On Saturday, October 1st, 2016 the Police launched an investigation into the murder of  51-year-old Germaine Junior, o/c  gully at 56 Barbican Road, St Andrew,  at the home of well know Attorney at Law Patrick Bailey. The body was found with multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound to the head.
According to Police, the deceased man’s body was allegedly found at about 4 a.m by Bailey with multiple stab wounds and what appeared to be a bullet wound to the head inside the premises.

What Are The Police Afraid Of Why They Haven’t Arrested The Murderer/s Of Germaine Junior

The deceased man was reportedly found sprawled on a couch inside Bailey’s ransacked living room. He was reportedly stabbed more than 20 times, and the bullet wound discovered only after a spent shell was found.

Bailey was said to be inside the house at the time of the incident and told Police he slept through the incident. The police reported no signs of forced entry to the premises, which is guarded by an electronic gate.
Local reporting at the time indicated that long after the scene was processed and the body of the deceased was removed senior police Investigators were still at the premises interviewing Patrick Bailey.
A little strange, if it was a little man down by Spanish Town Road his behind would have been dragged to the station and he would be cooling his heels in a cell right?……..But I digress.

To date, this case which seems like an open and closed case has not been closed.
Fitz Jackson speaking in the Parliament recently made reference to this case. Fitz Jackson is the Opposition spokesperson on National Security. Jackson cited the case of mister Junior to make his case for the separation of MOCA from the JCF, arguing that the JCF is incapable of doing the simplest investigation.
Point taken, yes I agree that the police have been pathetic in conducting many investigations and this is one of those investigations.
However, the irony is that Fitz Jackson was using this case to make the case of the PNP’s decision to throw its support behind the Government’s legislation which will separate the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, an arm of the JCF from the JCF.

Listen to Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Fitz Jackson, outlining (in my opinion) the failures of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in investigating major crimes, getting convictions and controlling the high crime and murder rate. Fitz Jackson in light of the above has given his support to the Bill to establish the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) as an independent body to fight organised crime in Jamaica, including detecting and investigating crime kingpins and persons who facilitate their activities.The organisation (MOCA) will be transformed into an elite law-enforcement investigative agency, operating autonomously ( independently) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.Listen to Minister of National Security Robert Montague final words in this video clip. Please watch, listen, comment and share. Thanks.

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It’s really interesting how the two major political parties come together in unison when they want to do wrong by the country but that’s a separate issue.(seeINDECOM).
Jackson [conveniently] forgot a little bit of history in his presentation, it was under his party’s leadership that the JCF went to the dogs, or the dogs took over the JCF.
Under P J Patterson’s stewardship, not a single detective was trained for a full decade. No money was made available to the police department to train detective, not even a single one. The department was left to be a toothless paper tiger as criminals consolidated their hold on the underground.

How ironic that the party which basically oversaw the demise of such a critical Government agency would have the gall to turn around and blame the same agency for non-performance? Even while drawing attention to an arm of the very same department which is supposedly doing well.
It was the actions of the police which caused the Bruce Golding’s Administration to sell out the JCF to foreign interests resulting in the Albatros now known as INDECOM.

It is the ineptitude of the police high command, corruption, nepotism, lap-dogism[sic] which caused them to take the Passport processing from the JCF.
It is the same vices which will see MOCA stripped away from the department.
Sure they cannot just disband the force in one fell swoop, they need the bodies of officers in the streets and so what this JLP Administration under Andrew Holness is doing is dismantling it bit by bit, brick by brick, and the Police high command has no one but itself to blame.

I asked a few questions last year which I will ask again here today, the family of the deceased have lost faith in the police and justifiably so.
There is no reason why this case should not have been wrapped and the perpetrator/s placed before the court. The police cannot simply let this killer or killers to go free because they are scared shitless by a murdering scumbag regardless of who that scumbag is.
This is far too blatant.

