I’m all for accountability but there is simply too much posturing and politics involved in policing in Jamaica. Montague had every right to request a report from the Commissioner of police the method he chose was out of line and should not be tolerated by the police hierarchy. It’s time that the police stand up to these grandstanding part-timers.

Over 1600 Jamaicans were slaughtered by terrorist thugs last year, thus far this year they are on a merry clip to kill as many this year if not more.


Tactical Jamaican police team


Thes guys can solve this problem, turn them lose to stop the killings.


Our officers fear no one,, stop shackling them.


Our officers need support to go after the killers.


Police have pulled back because the government has demonstrated that it does not support them.


Prime Minister Holness, step aside, call off your hounds, allow the police to do their jobs.



Police security team

We say to Prime Minister Andrew Holness stop playing this political game you are playing. We say to Peter Phillips and his band of cultists, stop playing politics and put country first.