Govt/​Opposition Bull-shitting The Nation On Crime

The Government has a duty and a respon­si­bil­i­ty to secure the nation. It has zero duty or respon­si­bil­i­ty to acqui­esce to any demands made by the polit­i­cal oppo­si­tion as long as it is car­ry­ing out its man­date with­in the con­fines of the con­sti­tu­tion.
Elections have con­se­quences, the (PNP) failed at secur­ing the nation and that explains why the par­ty is on the out­side look­ing in and scream­ing for rel­e­vance on every issue.

There is noth­ing wrong with an oppo­si­tion par­ty voic­ing its con­cern on an issue.
What I do not under­stand is the rea­son behind the admin­is­tra­tion hav­ing to fight with the polit­i­cal oppo­si­tion about the way it wants to imple­ment strate­gies to secure the nation.
Why does the Government need to have meet­ings with the polit­i­cal oppo­si­tion and oth­ers to forge con­sen­sus on nation­al secu­ri­ty and crime?
Why is there a need for the gov­ern­ment and oppo­si­tion to have respec­tive legal teams meet to dis­cuss and agree on crime-con­trol pow­ers?
What good can come out of tri­al lawyers (lit­er­al­ly all with the same left­ist world view, from the same schools, with the same anti-law-enfrce­ment bias­es) decide on a way for­ward on crime?

According to a release issued from the meet­ing last Monday between Andrew Holness and Peter Phillips a range of issues were dis­cussed.
Heading this raft of issues on deal­ing with crime was … human rights.
How the fuck can a coun­try devise strate­gies for deal­ing with a rag­ing mur­der epi­dem­ic with the cen­tral theme being human rights?
Every strat­e­gy deal­ing with crime should be dis­cussed, for­mu­lat­ed and exe­cut­ed with human rights as a fore­gone con­clu­sion.
Human rights can­not be a dis­cus­sion in crime strate­gies.
It is already built in
that the duty of law enforce­ment is to pro­tect and serve and in that is a built-in under­stand­ing that one should not and can­not abuse the peo­ple they are sworn to pro­tect.
With that under­stood, plan­ners must get on with the busi­ness of secur­ing the coun­try with­out the inces­sant bull­shit about human rights.

The real­i­ty is that the tri­al lawyers, the polit­i­cal oppo­si­tion, some in the gov­ern­ment and their many prox­ies in the broad­er soci­ety are all mak­ing a killing[no pun intend­ed] from the crime and mur­der epi­dem­ic in the coun­try.
Security Companies, Mortuaries, Bands, whole­sale liquor estab­lish­ments, bars, and a wide array of oth­er par­a­site indus­tries have sprung up and are flour­ish­ing around the mur­ders to the point there is no real inter­est in stamp­ing out the mon­ster.
Why fix the prob­lem if there is the pos­si­bil­i­ty of mak­ing tons of cash from it?
What bet­ter way to tie the hands of law-enforce­ment than to con­stant­ly bring up the ques­tion of human rights?
What cop or well think­ing mem­ber of the soci­ety is going to be opposed to human rights being a cen­tral theme with­out risk­ing the wrath of the intel­li­gentsia and even the hang­ers-on who do not under­stand shit about any­thing?

What’s real­ly hap­pen­ing is that there is a del­i­cate bal­ance being main­tained between keep­ing the killings under wraps so that the tourists are not scared away and appear­ing to fight crime with­out doing too much to seri­ous­ly dis­rupt the net­works which are doing the killings.
Far too many peo­ple are mak­ing real mon­ey from the sta­tus quo.
As long as they can keep con­vinc­ing the gullible pop­u­la­tion that look­ing after their human rights is pre­serv­ing and ensur­ing their safe­ty they will get away with the scam.
Unfortunately for those Jamaicans who can­not afford gat­ed com­mu­ni­ties with 247 secu­ri­ty, those who can­not have licensed firearms [usu­al­ly the same group] they will just have to con­tin­ue to live the exis­tence of poten­tial sta­tis­tics every sin­gle day they wake up.

Those who read­i­ly accept the canard that ensur­ing their human rights and their secu­ri­ty are mutu­al­ly exclu­sive endeav­ors will even­tu­al­ly, giv­en enough time, be dead right.
In secur­ing a com­mu­ni­ty, a state or a coun­try you do one thing.
You go after the bad guys!
There is no con­flict, con­trary to the bull­shit that Jamaica’s oppo­si­tion Party, (the PNP) is sell­ing, between get­ting the bad guys and observ­ing human rights.
In fact, where the fuck is the oppo­si­tion par­ty’s loy­al­ty?
Is it to the crim­i­nal net­works or is it to the Jamaican peo­ple?

The aver­age cop who does not have his head up the ass of one of the two polit­i­cal par­ties, is so brow­beat­en into observ­ing human rights he is inca­pable of mak­ing an arrest.
In some cas­es, he is not even sure if he should make an arrest even when the offens­es are occur­ring right in front of him.
The rules are too vague, the lines too blurred for them to do their jobs with­out risk­ing prison and finan­cial ruin.
Such is the envi­ron­ment in which law ‑enforce­ment oper­ate and mur­der­ers thrive.
It is time that the peo­ple wake up to the real­i­ty that they are being tak­en for a ride, the coun­try is far too small, the solu­tions far too sim­ple for our coun­try to have such an intran­si­gent and entrenched crime prob­lem.
Someone wants it that way.….….….….……