislation that puts criminals in prison and throw away the keys and a police force that is allowed to do its job lawfully without favor or affection , malice or ill will.