As the discussion regarding the Darren Wilson Killing of Michael Brown continues it gets tiring listening to the talking heads in the Media. It’s deja vu all over again- we have heard it all before. One must understand that Cable Television is in it for the money only. As for the Networks; they couldn’t care, they are too busy with their cooking and reality shows.

It is reasonable for different people to have differing views on a singular issue. People see things differently based on their exposure and upbringing.

However, we are forced to ask reasonable people this question:


The right has adopted a posture of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ against black Americans. But just what is the reason behind the overt hatred the right has for African-Americans?

What exactly does the Right-wing in America have against African Americans? We know they hate Barack Obama-he is the antithesis of every lie they ever told since Blacks were kidnapped from Africa and brought here against their will. Obama shattered the Glass ceiling they created as the zenith of white power and superiority. He did so by being elected President of the United States, not once but twice.

We understand their hatred of Eric Holder , he too has over-achieved, becoming the first African America Attorney General of the United States. We understand the contempt of Congress citation. Holder, the Nation’s top law enforcement official has being a pitbull in ensuring that Republicans do not take African Americans back to Slavery.

What is it about the Police killing of unarmed people the Right through FOX and others find defensible? Why does the Right circle wagons around anyone who abuses blacks?

What is the reason for that venomous hatred?  We can’t argue the reason they do is out of respect for the rule of law!  No sir, two Republican Governors are presently facing the courts on felony charges. Virginia’s Bob McDonald and Texas’ Rick Perry on corruption and abuse of power charges. Serious charges, so that’s not it.

George Zimmerman was not a cop. They made Zimmerman white and defended him with all they had. Zimmerman had no visible redeeming identifying characteristic beyond that he was ….

Well he wasn’t black!

The answer is Blacks vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party, or what they childishly and contemptuously refer to as the Democrat Party.

As such blacks have earned the ire of the Right. In the last National elections Mitt Romney won less than one percent of the black vote that is more than enough to earn blacks the ire of the right. Now blacks have voted against the republicans since Richard Nixon so it should come as no surprise to them .When you put the hated Obama into the mix the hatred becomes more understandable.

By their contempt they have outed themselves. The right through it’s surrogates at FOX and the bottom feeders in talk radio have transferred their hatred of Obama to each and every black person on the streets.  They cannot get to Obama but they can surely get to you , and you and you , and me.

This made possible because blacks in America haven’t heeded any warning to come together. They kill each other as a matter of course. This allows the enemy to come in a kill at will under the guise we are violent thugs. We fail to heed the warnings to our peril.



  1. Hate as nothing to do with “Right Wing” as you call the Republicans..It has to do with Blacks in America that will not overcome their hatred of themselves..Wy do they have to dress and behavior like hoodlums and thugs, looting and killing one another, that is not the way to behave. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not advocate that kind of behavior..He was a man of non-violence and peaceful demonstration..Those who are demonstrating now are a bunch of lunatics. Most are strung out on drugs..My son is a teacher and can tell you and anyone else it is not for the lack of discipline and motivation, but it comes right out of the many homes and single parent raising children in a hostile environment..If they pay attention to their children’s upbringing and focus on education instead of complaining about white people, they would be much better off..They have become mental slaves to their own demise..That’s all..

    • My friend I want to be rational and reasonable with you , even though you make it difficult because of what you wrote. I will do a line by line rebuttal with all respect to you. I did say we are shaped by our upbringing and exposure. If you source your information from the sources I named in the article ,then it is understandable why you think the way you do.
      1] dressing a certain way does not speak to one’s character. In fact white teens and young adults look to the urban hip hop community for their fashion direction.
      2]True Dr. King did not advocate violence , neither do the majority of the oppressed people from Ferguson.
      3]Whites use more drugs than any other ethnic group on a per capita basis.
      4] The supposed single family phenomenon of which you speak is a trend that is emerging in every ethnic group , on this, blacks are in the forefront undeniably. Single family households are not necessarily an isolated occurrence which can be considered singularly, Divorce is an integral part of that. Divorce is a large party of the African-Americans experience because of entrenched and systematic racist policies by the United States , vis a vis undue police harassment and in many cases the incarceration of innocent black men.
      5]When Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich came together in what they saw as an assault on the recipients of welfare, they were stunned when it was discovered that middle aged white women were the largest recipient of welfare.
      I am happy to address some other issues on a cordial and respectful basis.

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