God I Thank You For Your Promise

I never really and truly gave the after-life much thought before the passing of my beloved son Kodi 3 months ago. I guess even though th (1)I am a Christian by faith I was not fully tuned into what it means to live life eternal with Christ Jesus.

The loss of my son has left me with deep burning desire to be convinced that my son has passed from mortality to immortality. I want to know that someday through the distinct promise , and on the authority of God Almighty I would be reunited with my son. The though of never ever seeing him ever again is more than this father can take.

I need to be consoled by God himself, not just mere promises.

♦I need something that speaks of certainties, not just hopes.

  • I need something that speaks with authority.
  • I need something that provides true comfort and gives something and someone to believe in/to trust as we go on from here.
  • I need more than sincere expressions of sympathy and concern (as wonderful as they are) in a time of sorrow and death
  • I need the authoritative, comforting “Thus saith the Lord!” the revelation of Scripture.

images (1)I pondered the existence of God, please do not Judge me, I am human. Despite by hard belief in him this tragedy has left my faith shaken. I know I would never accept that there is no God , so I am back to looking at what his word said to us in times like these. Would God leave us without comfort ? Would the God of Moses, the God of Daniel, The God of David leave his son Mike without comfort?

So I turned to the place where I know he will speak to me , his holy word.th

  • II Corinthians 5:6-8 tells us that when we Christians die, we go immediately to be with God. To be “absent from the body-present with the Lord.”
  • Philippians l:23 Paul tells us when we depart from this life, we are with Christ.

Oh blessed hope, without this affirmation I can honestly tell you that I don’t know

what I would have done.Without this definitive statement from my God who cannot lie I would have succumbed to the deceptive guile of the enemy.

Oh there is nothing for you to live for! Would a loving God take your son knowing just how much you love him? 

  • God promises Christians that they will be reunited whether through death – (Review) The Christian who dies has the promise:
    of an immediate reception into the Lord’s presence
    of a resurrected body
    of reunion with loved ones (fellow believers).
  • But we should not forget that these promises are conditioned on faith in Christ as Savior who died as our substitute on Calvary and rose again (vs. 14).
    • The Lord may come back today, if He does the believers who are alive will be reunited with our Christian loved ones in God’s presence. Our separation is not permanent! (and then secondly there will be a reunion with Christ). One day the Lord will come back and Christians who are alive will be caught up to join the resurrected bodies of those who have died. “And so shall we ever be with the Lord.”

God in his infinite wisdom knew we would ache, he knew we would be pained . What he wants from us is an understanding that the maladies we endure today are not permanent. He wants us to understand that we have to get through this. This pain , this hurt, this heartache. Before we get to life Eternal.

Glory to God .