Dwayne Jones: This is the portrait of Dwayne Jones an alleged gay Jamaican man who was brutally shot and stabbed to death in Adelphi Saint James.The Jamaica Gleaner reports Jones, of Paradise Rowe and Porto Bello in St James was at a party when he was allegedly attacked by a group of persons.  A number of explosions were heard and the police were called.  Jones’ body was found on the roadway, with multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound.  One doesn’t have to be homo-sexual, one doesn’t have to believe in the homo-sexual lifestyle to know this is wrong ! How can a people, any people ,under any circumstance do this to another human being?  Does even the most anti-gay person with a shred of humanity, believe that the reason these savages killed this young man is totally because of his sexuality?

Who are the criminals?  Does someone of a different sexual orientation deserve the death penalty? What does it say about a people who can summarily execute someone and walk away as if nothing happened? I know that some people will have all kinds of comments and opinions on this murder, they will argue back and forth about the pros and cons of homosexuality, I will not get into that debate. A life was summarily taken, that’s what is at stake, irrespective of what that young man did or did not do, everyone who participated in taking his life are exponentially more guilty than he could ever be.






Dance-hall Disc-Jockey Adidja Palmer o/c Vybes Kartel was freed in the Home Circuit Court on Wednesday July 24th. Palmer who is  accused of committing two murders, was freed on the murder of a Saint Catherine Business-man Barrington (Bossy) Burton.

Palmer will remain in custody however, as he awaits trial on the other murder.  Supreme Court judge Bryan Sykes instructed the 12-member jury to return the verdicts ,after the prosecution informed the court that it had no further evidence against the men.

The trial Judge  Bryan Sykes allegedly barred two statements from being admitted into evidence, reportedly those actions were the catalyst for the destruction of the prosecution’s case.

images (13)Paula Llewellyn DPP:


As bystanders are we to believe that the Director of Public Prosecution Paula Llewelyn’s office undertook to prosecute a homicide solely on two eye-witnesses statements? If this is so, it is a serious indictment on that office, on the police and on what obtains for a justice system in Jamaica. No criminal Justice system is fool-proof, as we have seen recently in  Florida, but it is serious cause for alarm and consternation , when murderers are allowed to walk free because of bad laws, technicality, or shoddy work by those tasked with bringing criminals to justice.

When justice can be thwarted simply because a witness cannot be found , it is incredible incentive for future killers to make sure witnesses are never found, giving rise to many more murders. It is a viciously wicked cycle which can only be arrested when criminals are held to account for their crimes. This is done by meticulously going about investigations in a painstaking and  professional way.

There is no great harm in allowing a suspect/s to remain free until investigators, working with competent prosecutors, are sure they have all the evidence available or possible to gain a conviction. Whether scientific, eye-witness, corroborative, or circumstantial, police and prosecutors owe it to the deceased and their families to do due diligence before arresting a suspect.  Most western democracies including Jamaica  protects a citizen’s constitutional right against double jeopardy, (cannot be tried twice for the same offence).

Because of those constitutional guarantees, it is important that prosecutors and law enforcement get it right the first time. As a young detective candidate, a lecturer told us quote. “There is no greater task given anyone, than that which empowers him to bring the killer of the innocent to justice”.

That admonition will always remain with me, even though I am no longer involved with law enforcement , I have pledged that I will always be on the side of innocent victims, so help me God.

The views expressed here makes no assumptions about the guilt or innocence of the accused Adidja Palmer.

3 thoughts on “Gay Man Murdered: Kartel Freed Of Murder Charge.

  1. I am so pissed at the police this is not good i know the judge a person with a good heart but during the trial within a trial the evidence was overwhelm that the police is not truthful mike i know a famous Jamaican musician that was held with a AR15 Bush master and the same music played at his trial Paula need to be friendly with the police like her the other people who hold the office before her .i hope the hood catch up with Mr Palmer soon

    1. Great point sir, this DPP was a defense attorney worked for the DPP when I was a young detective, it seemed even at that time however that she was more into show-boating than actually making a substantive contribution. Her tenure as DPP has been less than impressive.

  2. I don’t support the killing of any human being, unless it is defending your life; protecting property or pre-emptive strike by the government. If you are a criminal and you are responsible for killing others, it is fair play to kill you on sight!!! Be yourself! If you are a man act, behave and behave like a man! If it was me, I would do the same! You don’t have any vagina and then you are deceiving me, another man! It/him or who it wants to be, get what it/him gets or want. His actions contribute to his demise! He should have behaved as such as a man, I have no sympathy for it/him, he chooses this route and it/him knew the end result, this is Jamaica. The batty men community would happily accept it/him to their community. Be yourself! Don’t violate a man who is not into your “do, do, or shitty” world. This wanna be woman and transgender, who has all the physical traits of a man, violated the other man big time; thereby causing him serious embarrassment. The man in question wants a real woman, not a “wanna be woman or transgender!” Imagine, the taunting that man is going through right now in his community??? More or less he has to move out, because the community and its environs will always laughing at him and says “is him did a kill the batty boy with whining, like him ready to give him the John. Little did he know it was a man?” Some people are going to say “he knew that it was a boy, it was because he was exposed, so he and his friends have no alternatives but to lynched the youth.” Hopefully, these “battymen” sick people knows themselves. Keep your nastiness to your group; don’t bring it around others who don’t share your thoughts, feelings and views. The “battymen” in Jamaica getting too bright!!! How on God’s earth you are a man dressed as a woman “whining up” on another man, pretending to be a woman! More fire! Burn out all nastiness! It is pureness we are not promoting, no nastiness or nasty lifestyle. If you are a battyman, keep it in your community. Why do you want to push this lifestyle on another man? That’s wrong!!! It/him is the one who asked for the “Calvary” and they came out in droves and did him in that way. I am not supporting the killing of this it/him by any means, but there are limits in every person’s behavior and this one is over the top! This is rural Jamaica speaking to the “gay and community” don’t bring your nastiness to country; if not you will meet the same fate as this youth, who try to imposed his unhealthy lifestyle on one of our own. We are not “New Kingston or Uptown Kingston” we are the real Jamaicans, who do not believe in European lifestyles, as it goes against the laws of “nature and science.” Where no bones are provided, no dogs are invited. Know your community and those who are from and are a part of your community, don’t stray, if not bad things will happen to you. A word to the wise is “sufficient.”

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