♦ Patrick Bailey is a prominent attorney who easily fits into the category of the proverbial big man according to Jamaican culture.
♦ Was mister Junior there as his guest, if not his, then whose?
♦ Who else lives in the home of attorney Patrick Bailey if anyone?
♦ Police reported that Bailey stumbled upon the body about 4:30 am in his own house as he was asleep despite the fact that mister Junior was allegedly shot.
♦ If the homicide happened in a section of the residence outside mister Bailey’s earshot, (assuming the residence is large enough that Bailey would not have heard a gunshot), nevertheless who gets up and walk around the house at 4:30 am?

♦ How could Bailey sleep through what must have been a struggle much less the sound of a gunshot in his house?
♦ The statement that he stumbled upon the body at 4:30 am could only have come from Bailey himself which gives it little credibility under the circumstances.
♦ A proper coroner’s inquest should nail down approximately what time was mister Junior killed as against Patrick Bailey’s assertions.
♦ Does Patrick Bailey own a licensed firearm, if yes, was the weapon tested forensically?
♦ If Patrick Bailey does not own a licensed firearm was any weapon found in the home, if no who else had access to the home and would have killed the deceased and exited leaving the doors locked?
♦ The Police reported that there was no forced entry to Bailey’s house.This is absolutely critical evidence as it demonstrates that whoever killed mister Junior had access to the residence.
♦ A knife believed to be the one used to stab mister Junior was allegedly found beside his body, was it checked for fingerprints.
♦ Was the person of Patrick Bailey checked thoroughly for scientific evidence which would also be found on the body of the decedent, if so why not?
♦ Was the body of the decedent scientifically checked for not only marks of violence but body fluids and marks of violence of all kinds, if so why not?

♦ If Mister Junior was living abroad at the time and was only visiting the Island why would the police and others allege that he was a caretaker of the residence?
♦ The fact that mister Junior’s body was found with multiple stab wounds suggest a crime of passion coupled with the fact that he was also shot.
♦What was his relationship with Patrick Bailey and any other person who may have been living at the residence?
♦ Was Patrick Bailey’s person checked for marks which would indicate whether he was involved in a struggle, or did the police simply take his word that he slept through a stabbing and a shooting? If not why was it not done?
♦ Why was Patrick Bailey ruled medically unfit to give statements to police at the time by Doctor Jephthah Ford, what was the nature of his illness?
♦ According to the Jamaica Observer reporting Following the incident, Patrick Bailey’s doctor and client Jephthah Ford instructed that he be confined to bed after he reportedly exhibited signs of being unwell. Ford also said he was not fit to give a statement at the time.

It is important to note that [The] Jephthah Ford is now a convicted Felon in an unrelated case.


♦ Why was Bailey given special privileges when even police officers traumatized by instances of fatal encounters are forced to give a quick accounting as to what occurred?
♦ Who else had access to the residence if anyone and what was their relationship to mister Junior?
♦ Did the police check Patrick Bailey’s house for bloody clothes or clothes recently washed?
♦ Did the Police check outhouses (if applicable) and garbage receptacles for potential bloody clothes?
♦ If the police determined there was no forced entry to Bailey’s house how could they summarily rule him out as a suspect?


This cannot be a difficult case to solve one way or the other.
If the owner of the premises a well-heeled lawyer did not kill the victim someone else did in his house.
It does not require rocket science to figure this case out, if no one broke into the house and there was no one else in the house, then the person in the house is the killer or the person in the house knows who killed mister Junior and has aided and abetted the coverup of this horrendous murder.

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  1. Patrick Bailey is well connected to the political class in Jamaica, so he has garnered preferential treatment because of his status.

    Based on the reports from the Jamaican Constabulary Force the murderer was in the house during the commission of the murder.

    The Jamaican Labor Party government makes sure that the person assigned to the case is from a secret and high society clique which consists of the most despicable, unconscionable, and depraved minded people in Jamaica.

    Don’t expect that they are going to arrest and charge anyone for the Crime.

    Jamaica is a criminals paradise in the Caribbean Sea.

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