Yesterday Jamaica the Island nation,celebrated 50 years of Independence from great Britain, there are more than enough questions regarding our independence, some even maintain that we would have been better off maintaining the colonial shackles.

I will refrain from making any comments on the authenticity of those arguments , sufficient to say that as a child of the newly independent Nation I am honored and indeed grateful to have been born in such a beautiful place.

There are many things we will have to look at as we enter the next 50 years with a view to determining where we went wrong along the way and take a concerted stand to ensure that we have a better second half than we did the first.

There are presently many positive things happening in our country , none more thrilling, than the timely Olympic games being held in London England and the pride that athletes like Usain Bolt, Shelly-Anne Fraser-Price and others have brought to our country.

This blog-site salutes all Jamaicans, but more-so we salute our  beautiful Island in the sun.

Happy 50th birthday Jamaica.