A quick comment commending Contractor General Greg Christie on his resolute stance regarding the PNP’s much touted Jamaica Emergency Employment Program(JEEP) . Contractor General Christie expressed concerns about the integrity of that program a day after a team from his office raided the offices of the Transport and Works Ministry where JEEP is based :Link here .jamaicaobserver.com

                                                                                Greg Christie

I will once again state, as I have always done for historical perspective, that Greg Christie is a phenomenal public servant . Many have argued that Christie is a publicity hound, they have called him partisan, they have called him over zealous. The truth is Greg Christie operating in a country where the rule of law is sacrosanct, in a country where people wanted what’s best for their country ,would have accomplished wonderful things for that country. I am particularly impressed by Christie’s call for all the agencies  tasked with rooting out corruption to be merged as one unit. I say Greg Christie for Prime Minister and Jamaica would be a totally different country, a better country.

Greg Christie faces a population resistant to the rule of a law, unwilling to do the things that would lead to better life for themselves and their children. The Police are encountering the same push-back, a lot of which they created for themselves. Our country will greatly miss Greg Christie. Mister Christie has indicated to the Governor General that he will be leaving office toward the end of this year.  I struggle to see how mister Christie will be replaced with someone comparable to his integrity, and enthusiasm.



Every time the people’s national party take over the reins of Government we see dramatic upsurge in criminal activities. Their takeover after the December 29th 2011 win has been no different. Spin doctors aligned to that cult government unashamed suggest crime upsurge are the works of the other party. Trouble with that assessment is that even as they struggle to tell that lie, they cringe under the glare of the truth, the fact being that crimes in Jamaica no longer has political stripes.

The PNP on its return to power established an unusually large executive government , despite criticizing the former government stridently for having what they said then was a too large cabinet,Miller went ahead with an even bigger one. Portia Simpson Miller bold-faced argued that the large cabinet stacked with her relatives and friends was commensurate with the amount of seats her party won in the elections . Her Party won 41 of the 63 seats in the House of Representatives.

 Miller by her reasoning revealed that she takes us for fools, or as some suggest she simply  do not know any better. I will leave you to decide.

The issue I want to address here is the PNP affiliated groups getting involved in law enforcement . Jamaica cannot be allowed to go back to the days when PNP gunmen did as they pleased, because their party is in power. I suggest the little mongrels in the PNP affiliated groups and JLP affiliated groups stick to their politics and leave policing to the professionals. (Rest in peace Motty Perkins).

Jamaica’s police are far from perfect. On too many occasions some cops shoot when they do not need to, this cannot be allowed, it cannot be standard procedure and the commissioner of police will have to look to removing cops whom are involved in  frequent shootings from the streets. I will not as some would suggest, say remove someone if they are involved in a shooting, Jamaica is far too violent for that.

What we don’t need are inconsequentials  like the PNP little mutts in waiting , making statements when most of them are themselves involved in criminal activity. I call on Simpson Miller to rein in her little rabid chihuahuas, no one elected them to anything.jamaicaobserver.com

Too often the police in the execution of their duties do not appear to be  careful enough to ensure the preservation of lives; and too often engage in  shootings when it may have been more strategic to withdraw or change tactic,” Commission Chairman, Clyde Williams said. “The pursuit of criminals must not  provide the context for the death of the innocent.”
Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/PNP-rights-commission-wants-end-to-military-style-policing#ixzz1puHZlJ46

(Clyde Williams PNP human rights commission chairman.)

What is this fool smoking ? Portia needs to muzzle this little mongrel and let  him crawl real quitely back under the cellar where he belongs. No one elected this moron to anything.

These statements are blood boiling, where is this clown when these shootings are happening? And if he is not there, how can he make the statement he did? Suits many of the licky licky police who run behind this cult and helped to put the PNP in office. Many of these cops are nothing more than servant boys for them anyway.

I wish all Jamaicans living abroad and well thinking ones at home see what the PNP is advocating for our country.Withdrawing  from criminals, allowing them to return them to the days of the last PNP government. Where in the world does police withdraw from criminals? The PNP with its multiple garrison communities must explain to the country and the world why it is asking police to withdraw from confronting criminals. The PNP is largely responsible for our country being in the state it’s in, due largely to 1970’s policies, 18 1/2 years of being at the helm , and an unmitigated desire to maintain garrison politics as the cornerstone of Jamaica’s existence.

Is the answer because of the thousands of criminals they have in their zones of political exclusions?

Or is it because of the fact that within the party itself there are criminals operating in broad daylight.