The trial of  Adijia Palmer (o/c)Vybez Kartel has ended with the 11 person jury returning a verdict of Guilty against the accused. The Entertainer has been in jail for over two years pending the outcome of this trial. Palmer was convicted for murdering Clive (Lizard) Williams. The prosecution alleged  Williams was killed in a dispute over  lost gun/s.  Kartel’s Attorneys have indicated they will appeal the guilty verdict, as was to be expected. There is also  information coming out of Jamaica that the Director of public Prosecution will be proffering charges against one juror who allegedly  approached the jury fore-person with an offer of $200.000 to vote to release the accused. We will talk more about this as more information becomes available.

Kartel and his co-accused Shawn Campbell,Kahira Jones, Andre St John, were all found guilt as charged with the jury finding Shane Williams not guilty. This trial created a buzz , not just in Jamaica but in the Jamaican Diaspora. This was evident on social media, where everyone felt at liberty to let their voices be heard. In these Blogs we argued that this was one of the very first time there has been so much incontrovertible evidence against an accused, yet there was no corpse. It was not the first time an accused was found guilty in a murder case where no body was recovered. This created much hand wringing in social media, those wanting a guilty verdict worried about that fact in the case. Others wanting an acquittal  pointed out there is no body,so there is no murder. There has been the usual ignorant behavior from that fringe of the country which defies logic. It seemed that the police were prepared this time. The jury is still out on whether this verdict will result in civil unrest as is customary when anyone from the underworld is placed in custody. That speaks to the moral rot which has taken over our country.


In the end there did not need to be a body. The mountain of circumstantial evidence,including the words of the accused was enough to gain convictions against them.They never quite challenged the evidence put forth by the Prosecution. Reading what happened in the court room daily, I wondered if his celebrity would allow him to wiggle out of what I thought was a slam dunk case. Save and except for some allegations of impropriety by police regarding a cell phone, the defense’s case appeared to be innuendos, trying to cast doubt ,allegations of a frame up, but never seriously attempting to indict the evidence presented by the state.


Those who wanted an acquittal may want to hold their horses for awhile, in Jamaica anything is possible. The Appeals court still gets to have a say. That court has never seen a verdict it could just leave alone. I have consistently pointed to the Liberalism in Jamaican Judicial system, Jamaican Judges are largely products of the University of the West Indies a well know far left liberal institution.  For now however, Jamaicans who are tired of crime and violence may down a cold  one and heave a sigh of relief that for once the system worked. The system is badly broken, just not dead yet. Maybe, just maybe, it can be salvaged.


This is not a victory for Clive Lizard Williams who clearly was no Saint. In fact Williams  allegedly died because he lost Kartel’s gun. What Williams did, who he robbed or killed with that gun, we may never know. This was a victory for the few Jamaicans who still believe in the value of God and country, hard work and sacrifice , education and the rule of law, decency and honest,  good communities and good friends. It is a victory for the Jamaicans who yearn for the innocence of yesteryear, when neighbors looked out for neighbors. When everyone raised everyone’s children, when people were secure in their right to enjoy their country. Whenever, wherever, however, and with whomever they chose. That Jamaica may be only a memory on the distant horizon in the rear-view mirror of time, but for one moment, just once more,  these nostalgic Jamaicans may dream of a time when their country was theirs, just this once…..