I am a constant critic of the JCF’s senior leadership which(a) loves to make statements to the press it generally cannot back up.(b) speaks out of turn on critical investigations and (c) sits in offices rather than be out on the streets supporting the men and women under their command.

This little list of areas in which I cannot agree with the police high command is by far not the only disagreement that I have as someone looking in.
Certainly there are many areas that the police high command can deliver a better quality of service to the silent majority of Jamaicans who are not law-breakers and who want to stand with their police officers.

Nevertheless, when I observe any glimmer of hope that at least one member of the senior fraternity gets it, I am obligated to bring it to you just as I bring the criticisms.
So let’s shout out a “good job” to this senior officer who is out there on a bicycle doing the rounds.
Good job officer.