We learned today that almost two years after taking the lives of two police officers this menace to society had justice meted out to him.
This ought to serve as a reminder to those who would choose a life of crime which involve raping and taking the lives of others.
But it won’t, that is the reason I subscribe to a strategy of methodically and systematically stalking and finding these terrorists and removing them from the equation.


There is no shortage of people who make all kinds of excuses for these demons who decide to take life and kick against societal norms, those excuses range from we should be kind to them to poverty made them do it.
There are those who say the death penalty does not solve the problems these miscreants cause.
The demise of this cold blooded killer who we learned was dressed for war having an assault rifle and two handguns, will not stop crime.
One thing is sure is that it will stop crime from him.


What I do know is that whether the death penalty or the brand of justice meted out to this murderous monster today, one thing is sure, he will never kill anyone again.
This brand of justice works for those who would take the lives of the innocent.
Every rope has an end.
This thing reached the end of his rope today.

As the brave officers finally put down this creature today there are those who are certain to second guess their actions.
Others will lump his killing into national police killing statistics as they demagogue our police officers.

We will continue to stand with all of you brave officers who do whats right and noble in this noble profession you chose.
Thank you for your service.

One thought on “His End Will Not Stop Crime:it Will Stop Crime From Him

  1. Duppy Film, finally met his demise, which came too late, almost two years after he had killed two police officers in uniform and he was in the same parish.
    With the killing of this miscreant, parasite, and human waste, this is a sad day, and the future for Jamaica is bleak, dull, and hopeless!
    I remembered growing up in Jamaica if a criminal killed a police officer his days would be numbered, and In less than twenty-four hours, the community would work with the police and give up the whereabouts of the killer. Because it was the worst crime, a criminal could ever commit during his life as a criminal. The community would not want the police to be harassing them and giving their community a bad name. And if the killer goes to another community they will give him up easy as “A, B, C,” and if the criminal attack the police, they will use the necessary force to prevent the suspect from carrying out their actions.
    In 2017, Jamaica it is the opposite. A murderer is treated as a hero, and the police are the enemies in Jamaica. And those who are elected to take charge of the nation’s affairs, are taking care of the criminals affairs in Jamaica.
    Jamaica is OFFICIALLY A CRIMINAL’S PARADISE IN THE CARIBBEAN SEA, and all the accolades, praises, and plaudits must go to the Jamaican Labor Party government for their inception, birth, and formation of “Indecom!” A job well was done!
    The sad thing is that the police are so demoralized that they are not up to the task to do their jobs because they are so afraid of the repercussions of the government agency that is there waiting in the wings, like a thief in the night to cast judgment and guilt before proving their innocence.
    Hopefully, that the two persons that were in his company giving him comfort, aid, and support. Will get what they deserve. Whatever crimes that Duppy Film committed and the police know and have evidence of him wanted for committed against the states during his reign of terror. The charges they would prefer against “Duppy Film” due to the nature of his crimes. His companions, who were in his company during his attacks on the police would be arrested and charged.
    Since he is dead and at the morgue waiting to be claimed by his unconscionable, criminal minded, and reprobate family member(s)! And not here to face the charges of Murders et al…the entire Jamaican populace know that he was wanted for murders and other crimes.
    So they (the friends) should be arrested and charged for murders et al. as “after the fact” and convicted in a court of law. And the conviction would send a strong message to those who want to supports wanted men and criminals in Jamaica.
    The police have to be resourceful by using the laws that are there to help them fight the terrorists in Jamaica.
    As a former member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force and a Detective Constable, today is a day that I celebrate.
    I am a very strong supporter the men and women of the Jamaican Constabulary Force. But for them to stay and fight criminals, is a losing battle ahead and they will not win. I was one of them who have spent my early years as a teenager until I was in my early thirties and I had to leave it alone.
    The love that I have for the men and women of the Jamaican Constabulary Force. Is to advise them not to get complacent because “Duppy Film” is dead! Who can migrate, do so especially the young ones, because you do not want to give your life for a system that is designed for the criminals, Dr. Caroline Gomes, Terrence Willimas, St. Andrew Holiness, and the other criminal supporting politicians in Jamaica.
    Finally, I am happy that he is dead and that not a single police officer was injured. Today is one of the best days of 2017 for the Jamaican Constabulary Force and the law-abiding Jamaicans. When he realized that it was his last day on earth, he must have shit his pants, (as most of these cowards do before they died) knowing he is going to a place reserved for people like him: Hell. Happy riddance! Adios Duppy Film!

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