Heavily Armed Mercenaries Threaten Law Enforcement On Maxfield Ave:




One of the tools used to erode the rule of law in Jamaica is demagoguery.
The Media, Criminal Rights activists, and others have used this tool rather effectively to completely turn the population against law enforcement over the last 30 years.
The nation’s teeth is now on edge from sucking that sour fruit.
Part of the demagogic approach has been to ridicule the sequence of events given by Police in shooting incidents. They do so by casting doubt and creating the impression the events as outlined were concocted by officers, solely to escape accountability.
From time to time police confront armed criminals resulting in someone being shot, and no weapons are recovered.
That scenario has been a gift to the enemies of the rule of law who exploit these incidents to the fullest.


As a result, I wrote the following article below outlining some of the scenarios in which these events can and do occur.

How Terrain And Topography Affect Policing …..

As a consequence of this second guessing an entirely new career genre has emerged against law enforcement, all supposedly in support of human rights, but which are instead cesspools of support and comfort to the Island’s killers and rapists.

As a former police officer in that ingrate incubator, I have tried to shed some light on these issues with a view to bringing some truth and perspective to counter the lies and deceptions.
My attempts should not be construed to mean that there aren’t exceptions to the rule.
They are certainly not intended to suggest that there are no crooked cops who step outside the boundaries of the law and shame their chosen profession.
Truth be told when I served I barely tolerated many of the cops with whom I worked, (that sentiment may have been mutual) and many years after I left, I am shocked at what I hear from some past and serving members.
But that is true of any chosen profession, it has nothing to do with the profession, it is totally about the people who are in those disciplines.

I want to showcase two incidents which happened on Tuesday which should add some perspective to my contention.

Constable Akeem McLean was shot and injured in the vicinity of Regent Street and Golden Heights, Denham Town.

Incident #1

The Police said McLean was a part of a team responding to reports of explosions in the Race Course area about 2:10 am. Upon reaching the Metcalf Remand Centre, the officers noticed men carrying out suspicious activities but when they alighted from their vehicles to investigate, they were shot at. The gunfire was returned, and the men fled.
Anderson said McLean who was wearing a ballistic vest, was shot during the exchange. “The vest actually cushioned the impact of the bullet, but the fragments from the bullet actually inflicted the wound to his neck.

So much for the lying demagogic village lawyers who have an opinion on everything.
This police constable was almost killed, no weapon was recovered and as far as we know none of the assailants may have been injured.
Now if we flip the script a little and these officers had come out of their vehicle guns blazing, chances are Constable McLean would not have been shot and almost killed, a mere week after Constable Hanson was slaughtered on Constant Spring Road.
So let us imagine things a little bit further, what if one of the scum were hit and the others had fled leaving no weapons behind?

We all know what would have transpired!
Terrence Williams, the chief lying demagogue, would have called a press conference to shed crocodile tears about his concern for the shooting of these malignant tumors.
There would have been much hoopla in the media and on social media about how the police are deranged lunatics.
But once it was the police who found themselves on the business end of the gun it is crickets……Total silence….


In another incident on Tuesday, two men were fatally shot by the police in a section of Arnett Gardens called Zimbabwe. Two guns — a rifle and a handgun — were seized following that shooting, police said.
The two men remained unidentified up to yesterday.
According to the police, a team was on patrol in the vicinity of Paradise Grove when the officers were greeted with gunfire. The lawmen returned fire, and the men were shot.

The Police said it was the third attack on members of the police force in that area of the city in the past two weeks.

These two dirtbags met their just due but just imagine if the police were shot at, returned fire, and their cronies had managed to scoop up those two weapons?
Yes, Terrence Williams and the bunch of leeches who cannot cut it in the real world on their own without taxpayers largess would have had a field day with this.

In summation let me say this, there is much that has been done over the decades to lead us to this point in Jamaica.
These actions have had a fertilizing effect on crime, yet none has empowered criminals more than the work of Jamaicans for Justice, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Families against State Terrorism and others leading to the creation of INDECOM.
These attacks on our police officers were even subtly called for by the former head of the Government’s own public defender’s office.
Former head Earl Witter said that for police accounts of dead gunmen to be credible there would have to be more dead cops.
That shocking statement came from a tax payer funded bureaucrat.

In the meantime, heavily armed gunmen are threatening to kill members of the JDF and JCF if they are seen in the lower sections of Maxfield Avenue.
In any other nation in which these kinds of threats are made the Government would have sent in the best troops they have and bulldozed the entire thing if necessary to root out this threat to the Nation.
In Jamaica, it is business as usual.
We also hear that key duties are on track to be removed from the Police and placed into the hands of private security companies.
These events will invariably erode further what little effectiveness the police has, creating, even more, lawlessness in the country.

I warn this Administration not to use any public resource to pay any security company to do any duties which should fall under the nation’s police department.
Much damage has been done to our country as a result of INDECOM it behoove the Government to garner whatever resources it can toward the modernizing the legitimate Police Agency of the country/
Unless of course, the end game is to destroy the JCF as part of a larger plan totally.