Jamaican Politicians are largely pig-headed fools, we all know that. Well, Member of Parliament Horace Dalley from Clarendon confirmed it recently in a submission to the parliament.
Expressing himself in the house  Dalley demanded that the Government create a special squad to investigate what he said was approximately six beheadings in the parish over the course of about a year.

State of Emergency update and are you now any clearer on the roles and functions of the Minister of National Security versus the Commissioner of Police? Please watch this video clip and give your comments. Thanks.

Posted by Hallan J Rawlins on Wednesday, January 24, 2018



Seemingly angry the member of parliament berated the administration for not being [“jerked”] into recognition that something is wrong. He demanded over and over that a special squad be formed to investigate beheadings, a clear reminder that people with no idea what they are talking about should leave security matters alone, even though I understand what appears to be genuine concerns on Dalley’s part.

Then he said it, “call in the FBI “the member demanded!
Whoa, there mister member, when did Jamaica become a state of the United States? I mean,I totally get that because of you guys the JCF has become a totally ineffective and almost useless agency.
I also understand why you guys did it, why would you all want an effective police force that can actually investigate and lock up politicians?
That would be people like you member Dalley , but what authority does the FBI have to investigate crimes in Jamaica?

What mister Dalley’s statement revealed was another truth which I have spoken to repeatedly, whether PNP or JLP neither party understands the complexity of the problem and neither party has the answers.
Ain’t this a bitch though, that Jamaicans love to talk about sovereignty and human rights but as soon as shit begins to hit the fan they want others to clean up their filth?

I mean the only time Jamaican criminals really face justice is when they are carted off to America. Sorry, mister Dalley you are one of the members of Parliament who represent the parish, don’t tell me you don’t have actionable intelligence which may help the police?
I do know that the police leaves a lot to be desired but come on/.



So Minister of National Security Robert Montague is kind of at it again, revealing that the Administration has revamped the early retirement policy that was once in effect.
Montague indicated that bad cops had to go[wonder when all the bad politicians are going to leave[?
Anyway, The Minister insisted that “ a minority” of JCF members has remained a significant challenge in an atmosphere in which “there is an inherent desire from citizens of the country to support the police in their efforts”.

That same citizenry, in addition to various civil society groups, have been very vocal in their call for the force to be rid of corrupt elements.
As a Government, we have been responsive to the demands made by the public and other groups
As such, last year we provided a mechanism, in the form of a revamped Early Retirement Scheme for police officers, that would help achieve this objective”.

So let me get this straight,  older members are by virtue of their age corrupt?
Maybe I’m missing something here but if the intent of the policy is to send home members who are corrupt, why have these so-called corrupt members not being prosecuted, using the very same information that the Government intends to use to send them home?
So now every member who takes the early retirement option will leave the force with a cloud over their heads” see he was one of the crooked ones”.
Not cool…

Someone needs to remind this troll about the Patterson slander…

These announcements and the ensuing on air chatting from the likes of Cliff Hughes of Nationwide Radio the propaganda arm of the government demonstrates when dish towel tun tablecloth.
This is a clear demonstration of what happens when little boys are given grown men’s jobs and they cannot cope.
Separate and apart from Montague’s inartful and misleading statements on the Government’s new policy, why couldn’t this be handled in-house?
I don’t think this is good policy, at best I know it’s bad politics to suggest that members who take advantage of the option to leave early are by  virtue of their decisions, corrupt.

What will the narrative be when these people leave and there is more [not less] corruption in the force, what then?
Why would the Administration sully the character of members even as it codified into law making it a criminal offense for officers to leave the force without giving a prior six months notice to the Commissioner?
It’s hard to imagine how the Government is making it difficult for officers to leave freely, going to the extent of codifying imprisonment into the law while purporting to be planning to cut some loose?

Is this real policy or just fodder for Cliff  Hughes to chat about?