Jamaica’s murder statistics are not getting better, in fact, they are getting worse. This year the Island is on track to record an even greater number of murders than it did last year.
In an attempt to fool the public, and create for the International community, a sense that they are on top of the Island’s burgeoning crime epidemic, the government has embarked on a series of initiatives designed to placate and confuse.
Chief among the administration’s smoke and mirror charade is the (SOE) State Of Emergencies, and (ZOSO’s) Zones Of Special Operations, both of which includes the flooding of communities with the bodies of police and soldiers, spot-checks and other show of force band-aid approaches, which are highly ineffectual and simply laughable as crime prevention strategies in this day and age.

This is what Andrew Holness deserved when he disrespected the police officers at their own retreat

The Jamaican Prime Minister would rather hobnob with foreign leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu, of the apartheid state of Israel without acknowledging that those leaders do not tolerate the levels of criminality that he tolerates. Even though they may be totally corrupt shit-bags themselves.
The Prime minister’s horse and pony show were in full display at the police federation’s retreat in Ocho Rios recently. There he showed up and disrespected them, reeled off a laundry list of platitudes and promises, all while telling them that what he really wants is for them to be nice to the blood-thirsty murderers who are waging war on the Jamaican people.
For the record, if this former cop was a member of that group, as soon as he started with his bullshit I would have gotten up and walked out.
Wouldn’t it have been nice if everyone had gotten up and walked out leaving him standing there talking to Chang, Fitz Jackson and Antony Anderson?
Or better yet, take a tact from what the NYPD officers did to Mayor Deblasio, who was far less deserving of the cops action’s than Holness is.
Yea, but we are talking about Jamaican cops, they are too shit scared to stand up for themselves, so every Tom Harry and every Dick disrespects them.
Nothing like the NYPD officers, who to a man, turned their backs on Mayor Deblasio when they thought he had disrespected them.

The damage being done to our country’s security infrastructure by this administration will be incalculable. This is not to suggest that the People’s National Party is in any way more equipped to deal with the new crop of hardcore criminals who are now operating in the Jamaican space.
On the one hand, the Prime minister and his (non-police, -police commissioner Antony Anderson), (Horace Chang, the National Security Minister, who heads St James most intractable garrison) is pulling the wool over the nation’s collective eyes, Delroy Chuck the so-called (Justice Minister) is working assiduously to strengthen the hands of criminals, by trying to give them a new start after they have committed murder.
Or worse to ensure that they do not face trial for their crimes.

Delroy Chuck has orchestrated a slick scheme which takes full advantage of the country’s inability to bring cases to a resolution in a [timely manner].
As far as the Chuck and Holness show goes, violent criminals (including murderers), will have their cases tossed from court dockets if there is no resolution at the end of five years. As I have written exclusively before, this in and of itself is an invitation and an opportunity for high-priced influential criminal defense lawyers to get creative in bringing to a virtual stop, murder cases involving well-connected accused, with a view to having those cases tossed.
Every accused person charged with a crime does have a constitutional right to a speedy trial. Now, what constitutes a speedy trial is for the experts to decide.
Nevertheless what it should never be, is a gateway and or an excuse for corrupt politicians to prevent their cohorts from facing justice, or to sanitize their violent murderous criminal records as this administration is trying to do as we speak.
The issues which are being recycled by the government are knee-jerk proposals which are not well thought out by people in the know.
Under the leadership of Commissioner Carl Williams, the Government through the JCF embarked on what they called then, a get the guns campaign.
I was opposed to it then, and I specifically stated the following.
Essentially, this is just another Gun Amnesty which generally does precious little to reduce Crime but provides a stream of income to those already immersed in criminal conduct and more specifically those engaged in the gun trade. Generally, Criminals do not give up their guns, they will turn over unused or unusable old weapons to the police while holding onto their stash of real weapons.
Probably more consequential, a gun amnesty opens up new opportunities for gun traders to source weapons illegally then simply sell them to the Police/Government at a profit.
The new head of the Police Federation echoed this position on national radio days ago. It is good to see that they are beginning to learn something and push back against the insanity of the Government, even though he mealy-mouthed said he was not opposed to it.

