Happy Birthday Jamaica:

coat of arms

Jamaica turned 49 years old as an independent Nation on August 6th 2011. True to form our people engaged in  a series of activities, and sporting events to mark the Country’s Independence.

Jamaicans have a euniqe ability to make something out of nothing , so it was not hard to imagine the various activities all around the country to mark this event. On Sunday a group of church  leaders , led by the reverend Al Miller of (dudus fame)  led a march of christians and well wishers through the community of Lauriston just outside the old Capital of Spanish Town. The purpose of the march was to give hope to residents of that community crippled by fear, fear of a series of  beheadings that occured over a period of just one week .  During which three people were ruthlessly decapitated .The group of marchers , dressed in black reportedly stopped at the gates of residents to pray and offer comfort to them.

 I commend reverend Miller as extensively as I criticized  him  in the Christopher dudus Coke case. Any act of community must be commended, I will not begin to second guess or monday morning quarter -back the actions of anyone who is so involved.  As such I salute those residents who took the initatiave to march for their communities and by extension the country.

I salute the police for arresting and bringing  4 suspects into custody in relationship  to  the aforementioned  killings.

As I have indicated in previous blogs this new trend which strikes terror into the hearts of residents , may have at it’s genisis a positive developement. I have previously theriosed that the unending supply of bullets may have been disrupted. This I theorized is at the heart of this more neanderthal method of killing , having spoken to  sources on the ground ,this theory have been somewhat confirmed.

Are the Jamaican Police looking at this and formulating a plan forward?  As I  commend  them for the arrests I must state my absoloute lack of faith that those arrested  will eventually  be held responsible for those killings. E ven if they are miracelously found guilty in a Jamaican court, the sentence meted out to them will be a slap on the wrist  and they will be back on the streets in no time.

Lets examine what can be accomplishe by this and other marches. They can potentially assauge fears , comfort the bereaved and traumatized, as well as show solidarity with the community. none of these things, though admirable, will prevent the next killing, whether by decapitation or otherwise.

The lesson this and all communities must learn is that shielding criminals , failing to report criminal activities , and choosing the side of evil over that of the rule of law, does have devastating consequences for your health.

There are various Organizations operating in Jamaica that purport to be dedicated to Human Rights. Here are three of them.

Amnesty International: British based with Offices around the world .

Jamaicans for Justice: headed by Carolyn Gomes.  Given a National honor.

Families against State Terrorism; headed by Yvonne Sobers Mcalla:      State terrorism?

The most basic and fundamental right a person has , is the right to life. Neither group was present yesterday , marching with those who support the rule of law and those traumatized by these events. And do you know why they weren’t there?? There is non publicity to be gained , if the agents of the state are not involved they do not care, what they care about is persecuting innocent hard working Police Officers and members of Our Military who risk life and limb to make sure those fraudelent imposters are safe. As nauseated as I am at that concept they do have the right to life. And as such we will all have to deal with their hypocrisy and lies.

Jamaicans have a choice to make, the answer does not lie in prayer alone, when we pary we must activate the response by our participation. God does the big things , we have to do the small things, if women,/mothers  wives/girlfriends /sisters/ neices/ aunts , continue to shield and lie to protect the criminal men in their families nothing will change . As long as a man’s value is determined by how much money he can give to a girl he likes, then each and every young man will be forced to show his worth and satisfy his lust by robbing and murdering to get those dollars.

As a former Prime Minister infamously stated quote “man fi hav nuff gal” it brings into sharp focus  the putrid  mindest that is at the heart of those killigs.