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Criminology is an area of Sociology that focuses on the study of crimes and their causes, effects, and social impact. A criminologist’s job responsibilities involve analyzing data to determine why the crime was committed and to find ways to predict, deter, and prevent further criminal behavior.

With regards to Professor Anthony Harriott’s comments about the Jamaica Constabulary Force being toxic, my views are as follows.

If the Professor is what the paper says he is and I have stated clearly & concisely what he does then he being head of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority then it is fair to say then that hasn’t done his civic duty.

The so-called “Toxic culture” doesn’t exist only in the Jamaica Constabulary Force but much of our citizenry as well.The society at large has been the bedrock, pillars, and cornerstone of corruption.
I would never argue that there aren’t corrupt police officers. They do exist and they must be identified, allegations against them proven upon which they are either sent to prison or dismissed.

A society can never be seen as taking crime and corruption seriously when people point fingers at one organization and turn a blind eye to the corruption in other segments of the society….corruption comes in many forms but  the Professor either refused to accept that fact. or  is simply disingenuous

The people of this country should also demand that the Minister of National Security also be sent packing. We won’t hold our breaths though because cronyism and nepotism are the order of the day.

This Professor won’t talk about that because it is easier for him to blame others and not his friends. Sir there are nearly (3) million people living on this rock [and give or take a few ]about twelve thousand 12,000 police officers.
Do you really believe that they can be every where at the same time!

So even if one idler decides to go against force policy and stop for a drink how is he to blame for a murder committed 80 miles away?
It seems to me that your anti police stance /rhetoric is seeping through your pores and your think it is civility.

It is your failure to realize that you are also a part of the problem conveniently forgetting facts. I hate criminals, I hate corrupt politicians, I hate corrupt cops. I also hate those that posses the know how to help to make this better but choose to find a media house to highlight the fault in others.

Pointing fingers, solves nothing, We have a problem sir and we need to rid the country of this scourge, the police aren’t the ones killing people.

Encourage your family and friends to tell what they know. Encourage your friends to speak with their constituents to give information on who the criminals are. The police need the resources to fight this monster.

Police officers fight each day to uphold the image and policies of the JCF. Most are honest people who sacrifice their time, family and themselves to fight crime and to prevent it…they need all the help they can get. Richard Porter

2 thoughts on “Harriott’s Hypocrisy

  1. Well said Richard Porter, you couldn’t have said it any better. Thesr morally indebted and bankrupt educators are the main reason why they are so many murderers in Jamaica.

    The Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s members are always under attack from everywhere by the elitists in Jamaica because they hate the fact that poor people’s children have so much powers. So to discredit the police force is to go on your propaganda war against them and because the people are indiscipline they are going to side with their enemies.

    Mr. Harriet is an educated idiot! The Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s members need to be free of political interference from the political parties. Once politicians keep their hands off the Jamaican Constabulary Force and it’s members, things will get much better.

  2. Dome truth Mr .Porter
    But with a badge, gun and arresting powers of the law , a corrupt police shouldn’t be compared to an ordinary citizen.
    They are there, with powers to uphold the law!!

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