Every day Jamaica slips deeper into the abyss of criminality, which will ultimately earn it failed state designation. Never mind that though, there is an ever abundant litany of opinions by Jamaicans on what needs to be done in terms of making the job of law enforcement more difficult. Social-Media  is rife with instances of  know nothing grand-standing Jamaicans offering opinions as facts, even when they have no idea about what they speak. The News papers are no better. The once Prestigious Gleaner is now a shell of it’s former glory, reduced to opinions and sensationalist garbage when it isn’t engaged in parroting the talking points of the PNP Administration.

It was no surprise that it published this outrage , penned by one of its journalist George S Davis.http://mobile.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20131009/cleisure/cleisure2.php. In his article Davis refereed to the Police Federation Chairman Raymond Wilson as quote: ” a rabble-rouser” close quote. By inference that makes the Police “rabble”. daring to stand for their constitutional rights to due process and fair play under the law has earned them that dubious title from the Gleaner. In no other Democracy would this be allowed . This shows that Jamaica is not ready for prime time and will invariably sink deeper into the abyss of crime and poverty before people wake up to the realities surrounding their existence.

I will not give this George Davis undeserved attention, it would be doing a dis-service to Police Officers to elevate the comments of this moron. sufficient to say this is further evidence of the denigration of the Gleaner from what was once the Prestigious Publication in the Caribbean to now an inconsequential dish-rag  worthy of the likes of  George Davis.

I once again call on all Rank and File Police officers to stand down and allow the government to get its Legislative house in order. The Indecom Act is a travesty which needs revisiting. Batt’s ruling does no harm to Police. The Judge’s Ruling says Police cannot “Arbitrarily” stop and search motorists vehicles. That is nothing new. Officers never had that right and shouldn’t. “Probable-cause” is the operative term in stopping and effecting a search. The Government owes Police Officers more than talk . Police officers must not be asked to do their jobs with their hands tied behind their backs. Jamaica’s politicians are not very bright, but surely they can copy a piece of legislation from Barbados or Trinidad which offers oversight of police while empowering cops to do what is asked of them.


  1. Normally, I would only read and not comment, due to other commitment at hand at this time! However, the “elitist” of Jamaica have surrounded themselves with mostly people with “criminal intent, or criminals, or supporters or financial backers of criminal activities” in Jamaica, and the government is always plays an integral part in governing Jamaica. To be a popular politician or leader in Jamaica, to be “famous, liked or loved” the police must be the enemy of your talking point, if not you’re of no relevance. That is the facts about Jamaica; it is a criminal’s paradise.
    Everything that is done in Jamaica is done through “emotion, opinions, and popular demand” by their constituents and some criminal top brass police officers, whose trousers are so big they can’t even walk in them and think! All they are interesting in is to be a “puppet foot” for the politicians. As I have said and will continue to say, Jamaica is a “Somalia” of the Caribbean. What’s happening in Jamaica, has nothing to do with poverty, if poverty was the root of the Jamaican people’s problem, why “Haiti” that have a population of over 10.12 million people and their crime rate is nothing compare to ours?
    The crime in Jamaica is putting money in a lot of people’s pocket there. Apart from that everyone that’s there is only interesting in “themselves, friends and family.” No one have Jamaica’s interest at heart at any time! My advice to all the young police officers in Jamaica is to migrate to another country, where your service doing something is more rewarding and less stressing; you’re wasting your life serving a system that’s “inherently corrupted” and stacked up against you, there’s no love for the police. To distract the poor people of Jamaica and not putting the blame to the “ineptness” of this government the “Gleaner” as usual beating the drums against the police.
    It is time for Jamaican police to wake up and smell the stench off the streets of “dog feces” that his you in the early mornings and at times being shot at by the “hoodlums” who are living in these communities. My suggestions to them go to work, watch the clock, collect your little pittance, (the next day you are going to the Credit Union to borrow money, to pay additional bills),; whenever you get a call from police control take the longest way to the crime and hopefully the victims are some “elitists: like Dr.Carolyn Gomes, or Terrence Williams or even anti-police politicians, then go home in one piece. Never, sympathizes with them whenever, they are victims of crimes, rejoice!!!

    1. Chris the tappanaris dem a Jamaica nu want good people there, the only relevance they have is to make the illiterate masses believe they are fighting for them. check mate, Gomes and this litlle funny looking fellow Williams.

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