Two days ago we reported on the shocking news that a former staff sergeant of the Jamaica Defense Force(JDF), and driver to the then head of the army and present Commissioner of police Antony Anderson, has been promoted to Assistant Superintendent in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
We fully expected that under the rationale which exists in the security services in Jamaica members of the Military are all knowing and thus capable of filling every void to be filled in every discipline.
We have seen former military people moved to head the Football Federation. Moved to head the Primary Law Enforcement Agency even though they have zero Law-enforcement experience. Moved to head other areas of civil society as well.
There is really nothing wrong with having a pool of reservists from which to draw talent when needed, particularly when they really do not have much to do.
After all, I don’t think Trinidad and Tobago are about to invade anytime soon.
I for one have written several articles encouraging compulsory military service as one way to try to bring some semblance of discipline to the nation’s youth.
Others have argued that doing so would only be giving organized training to a bunch of people who are predestined to be criminals.
I respectfully disagree.
The State of Israel, though not one of my favorite places has done that without any of the consequences people fear.

I have not heard a response from the Administration in Kingston and the Opposition PNP is no friend of the Police either, so I do not expect to hear them jump on this issue. Defending the Police is not among the things the PNP would want to use in it’s Opposition to the Government’s policies. Even though that memo hasn’t yet reached some members of the police force who still give allegiance to these two criminal gangs.
This story should not be a 3-day wonder after which the country simply move on and all is forgotten.
That is what they are hoping will happen. I have noticed that individual bloggers and podcasters have picked up this story and are bringing it to the streets as only they can.
The truth is we cannot trust the established Media to tell the truth to the people.
They are fully immersed in the morass of local political considerations to fully and professionally tell the people what’s really happening. In addition to that, the media made itself an enemy of the police so we do not expect any truth-telling from local media.
Recent reporting bears out, that the Jamaican people do not trust the Media and clearly with good reason and about time.

There are many versions of events which led to this monumental appointment, not the least of which is that this person, Joel Hamilton, has skills not available in the 10’000 strong[JCF].
To those mouthpieces who want to make the argument that this person brings skills that the force should be glad to have him, I say why not make Mister Hamilton a consultant, if that is so?
If it is borne out that he has useful skills, make him a consultant, why give him Rank which stifles people who have served and are waiting their turn?
The Rank of Assistant Superintendent was removed from the JCF over recent times along with the Rank of Acting Corporal.
Nevertheless, Mister Hamilton was appointed to the Rank and had it backdated to ensure that he receives back pay at that rank.
That is corruption!
As a friend pointed out to me, the rank of Assistant Superintendent was created as a “Supernumerary.”Meaning they can use that Rank to elevate someone whom they believe can be of service to the JCF.
I disagree with the idea of a Supernumerary position on the face of it, because the very meaning of the term denotes [ Exceeding the required or desired number or amount; superfluous:]
On that basis alone there should not be a Rank for that reason.
As I pointed out in a previous Article police departments hire consultants all the time without giving them rank. There is absolutely no justification for giving this or any civilian who has not undergone police training a police Rank, much less a senior gazetted Rank.
The JCF is an agency which is set up in the shape of a pyramid. Young constables aspire to making it to the top spot through [education], good conduct, hard work, and whatever other criteria the agency sees fit to put in place.
When they bring people in and place them over the hard-working people who have paid their dues, it destroys morale, reduces unit cohesion, and breeds resentment, among a whole list of other negatives some seen, some unseen.

,The JCF belongs to the Jamaican people, they must decide whether they want to see the continuous slide of this agency despite the huge sums of their tax dollars they put into this agency each year for their protection.
As such, the people themselves will have to take a more active role in determining whether they want the JCF ruined and replaced with anarchy.
The rural folks who offer up their sons and now increasingly their daughters as well, have a stake in maintaining their police force.
The two political parties have taken steps which are antithetical to the wellbeing of the JCF while blaming the Department for its own actions.
The high attrition rate from the JCF is a very good indicator that the young people who join are dissatisfied and those already in are not doing much, out of disenchantment with the way they are treated.
In response, the Government and its lackeys in the so-called high command, instituted measures which literally makes ita crime punishable with a prison term, for members to leave without giving a six-month advanced notice to them.

