Rest in peace Constable Seivright
Rest in peace Constable Seivright

He and I graduated from the Academy December 1982, we went to the Beat and Foot-Patrol Division then situated at the bottom of West Street by the Craft Market. After our stints there I was sent to the Mobile reserve, this was unprecedented, never before were officers not specifically trained at the Twickenham-Park Police training facility, ever sent to the Mobile Reserve, another first for me. Seiveright was sent to the Motorized Patrol Division at Elleston Road East Kingston, many young officers were happy to be transferred there, it was a place where clean energetic officers got to shine, they were the face of the Force, they largely did only patrol duties. At the time I had a brother stationed there, I wasn’t particularly unhappy about not being transferred there. I was very unhappy with being sent to the Mobile Reserve, somehow that did not fit into my plans of becoming a detective. In fact that Division was called Harman-bruk-up, it was rumored to be a place where there were a lot of wasters, a disparaging moniker used to describe lazy non-productive cops. I will not lie, when I saw my name going to Mobile Reserve in that Force Orders I busted out crying. Seiveright was the nicest person you ever wanted to meet, he always had an ear to ear smile, he was quite, never cursed, never swore, he was a born-again Christian who took his Bible with him to the Academy. To the best of my recollection, not many of us took Bibles with us out of that batch of a hundred plus, I certainly didn’t. One night my friend Constable Seiveright was on  patrol with a corporal,they pulled over a taxi-cab on what was then the Ferry road , now the Mandela Highway. Seiveright went up to the car, I can just imagine him then, smiling as he always was ,getting ready to greet the occupants, as he would everyone in his good-natured well-mannered  way. That was the last thing my good christian friend ever did.   We received the news from Control, Seiveright was murdered by a sterling sub-machine-gun toting scumbag. Seiveright   did not know what hit him, killed by a blast to his abdomen, he died instantly. The corporal obviously wanted no part of that shooting so he hid. R Seiveright was the first to die from our batch. Later Cowan, Steele, and others would follow, I too could have been one of those statistics, years later a cowardly piece of garbage thought he could ambush and kill me, in my case I refused to go down without a fight and fight I did. 

When some elitist talk about police shooting criminals, as if they know what the hell they are talking about, I say walk a mile in the shoes of a police officer in Jamaica then tell me what you think after you do. No one deserves to die simply because he/she went to work. Seiveright was not awarded a medal posthumously, his family was not told how brave he was, how decent he was, they were just made to bury their son. Jamaica’s criminal politicians and their allies in the criminal rights fraternity did not see fit to honor a decent law-abiding Jamaican who gave his life in service to the country he loved. They honor Carolyn Gomes who has spent untold time and money dishonoring the rule of law with aid and comfort to those who destroys life and limb. This is the country Jamaica we have, this is not fiction , it is real, even the ruling party’s leading members are running with their families to other countries. We will not forget you my friend may God give you peace.


  1. Dr. Caroline Gomes contribution to Jamaica’s problems are worthy of national awards; when others who have gave everything including their lives, never received nothing from these hypocrites there. The only award she deserves is one from the Devil himself, making sure she has her seat reserved there so he can beat the heck out of her. She’s nothing but human filth and parasite, feeding on the same lazy, thieving, immoral and unethical Jamaicans.

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