The Hidden Agenda Of Those Who Shape Your Views

It’s impossible to turn on the Tv , log onto the Internet , or even listen to an all oldies music station without being bombarded with news of the NFL’s Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, or Johnathan Dwyer. Yes, even the Disc Jockeys on the oldies music station I listen to cannot help themselves. They stop the music to flap their  gums about Domestic violence.

I couldn’t put my finger on what it was that united all of these different groups and individuals around a common cause. After all Racism has been in America for over 400 years, most  wont mention it but will quickly deny it’s existence. I have a feeling the reasons behind the visceral condemnation of the trio of wealthy black men by those old white males have precious little to do with domestic violence. That however is a conversation for another day.

As I have said multiple times, what Ray Rice did was not funny , it was criminal, Period.

Tlhe NFL has had a history of Violence. Not just domestic violence of the type we saw in that elevator video, or what Johnathan Dwyer is accused of doing. Let alone Adrian Peterson spanking his kids leaving marks. Several Former and current players have been involved in serious felonies to include Murder.

Was the Ray Rice decking of his then fiancé Janay Palmer the straw which broke the proverbial Camel’s back?

Or was this Tsunami created to drown out something else? Roger Goodell has been successful as Commissioner of the NFL . Does anyone reasonably believe that NFL Owners who voted (33 to 8 in favor of Goodell for Commissioner in 2006, with the Oakland Raiders abstaining, were going to show him the door?

Which brings us to what was front and center in the News, when the Ray rice elevator video was exhumed. .


Ronald Ritchie

Ronald Ritchie

Why is it that people do not want to face the fact that Police Officers are illegally killing and seriously hurting innocent people?

As I’m writing this a Ohio Grand Jury  ruled that Cops acted properly in the Walmart killing of John Crawford III, a 22-year-old black man. According to the website  

Ronald Ritchie, the 24-year-old who made that 911 call, is amending what he originally told police and reporters about the Aug. 5 incident. Ritchie, to the dispatcher: “He’s, like, pointing it at people.” He also said in the call that Crawford was trying to load the gun, causing 911 to tell officers, “he just put some bullets inside.”

Ritchie, to reporters at the time: “He was pointing at people. Children walking by.” Ritchie in the Guardian this week: “At no point did he shoulder the rifle and point it at somebody.” Well, that’s certainly a different story. What changed during the past month?

John Crawford

John Crawford

Ritchie says he was allowed to view the sealed security video, recently shown to Crawford’s family and their attorneys, that reportedly shows Crawford never lifted the BB gun and was on the phone and standing still when officers shot and killed him.

Will this liar be held accountable for what he did ? Don’t hold your breath, it was only a black man who died.

We do not know how Cops dealt with this case, as a former cop I will not begin to second guess what occurred in this particular case. From all indications they lied about yelling out orders before firing 5 bullets into his body. Eye-witnesses account indicate he never knew what hit him. These Cops know they would never be held accountable for killing Crawford. All is required is that they plant a fabricated story in the Main stream Media that Crawford was waving around the air rifle. They would do the rest. Even when evidence surfaced that he wasn’t they still continue the lie.

 The Grand Juries are generally made up of the most pro-Police people, who lack objective thinking. Usually relatives of cops. In the United States the Grand Jury process involving Cops is a grave mis-carriage of Justice for the families of those wrongfully killed by Police. There is no Justice in them.

Eric Garner

Eric Garner

As if that killing wasn’t bad enough, there were multiple other killings in the News which simply wouldn’t go away. Staten Island Native 43 year old Eric Garner was killed by NYPD cops who used a two decades old banned choke hold.Garner was accused of allegedly selling un-taxed cigarettes.  In Ferguson Missouri an unarmed 18 year old Michael Brown was gunned down by Police officer Darren Wilson. Brown wasn’t even accused of committing a crime.

In St Louis County a few miles from where Brownwas executed Kijame Powell a 25 year old black man of unsound mind was summarily gunned down by police 23 seconds after

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

arriving on scene. Powell was allegedly acting weird , but had not hurt anyone. Cops arrived and immediately escalated what from video evidence was a non-issue, then summarily executed him on the spot. This even as tensions were running extremely high in Ferguson a few miles away. Those cops did not stop to think what if we don’t get away with this?

In  Saratoga Springs. …Utah 22 year old Darren Hunt was killed by police, 6 bullets to the back, he was carrying a sword. Eyewitnesses say he was running from

Darrien Hunt

Darrien Hunt


These are just a few of the black men who were killed in quick succession across the country. This does not include the viscous assaults cops committed on men and women of color which did not result in death. The media needed to find something else to talk about. The already League litigated Ray Rice story was resuscitated and given new life to take the heat off cops and it worked.

In the meantime Criminal cops could go back to what they were doing . abusing and killing without consequence. There are good cops in every police department. If you are a good cop reading this and you do nothing when your colleagues do these things, you are not a good cop. You are a criminal.


Unfortunately none of the cowardly grand-standers will have the courage, character or integrity to stand with pregnant Sandra Amezquita, 44, who was thrown to the ground by NYPD cops.” Seriously though, what kind of cop does that? A Lawyer speaking on behalf of the woman said “Her belly is now with black and blue bruises. She’s bleeding and she’s having complications.”

Sandra Amezquita,

Sandra Amezquita,

Sandra Amezquita, stepped in to protect her 17 year old son who was being stopped and frisked by Cops of the Brooklyn 72 Precinct. This happened less than a week after an officer from the same precinct was suspended for kicking a street vendor, according to WABC.

Ray Rice is crucified for punching out his fiance, and correctly so. What should happen to Cowardly cops who do this to a pregnant woman?Or are we to believe it is okay for cops abuse women but no one else is allowed?

After all the Government is ready to crucify Adrian Peterson for disciplining his children he’s not supposed to. But it’s perfectly within the realms of acceptability for the Government’s paid enforcers to mete out whatever punishment they see fit including death without consequence.

Who will bell this cancerous cat? The silence will be deafening, guaranteed. I am waiting to see the tough-guys who wanted a piece of Ray Rice stand up and demand justice for this pregnant mother.

I won’t hold my breath, I did say you were hypocrites and frauds. You are hypocrites and frauds !