No one takes the JCF seriously anymore, some would have you believe that the reason behind that is that the police are irredeemably corrupt.
Not true, Police Departments in the CARICOM region and even in the United States are happy to absorb former members of the JCF into police departments.
When that happens our members outshine their compatriots.
Additionally, Jamaican cops serve with distinction across the Globe as part Of United Nations missions.
The actions of Government dictates the way the population reacts to the rule of law and law enforcement officers.
The attacks on members of the JCF are a direct result of this Administration’s disrespect for the police.
Members of the PNP need take no comfort in my statements, the PNP is no better.
Instead of shoring up the rule of law and giving support to the police the JLP for its part installed INDECOM and we have all seen how that has worked out for the average Jamaican.
Criminals have become super emboldened, they kill at will.
Criminals killed by police have dropped precipitously.
Innocent Jamaicans killed by Criminals have increased exponentially.

On the other hand, the Police have pulled back from going after the murderers because shooting a known murderer in a shoot out brings out Terrence Williams, and the British interloper Hamish Campbell, who framed black men in England before arriving in Jamaica to tell us how to do policing.
Clearly, Jamaicans still have a way to go in shedding the belief that whites are their intellectual superiors.
Fake witnesses are created and the officers are arrested and dragged before the anti-police (excuses for courts) like common criminals. (criminals judging the innocent)
But the Government will not admit that they were wrong. That the money used in the creation and maintenance of INDECOM should have been used to improve the JCF technologically. Providing better equipment, more non-lethal weapons, a better court system which moves cases along in a timely fashion. New Judges who understand that criminals belong in prison. And new legislation which sends criminals to prison.
Most importantly, pay the police a livable wage and beef up the existing oversight which was working fine, in fact, had produced far greater returns and with far less rancor and bad blood than INDECOM can ever imagine.


There is a voice memo floating out there on Social Media which many have said is the voice of Joel Hamilton.
We cannot determine its authenticity, additionally, we have no desire to elevate it. Subsequently, we have chosen not to post that audio clip to this site.
Nevertheless, if the clip is in fact, the voice of Hamilton, it demonstrates why this supposed former soldier does not belong in the JCF.
It demonstrates further that he has zero respect for the force, it’s members and shows that he considers members of the JCF his enemies.
There is no one speaking for the Police Department in Jamaica.
As a former serving member, I recognized long ago that the gazetted Ranks were a bunch of political hacks, boot-licking cowards, and a bunch of news carriers who would not stand for the officers under their command, instead, they would readily sacrifice them for a promotion and a pat on the back.
In the time since I left the department in the early ’90s much has changed but the Gazetted Ranks is still a bunch of pathetic cowards beholden to the Island’s dirty politicians.

The Government owes an explanation to the members of the JCF below the Rank of Assistant Superintendent and the Jamaican people why this civilian was given a Senior Police Rank without the appropriate and requisite training.
If this is not done, the members of the JCF must decide whether they will acknowledge any orders or directions from this fraudulent Assistant Superintendent.
I have omitted to mention the Police Federation which represents the Rank and file for a good reason.
It would be a waste of time to expect that the usurpers who populate the Federation at this time would actually stand up and do their damn job.

Since this article was first published, we have received word that the head of the JCF’s communication unit,  came out with the same tired old lines which makes the Department look more and more stupid every day.
Deputy Superintendent Dahlia Garrick, pushed back at the criticisms, saying the former JDF staff sergeant was never promoted to the rank of assistant superintendent.
Instead, she said that Hamilton, who has nearly two decades of security experience, resigned as district constable before he was appointed through the normal channels.
In other words, the appointment is not a promotion, even though the former bodyguard to Anderson is now an Assistant Superintendent of Police.
Not only is this explanation stupid Dahlia Garrick is stupid for trying to sell that nonsense to the public.
The guy is a glorified security guard. The Police are security professionals.
The fact that Anderson brought his driver/security to the JCF he heads because he does not trust the police to protect him, says all the nation need to know about this arrangement.