Good Luck Commissioner Williams

The Police Service Commission selected Dr Carl  Williams the Nations’s new Police Commissioner. We wish the new Commissioner  much success. Having exited the JCF after only a few years service I have never met the new chief.  I understand Williams joined the Department in 1984 , I joined two years prior, though we served together I never met him. The 50 year old Williams having spent 30 years in the Department was  appropriately rewarded with the top spot.




Amid the noise surrounding the selection process, many argued that the Commission should look overseas for a new commissioner. I voiced my disapproval then. I believe the Commission acted in good faith in selecting Carl Williams the tiny nation’s 28 police commissioner. It would have been a travesty to pick someone from overseas while the department have these supremely educated and competent leaders to move the department forward.

Williams holds a PhD in criminal justice. He is the founding director of the (Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency) and is the brain responsible for developing the Anti-Lottery Scam Task Force. He led Jamaica’s anti-narcotics campaign from 2000 to 2004 which saw major players convicted and some even extradited for their crimes.

The new Commissioner comes to the top spot at a time when the Police continue to be a contentious issue. Despite the creation and implementation of the new Agency (INDECOM the image of the agency continue to evoke negative reviews.

The challenge for Williams is how to manage those concerns in an ever changing environment without alienating the men and women under his command. He must find a way to manage crime as a business, giving citizens what they pay for, while keeping the people under his command motivated. No easy task in a country which does not honor the rule of law.

For years the Elitist mentality in the Island Nation was that the police were ineffective because top down they were unintelligent morons. Owen Ellington was educated , Carl Williams is superbly educated. The department has more members with undergraduate and graduate degrees per capita, than most departments around the world. Lets now get to the task of seriously eradicating crime.




2 thoughts on “Good Luck Commissioner Williams

  1. Mike ,

    I have been saying all along that Commissioner Ellington, though highly qualified for the job and seemed to have overshadow other officers in the corp with his impressive, credentials and intellectual engagements, was not alone . I have maintained that there were officers of high caliber within the ranks and the elevation of the present Commissioner proved my case . I mentioned that as a foot note to one of your blogs . Mr Ellington was more visible, in the public domain than the other officers and he was the face people saw no one new much of Carl Williams . I am proud of this newly coated Police Force , at least we will not have to cringe at the pronouncements projected from some junior and senior officers , those who served in the Force prior to the 1990s can identify with that fact . i wish Commissioner Williams well ….

    • Lol I hear you Mac, I share your view on the talent pool of the JCF , there was never any doubt that the Force like pretty much all other areas of the private and public sectors had tremendous talent. Jamaican cops always swept the floor with their foreign counterparts when we competed on courses together. Additionally I don’t believe Mister Williams was exactly overshadowed, I believe he was an ACP hardly an inconspicuous
      position , but your point is well taken.
      I must say though, that in retrospect I find the notion of police speaking patios as worthy of the cringe factor somewhat hypocritical .
      The UWI and other institutions, and some in Academia, seem to be going out of their way to make the local dialect something which it’ isn’t, a credible language.
      In essence what they are saying is that when they use it it’s okay, but when others uses it, it’ is ignorance. What pompous arrogance.
      Personally I wish these elitists would pull their heads from up their ….

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