Security forces on duty in under -served communities

If you are a follower of events in Jamaica, you could easily walk away believing that the Police is the beginning and the reason for Jamaica’s crime dilemma.
What we have however is a society schooled on anarchy and an unhealthy disregard and disrespect for the rule of law and a political leadership exempt from the arms of the law.
Subsequently, there is now an across the board attitude that people should be able to do as they please without consequence.
The average life expectancy of Jamaicans is somewhere in the Mid-seventies. It follows, therefore, that for the most part, literally every Jamaican alive today grew up listening to (AM-band) Radio Jamaica, and JBC Radio, which was dominated with daytime talk shows.
As you may have guessed the favorite topic has been about bad roads, no water or electricity, politics, and police.
(citation) reports that according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) data published in 2018 life expectancy in Jamaica is: Male 73.6, female 78.5 and total life expectancy is 76.0 which gives Jamaica a World Life Expectancy ranking of 59.

High crime inner city neighborhoods

This factual analysis is in no way an attempt at [copsplaining], the Jamaican police have certainly done more than enough to cause at least some of the disrespect they have gotten over the years. Even so, it is important to understand contextually, how the force arrived at where it is today.
I will not litigate that here today sufficing to say that where there is righteous governance agencies of government tend to follow suit in giving quality service to the people.
Where there is corrupt governance across party lines as it obtains in Jamaica, and there is systemic effort to scapegoat a certain branch of Government, as the police have been, then it is only natural that the results are what they are.
Jamaicans decry the high murder rate yet they shield murderers and protest when they are arrested or killed.
They talk about the savagery being played out on young girls, but they encourage the drug and alcohol crazed zombies who destroy these children.
They say they want the laws enforced but get in the way when the police try to enforce the very same laws.
They say they want corruption gone, but they go to great lengths to explain away and rationalize theft committed by their political party members. We can either have a country of laws in which everyone is protected, and subject to the laws, or we can pay lip service to the rule of law, while being cheer-leaders for the criminal underworld.

In these communities the security forces are in a no win situation because the politicians laid the groundwork for their failure

And so as Jamaicans bemoan the massive loss of life at the hands of mindless drug and alcohol crazed killers, I propose a new course.
(1) Write a new Constitution and throw out the old one. Let us pledge our commitment to Jamaica land we love, instead of to an old white woman who represents everything wrong which was egregiously done to us.
(2) Replace our old archaic system with a new Republican-Democratic system, with a titular President and a chief executive as our Prime Minister. (See Trinidad and Tobago).
(3) Upgrade the penal code to reflect the seriousness of the times.
(3-a) Bring back the death penalty, death by firing squad.
(3-b) If a person is caught with an illegal gun it is imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
(3-c) If a person is caught with a firearm which was used in a violent crime, a-la murder the penalty is death. Persons who are not in possession of illegal guns or are engaged in crimes involving firearms should have nothing to worry about, right?
(4) Increase exponentially, the penalty for Rapes and other sexual assaults.
(5) Increase exponentially the penalty for public officials who engage in official misconduct while in office. (That includes everyone from the Prime Minister on down to the lowest rung of the public payroll).

These necessary contacts decreases trust and increases animosity between citizens and police

If we are serious about cleaning up our country we cannot be queasy about the penalties we codify into law to deal with those who break our laws.
In societies in which crime is reduced to a bare minimum, every citizen has a chance to live their dreams and enjoy their lives as they see fit.
Crime is one of the greatest impediments to personal and collective growth. Jamaica, is no exception to that rule, and so, despite the supposed work ethic of our people, the country can only eke out a marginal best case growth rate of 1.30 %.
According to, Jamaica has one of the slowest growing economies in the Caribbean. Services, with tourism employing 10 percent of the population, is the most important sector of the economy and accounts for around 60 percent of GDP. 

dismantling Garrisons and expanding sporting leagues would go a long way to disincentive criminal activities.

The nation’s leaders on both sides of the political divide talk a good game about increasing the gross domestic product.
What they refuse to acknowledge is that their love and support for lawlessness has made it impossible for the country to see any meaningful growth.
The continuation and perpetuation of the garrison culture which keeps the residents of these communities impoverished and thereby dependent and beholden to crime figures, are some of the greatest threats to the solvency and legitimacy of the Jamaican state.
At the same time, the Garrisonization of the Island is not something on the wane. politicians in both major political parties see the garrison culture as strategic to gaining and continued hold on state power.
Consequently, the chances of any meaningful change in the way of dismantling the garrisons, and freeing the citizens from the tentacles of the so-called area leaders o/c “Dons”, remains a distant dream for thinking Jamaicans.