Crime is only a problem if it is affecting rich people…..
Before you think I have gone completely berserk it was a tongue in cheek comment designed to get you to pay attention.


With the number of murders and a general rise in serious felonies, I wanted to bring a few facts to the attention of our people.
Recently a woman who happened to be a lawyer and a supposed criminal rights advocate was reportedly killed by a criminal she allegedly took into her home.
No tears here, there are hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans who have been victimized by crime, if any person wants to be of help, those persons could use some support, not know and convicted criminals.
That is the reason I will not recognize them as human rights activists, they are criminal rights activists.

I learned also that the father of former PNP Politician Kern Spencer was shot and injured. I am relieved that the elder Spencer survived the ordeal and was able to get off a few shots at his assailants, sorry he was unable to lay them out.
His son took to social media to berate the police for not answering the phone at the Balaclava Police station. [Under what scenario would the police not answer the damn phone], that is indefensible?

Kern Spencer alleged that the 911 oh sorry 119 operator took too much time collecting the information after they called to report that his father was shot.
Sorry to break it to the [entitled] younger mister Spencer but that is what emergency operators do they try to get all of the salient information possible.
What is told them is relayed to responding officers enabling them to make good decisions on their arrival at the incident scene.

Information given to emergency operators also sometimes becomes critical evidence for court proceedings later.
So unless Kern expected that the operator should have changed the rules at the mere mention of his family name his criticism of the police is…. oh well.
Here’s the thing Kern issued an impassioned plea about the gun crime in our country and how it needs to end. Commendable but crime is crime Kern, white collar, blue collar, it’s all crime you know what I mean right?

As a state Minister in the former PNP Administration, you could have kept your nose clean but you didn’t. No crime is good, the criminally complicit court threw out the case but that does not mean you were innocent.
When we get on our high horse about crime we better make sure that we don’t have skeletons in our own closets.
Criminals are no respecter of persons, it may seem like they are for a minute but sooner or later there will be a clear recognition that these hoodlums do not respect life, they do not care who they kill.


Young unemployed youths who never got their voices heard, never had power, are never going to give back the power the gun gives them.
They commandeer women to have sex with them. They take the property of others whenever they chose to, they are feared, revered, they become infamous, and they have the power of life and death.
That’s power they will not give back only to return to the shadows of inconsequential and unknown.
Those weapons will have to be plucked from their cold lifeless fingers.

We are a country at war but there is a tragic irony which needs reporting on so we will attempt to bring it to the attention of you my readers once again today.
Have you noticed the blanket yet palpable silence of the many criminal rights lobby operating in Jamaica despite the horrendous nature and volume of murders occurring daily?
The silence is deafening.

We just thought it would be interesting to point out to the Jamaican people the inconsistency of these groups who complain about so-called abuses by the security forces. Yet they are deathly silent when innocent Jamaicans are slaughtered by thugs. So we will name but a few of the groups we have labeled …..

Holness Pandered To Criminal Rights Lobby: Resulting In Over 1600 Murdered Last Year..

Independent Jamaica Council For Human Rights.
Jamaicans For Justice.
Amnesty International.
Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-sexuals and gays.
Families Against State Terrorism(FAST).
Citizens Advocacy Group International (CAGI).

Litany Of Anti-police Groups Silent On Homicides/JFJ/ FAST/PMI/IACHR /etal Hypocrites And Frauds

These are but a few of the groups supposedly advocating for rights on the Island, criminal rights that is.
These groups operate independently of each other but declare that they Constantly campaign against any denial of Human Rights and civil liberties in Jamaica and to undertake or sponsor all actions necessary and possible to secure redress and public disapproval for all infringements of these rights. To cooperate and associate with other groups and organizations which have similar aims.

In 2014, (CAGI) blasted the Jamaica Observer in a scathing letter under the signature of Jeremy Soutar, who is the administrator of Citizens Advocacy Group International. CAGI’s attack on the publication was for daring to praise the then Administration for acting proactively in the handling of the Mario Deane case.
Even though the Government acted expeditiously to deal with the allegations in the case as they were presented to it (CAGI) wanted the Government to jump higher and was angered that anyone would dare side with the Government instead of piling onto the entire police force.

Nations Not Hamstrung By Over-reaching Human Rights Advocacy Are Economic Models For The World…

Being proactive is also demonstrated in the following circumstances: (CAGI) claimed.

When a government impresses upon its security forces that the constitutional rights of citizens are unconditionally guaranteed and that any act or omission which infringes upon those rights could land offending officers in prison and/or defending civil suits for constitutional contraventions.

– When a government aggressively monitors the conduct of its servants to ensure adherence to policy guidelines and force orders.

– When a government puts measures in place to ensure those police officers pay all or part of the money damages awarded by the Supreme Court to victims when they abuse the rights of citizens.

