According to the Jamaican Government and the JCF hierarchy, deciding to leave the police department is now tantamount to a serious assault or withholding a firearm allegedly used in a homicide from law enforcement.
It is now the same as what Patrick Powell did.
It is now easier to criminalize a cop than to hold  a mass murderer accountable on the Island.

So you want to know what I’m talking about?
Here goes …..In its weekly Force Orders, the JCF high command instructed that a six-month notice is now required before resignations.
The Department insists that automatically accepting resignations result in the following:

Disruption to the functioning of formations from the sudden loss of Specialists who are not easily replaced.
• Dismissal of cases for want of prosecution where members who are critical witnesses separate without making adequate provision for the continuation of cases. 
• The inability for the organization to implement retention strategies owing to the absence of data that should have been captured at an exit interview.

The penalty for violating this new order will result in a fine of no more than $250,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months.
For years the Elites in the intellectual ghetto and the penny millionaires have argued that the reason for the problems within the JCF may be anchored in the fact that the police department is viewed as a paramilitary organization.
If we set aside the fact that the violent nature of Jamaicans necessarily argues for a paramilitary force, we may logically argue that this new order confirms, and categorizes the JCF not as a para-military agency but a military one.

Andrew Holness

Before we go further it is important to deal point by point with the reasons the Government and the JCF high command cooked up for this new policy.
All logical points but how do we get around these same points when an officer dies or has committed a crime and must go?


♦ If you are a specialist in any capacity working in any discipline it is incumbent on your employer to find ways to (a) keep you in his/her employ through the use of good salary and remunerations, (b)good working conditions,  and (c) other measures which will keep you in his/her employ.

If the specialist dies or runs afoul of policies which make him/her no longer employable that person is gone immediately. No debriefing done.

♦ Companies and agencies have a responsibility to train enough people so that they do not have to unconstitutionally try to prevent workers they deem specialists from leaving their employ on their own volition and at their own leisure.

♦Police officers leaving police departments is nothing new. A simple upgrade to the rules of evidence is enough.
Treat Police affidavits as dying declarations are treated.
A dying person’s statement of fact is viewed as sacrosanct so too should the police officers disinterested statement of facts be viewed.
♦ Exit interview? This is the most laughable. Are police officers CIA spies who need to be debriefed?
This asinine excuse is remarkable, there is an over bloated senior staff in the JCF, not senior because they know much about policing or senior outside the rank they were given.
A supposed exit interview can be done in a couple of hours, which makes that exit interview story that much more ludicrous.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo

Of all the stupid and retrograde things the Government could do in the supposed fight against crime, this is right up there at the top as a really brain dead move.
This is not something thought up at 103 Old Hope Road by Commissioner George Quallo, this is an elitist attack on the police which came straight out of Jamaica House.
This is exactly a part of Andrew Holness’ Zones of Special Operation Act.


As I have been saying the Zones of Special Operations Act is not an attack on criminals it is an attack on the security Forces.Without equivocation, the Andrew Holness Government has decidedly thrown its lot in against the police.
Criminalizing cops for daring to leave an agency they voluntarily signed up to is not only cheeky and presumptuous it is unconstitutional.
The notion of attaching penalties to police officers who have done their time and wishes to leave the service at a time of their choosing is contemptuous and blatantly disrespectful in a country which was afraid to attach punitive sanctions on Christopher Duddus Coke Tesha Miller, and others.

Bruce Golding

Kern Spencer is a free man despite blatant evidence that he committed crimes in the distribution of light bulbs donated by Cuba.
What this Government is attempting is not only illegal it is at its core contemptuous of police and their basic human rights.
Of course, its support of INDECOM and the Office of Public Defender is proof positive that this administration like the one it succeeded has no interest in lowering the frightening murder numbers plaguing the Island.