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From our organic street Reporters who captured the scene as it occurred in the New Kingston Area where two men went to Spartan Gym on Lady Musgrave Road and opened fire hitting Uriel James, the leader of the reputed Rose Town-based Discipline Gang as he was about to enter the gym compound about 7:50 am.
The assailants sprayed his vehicle with bullets.


In the videos, the assailants are seen lying on the ground while security officers took control of the scene. Two firearms were recovered and handed over to the Police.

More and more these scenes are playing out across the country as criminals ride up on motorcycles or in motor cars and open fire killing people and simply disappearing without consequence. Regardless of what we think about the victim in this regard, the act in itself is reprehensible and should not be tolerated.
In the meantime, the Government and the criminal rights lobby are fully engaged in rendering the police department less effective.



Kudos to King Alarm officers who did a great job hanging onto the two would-be murderers until the Police arrived and took them into custody.
On an observation sidenote.
The Uniform of King Alarms security officers is pretty impressive. As a proponent of changing the silly uniform of the police, I wonder what it would take for our police officers to have the uniform like those worn by King Alam security guards?

One thought on “Guards Stop Shooters In Morning Assassination Attempt :see Videos.

  1. The victim is a very wealthy Jamaican! But he did NOT got hid wealth from hard and honest work. He’s a known criminal who’s affiliated with the Jamaican Labor Party government.

    The victim owns an apartment complex close to the Canadian Embassy in Jamaica and several other businesses.

    What happens to the prove or lose laws in Jamaica? Seems like they only enforce it against their political rivals!

    The brazeness of the Jamaican criminals are not surprising.

    The hitmen have done their reconnaissance, but didn’t expect that they would be caught in the act.

    Knowing Jamaican criminals, the victim won’t cooperate with the Jamaican Constabulary Force investigators because he doesn’t want to be labeled an informer, snitch, or a rat.

    The security guards uniform are superior to the Jamaican Constabulary Force members . Their attire are that of an American Police department. First class!

    Congrats to King Alarm Security Officers for saving this parasite’s life. He is lucky that the security guards were close by or else he would be added to the list of murdered Jamaicans.

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