I was opposed to gun buy-backs even then , I am opposed to it today

Ask yourselves this question, what kind of government refuses to lay down the laws to criminals in defense of the people?
What is the fear of going after criminals, first with laws so punitive that every person with an illegal gun would bury it and never look back at the spot where that gun is buried?
What it will take for the Jamaican people to wake up and smell the coffee is anyone’s guess. After all, we are not people particularly well known for critical thinking. Political loyalties are lifelong, breaking out of those confines are not something we are known for.
The across the board assault on the way we effectuate the rule of law in Jamaica at the present time, does not lend itself to a reduction in the crime statistics.
Conversely, it will result in new levels of criminality in Jamaica and eventually, across the region no one bargained for, as Jamaican criminals take their brand of murder and mayhem international.

It is not out of the ordinary for Jamaican criminals to create mammoth empires and build them out internationally, resulting in tremendous grief to tens of thousands of innocent people spread out over large geographical areas.
The Shower and Spangler’s posses were two of the more well known and infamous ones, but there has been a long litany of other violent Jamaican criminal gangs which were forced to leave Jamaica during the 80’s rule of now deceased former Prime Minister Edward Seaga.
Faced with long prison sentences or certain death those gangsters emigrated to the United States Canada and Britain and changed the way law enforcement dealt with gangs, particular;y in the United States of America.
The “Showa Possee,” a murderous gang which had its roots in Tivoli Gardens is easily the most renowned of those gangs.
To this day, law enforcement and media entities in the United States believe that the gang derived its name from showering its adversaries with bullets.
The truth of the matter is that the Gang derived its name from its association with the Jamaica Labor Party and it’s 80’s mantra “Showa”.
These groups, including the [Showa Posse] in particular, were keyto the Authorities decisions to draft tough laws like the “Rico statute” in the United States, which linked operatives of those gangs into criminal enterprises, and instituted serious punitive remedies for participation in such groups.
That was in the ’80s when those criminals ran away from Jamaica, this is 2019 and criminals are not running away from Jamaica they are being dumped onto Jamaica through the process of deportation from every country in which Jamaicans live and break their laws.
Juxtapose that with the technological advances of today, the smarts of today’s criminals the shackles which have been placed on the police in Jamaica, and it is easy to see where this is headed.

For those in the diaspora who wishes to pull their heads from their political asses, as well as the Island’s traditional partners, it is important that what this administration is doing is not allowed to go without a response.
The entire process is corrupt to the core. How do we get to a place where a court agrees with a double murderer that his constitutional rights are infringed by his being in jail for a few years without a trial?

Mervin Cameron and Christopher Wilson, were arrested and charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, illegal possession of a firearm, and robbery for the 2012 murder of Barrington Davis, then deputy chief of security at Jamaica Post, and his female friend, Patricia Lumont-Barnswell.
Cameron was awarded damages and requested a $30-million payout from the Government after he languished in jail for nearly six years while his case wound its way through the court system.
Yes, a Jamaican court agreed with a murderer that being locked up as he awaits trial was a breach of his constitutional rights.
The court, in a landmark two-to-one majority ruling handed down last year, found that his constitutional right had been violated and awarded him damage, but ordered prosecutors to proceed with his trial swiftly.
Davis and Lumont-Barnswell were kidnapped from his home in St John’s Heights, St Catherine, in August 2012. Their decomposed bodies were found with multiple gunshot wounds in a cane field in Innswood, also in St Catherine, according to local reporting.
Of Friday, May 31st the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston handed down a unanimous verdict of guilty in the case against Mervin Cameron and Christopher Wilson.

This is what Jamaica has become, a top-to-bottom criminal enhancement enterprise which pays lip service to the rule of law but behind the scenes is inherently corrupt.
When the Prime Minister speaks with his forked tongue about police associations, he knows fully well just how hypocritical and duplicitously he is as he makes those assertions.
Sure, some police officers are corrupt, but an arm of government being somewhat corrupt is a function of a complicit government.
What is happening to Jamaica is over much of the Jamaican population heads.
In the end, it is the ordinary man who ends up dead on the street corners daily. Their bullet-riddled bodies grotesquely sprawled encased in their own drying blood, or their heads chopped off.

Mike Beckles is a former Jamaican police corporal, business owner, avid researcher, and blogger. He is also a black achiever honoree, and publisher of the blog chatt-a-box.com. You may subscribe to his blogs free of charge.