It was CAGI that was first to take action on August 7, 2014, by demanding the Government of Jamaica act, forthwith, to remove all the on-duty police officers from the Barnett Street Police Station who breached the duty of care owed to the civilian victim, Mario Deane.

Other actions of the group against the Government in relation to the unfortunate and untimely demise of Mario Deane were:

1) recommendations to the directors of the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour in the US State Department to cut aid in the area of national security because we felt that “such aid is only fuelling abuse by the high-handed, reckless, malicious and unprofessional members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force”.


2) urged INDECOM to conduct a speedy and thorough investigation into the matter

3) called for intervention from the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), Human Rights Watch (HRW), Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and Amnesty International

The first response and/or intervention by Citizens Action for Principle and Integrity (CAPI), the Government, and other local human rights interests were made subsequent to the actions taken by CAGI which we, nonetheless, fully support.

CAGI is committed to promoting universal respect for human rights for all citizens of Jamaica and, by extension, the world, and will endeavor to demand that the Government of Jamaica respect the international treaties to which it is bound.

We will also endeavor to utilize the power of our international partners and affiliates to enforce our demands.

Human rights organizations like CAGl can never be “put out of business”. We are as relevant today as we will be tomorrow, so long as there are rights to protect and promote.

Unless the Government of Jamaica acts decisively and proactively in respecting the rights of citizens in preventing abuse and loss of life by the actions and omissions of its servants, then the Mario Deane tragedy of 2014 will become the Mario Deane tragedy of the future.

The Jamaica Human Rights Gravy Train…….

These are the groups which are holding our country hostage. These are the foreign-funded groups which I have written about year after year with their  Jamaican counterparts[house slaves] which have driven fear in Portia and her band of thieves and has Andrew Holness shitting his pants.
So it is clear that in order to fix the crime situation in our country we have to acknowledge that these groups are an impediment to any solution.

Every year thousands of Americans are killed by police all across the country under dubious and oftentimes blatantly criminal ways. In addition to that, the wide disparity in the dispensation of justice between blacks and whites is well documented and vastly worthy of human rights vigilance.
Immigrants are rounded up and herded into concentration camps and moved around the country so that they may not have contact with attorneys who wish to litigate on their behalf.
Yet these groups are silent…
There is never a whimper from either of these groups in any way that would be consequential to these blatant and obvious violations of human rights and human dignity by the most powerful country on the planet with the resources to do the right thing.

Why then are they all in Jamaica and other poor nations which are struggling with crime and violence, making demands they know the Governments cannot honor and which will lead to even greater destabilization of their societies?

We Intend To Let Our Voices Be Heard Loud And Clear Against The Trial Lawyers And Rights Lobbyists Who Want Criminals To Continue To Kill Innocent People…


There is no doubt that these groups have small impoverished nations by the balls, I fundamentally understand that the Prime Minister has to consider the real and present threats expressed by Jeremy Soutar, in 2014.
The Government changed hands but the threat against the nation’s sovereignty remains. In fairness to Prime Minister Holness who campaigned on a platform of “Prosperity,” he is dealt a bad hand.
I don’t know whether Holness would have had the balls to tackle crime head-on were he not constrained by the specter of the economic guillotine and sabotage hanging over our country.
But I do understand his pandering even though I give him no respect for not standing up against them.

I will attempt to explain what is at play here.
Poor countries which are unable to deal decisively with crime are unable to attract or keep investment opportunities. Governments with the best intentions are still unable to hire more than just so many workers because they depend on taxation and levies to pay their operational expenses.
So the true drivers of economic activity cannot be Government [as is believed in Jamaica] it is the private sector which is the true creator of economic growth, not Government.

Since WW11 the world’s population has more than doubled, Jamaica’s population is not exempt from those growth trends. Governments have to find new ways to attract employment opportunities for their populations.
If they are unable to because of crime the problem tends to self-multiply as we have seen in Jamaica’s case.
And so it continues when crime is in the news no one wants to invest and fewer people want to visit.

If there are no new economic activity countries become slaves to lending Institutions a- la the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Paris Club et al.
These mega monetary institutions are all headquartered in powerful Industrialized countries.
Rich nations do not borrow money from these institutions, poor nations do.
Why would these institutions and their shareholders want the nations which are slaves to them to find their way out of poverty and dependency?
Who would they lend to if poor African, Asian, Latin and South American and Caribbean nations were to suddenly become rich?

The world bank

If you are unable to see why the connections between the groups operating in our country and crime are so intricately linked then I cannot help you understand it.
Michael Manley’s philosophy  [not his actions] was ahead of his time and so he had to go …….
They were not going to have it. They are not going to have it today. It’s just slavery of a different kind and we are way too blind to see it.
Nations which benefit from the fleecing of poorer nations literally worship their security forces[not suggesting we do].
They understand that they must keep crime and terrorism at bay, they also know how to do it and they do.