The Government has a duty and a responsibility to secure the nation. It has zero duty or responsibility to acquiesce to any demands made by the political opposition as long as it is carrying out its mandate within the confines of the constitution.
Elections have consequences, the (PNP) failed at securing the nation and that explains why the party is on the outside looking in and screaming for relevance on every issue.

There is nothing wrong with an opposition party voicing its concern on an issue.
What I do not understand is the reason behind the administration having to fight with the political opposition about the way it wants to implement strategies to secure the nation.
Why does the Government need to have meetings with the political opposition and others to forge consensus on national security and crime?
Why is there a need for the government and opposition to have respective legal teams meet to discuss and agree on crime-control powers?
What good can come out of trial lawyers (literally all with the same leftist world view, from the same schools, with the same anti-lawenfrcement biases) decide on a way forward on crime?

According to a release issued from the meeting last Monday between Andrew Holness and Peter Phillips a range of issues were discussed.
Heading this raft of issues on dealing with crime was … human rights.
How the fuck can a country devise strategies for dealing with a raging murder epidemic with the central theme being human rights?
Every strategy dealing with crime should be discussed, formulated and executed with human rights as a foregone conclusion.
Human rights cannot be a discussion in crime strategies.
It is already built in
that the duty of law enforcement is to protect and serve and in that is a built-in understanding that one should not and cannot abuse the people they are sworn to protect.
With that understood, planners must get on with the business of securing the country without the incessant bullshit about human rights.

The reality is that the trial lawyers, the political opposition, some in the government and their many proxies in the broader society are all making a killing[no pun intended] from the crime and murder epidemic in the country.
Security Companies, Mortuaries, Bands, wholesale liquor establishments, bars, and a wide array of other parasite industries have sprung up and are flourishing around the murders to the point there is no real interest in stamping out the monster.
Why fix the problem if there is the possibility of making tons of cash from it?
What better way to tie the hands of law-enforcement than to constantly bring up the question of human rights?
What cop or well thinking member of the society is going to be opposed to human rights being a central theme without risking the wrath of the intelligentsia and even the hangers-on who do not understand shit about anything?

What’s really happening is that there is a delicate balance being maintained between keeping the killings under wraps so that the tourists are not scared away and appearing to fight crime without doing too much to seriously disrupt the networks which are doing the killings.
Far too many people are making real money from the status quo.
As long as they can keep convincing the gullible population that looking after their human rights is preserving and ensuring their safety they will get away with the scam.
Unfortunately for those Jamaicans who cannot afford gated communities with 24/7 security, those who cannot have licensed firearms [usually the same group] they will just have to continue to live the existence of potential statistics every single day they wake up.

Those who readily accept the canard that ensuring their human rights and their security are mutually exclusive endeavors will eventually, given enough time, be dead right.
In securing a community, a state or a country you do one thing.
You go after the bad guys!
There is no conflict, contrary to the bullshit that Jamaica’s opposition Party, (the PNP) is selling, between getting the bad guys and observing human rights.
In fact, where the fuck is the opposition party’s loyalty?
Is it to the criminal networks or is it to the Jamaican people?

The average cop who does not have his head up the ass of one of the two political parties, is so browbeaten into observing human rights he is incapable of making an arrest.
In some cases, he is not even sure if he should make an arrest even when the offenses are occurring right in front of him.
The rules are too vague, the lines too blurred for them to do their jobs without risking prison and financial ruin.
Such is the environment in which law -enforcement operate and murderers thrive.
It is time that the people wake up to the reality that they are being taken for a ride, the country is far too small, the solutions far too simple for our country to have such an intransigent and entrenched crime problem.
Someone wants it that way…………………..