Devastating news, those of us on the left who support President Obama and the 99% were greeted with the follow-up right hook to the left upper-cut Mitt Romney gave to our candidate in the first debate. Greg Anthony former NBA player has decided to support Mitt Romney.

I’m unsure how the Obama campaign will recover from this one two punch of the effects of losing the first debate to Romney , followed by the even more consequential loss of the vote of mister Anthony.

 Former NY Knick Guard Greg Anthony.

Mister Anthony has been featured in a Romney Campaign Ad blasting the president for making excuses for the economy, whilst throwing his support to mister Romney.

Anthony played eleven season in the NBA and is mostly remembered for his tenure with the New York Knicks during the early 1990s. He was far more successful in college, where he starred with other future NBA players Larry Johnson and Stacey Augmon at UNLV. The 1990 team won an NCAA Championship.

In college, Anthony was a national vice-chairman for the Young Republicans from 1989-91. He is currently a basketball analyst on NBA TV and CBS Sports.(the

I am sure President Obama is appreciative of all who voted/will vote for him, after all the work he set out do is far from finished, to be honest we appreciated the fact that Greg Anthony a life-long Republican said he voted for the president the first time around.

But you see you never were a believer Mister Anthony, after all your record shows you were an interloper rather than a died in the wool believer in the cause.

Of Racial Justice.

Of  Respect for women and all people , irrespective of color, class, sexual orientation, religion and any other defining characteristic.

Of  the desire for fairness, believing  in the fundamental principle that we are our brother’s keeper, that we should not give hand-outs but should always be willing to give a hand up to our fellow-man.

Of the desire for peace and harmony on earth, understanding that someone who is different that we are , are not alien to be bombed, but our brothers to be learned and appreciated .

You see mister Anthony, those are  Democratic principles.

The very genesis of your existence was an irreconcilable oxymoron. As a black-skinned man who in college was vice-chair of the young republicans you were already a walking contradiction.

I can see how someone like you would enter college without any struggle , gets accepted into a sports league, make millions and assume that is the lot of others.

What is really instructive is that you allow yourself to be used by a man, a campaign and a party which has zero respect for you , or your race,but find it convenient to feature you in their AD over 308 million other Americans.

There is only one way to tear down a black man and that is to use another black man to do it, obviously college was of little use to Greg Anthony beyond basketball.

I can totally understand how Anthony would berate the president, accusing him of making excuses, for saving the Auto Industry. Killing Osama Bin Laden. Pulling the economy back from the brink, creating over 5 million jobs in the process. Ending the war in Iraq. Allowing Gays to serve their country in the nation’s military, like any other American. Signing the Lily Ledbetter Act Into Law, affording women equal pay for equal work. Signing trade agreements with other  countries which creates manufacturing jobs here in America. Winding down the Afghan war. Restoring America’s credibility and Integrity abroad in the eyes of the world, a sharp deviation from torture, rendering prisoners of war to other countries to be tortured and God knows what else. Decimating Al Qaeda.Using Executive action to give hope to dreamers. 

There is much more that the president has done that is worthy of mister Anthony’s ire.

Conversely I totally get Greg Anthony’s admiration for Mitt Romney a pathological liar, what’s not to like?

A man who indiscriminately writes off 47% of the country he wants to lead, labeling them takers and moochers. A man who says exactly what each and every audience in every demographic group wants to hear. A man who lacks the character to stand up and say “NO” to the racists in his party. A man who has lied himself about the president’s record, and stood spineless by while his supporters and contributors use every demeaning caricature to describe our president. A man who avoided serving in any branch of the military and neither does any of his kids , but is a right-wing hawk with America’s military power, where have we seen this before?

I understand Mister Anthony’s admiration for a man who never, ever opens his mouth to do what men do, be men, by saying enough to the most vile despicable racist  that now make up a large swath of the republican party.

There is much more to be said on the issue of Mister Greg Anthony,but when Greg Anthony is evaluated it is easy to understand his political position.

Greg Anthony was at best a mediocre point Guard who played back-up to Derrick Harper on the New York Knicks.  At the zenith of his basketball carrear he was a backup, as he was mediocre at the thing he does best, we get how his political judgement could be this misguided.

Greg we are happy to see you go, and while you are leaving , take Arthur Davis, and Allen West with you, we do not want the interpretation of black men any more tainted.


Listening to Republicans talk about the state of the economy, if one did not know any better one would have thought that the last Administration  in office which devastated the economy was a Democratic Administration.

Republicans do not mention the name Bush, but I will say it.

George Bush was the person who devastated the economy, with huge tax-cuts- give-aways to the richest Americans.

Two unfunded Wars.

Allowed Wall Street unbridled access to do whatever it pleased.

And massive expansion of the Federal bureaucracy.

Just though Republicans need some reminding.