Like it always was so it was yesterday morning as gunmen sprayed the Denham Town Police station with high powered weapons fire.
Oh in case you are wondering the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is conducting an investigation.
Gotta have that.

Hannah Town Police station burned in 2010

According to the police early yesterday Tuesday, July 18th about forty(40) men armed with high powered weapons launched an assault on the Denham Town Police station.
The police theorized that the attack was retaliation because they intervened between the gang of men known as the Young Generation gang from Tivoli Gardens and another gang from DenhamTown.

The Darling Street Police Station destroyed as well.

According to reports even with the increased incidence of violence in West Kingston and as rival gangs grapple for control of turf, both the Jamaica Constabulary Force and Jamaica Defence Force have strategically placed their members at hotspots within the communities, acting as buffers between rival gangs. However, despite the buffers, gunmen are determined to launch attacks.
That is nothing new they have destroyed police stations before and the Government have apologized to them.
Why would they not continue to launch attacks on the police?


I experienced it in the mid 80’s as we took fire, we were asked not to return fire by the political commanding officer in charge.
We had gone there from the mobile Reserve to give support to their staff exactly because they were constantly coming under attack from mercenaries from Tivoli Gardens.
We did return fire, for the record.



The idea that cops who are to operate in hostile situations in which heavily armed killers rule must be trained in human rights is the greatest crock of shit./

While our police are coming under attack by hordes of heavily armed thugs the Jamaican Prime Minister has his own ideas on how the security forces should respond to the existential threats posed by the thugs.

These are a few of the police officers and soldiers who will be going into the so called zones of special operations which will be designated by the Government of Andrew Holness as a strategy to deal with the increasingly serious issue of violent crime on the Island.

Officers who will operate in the zones of special operations receive training on human rights. Just what they need.

In other words, they are to be human sacrifices, effectively placing themselves between heavily armed thugs but they must ensure that they do not harm the hair on anyone’s head. As they were asked to do in 2010, they are once again being placed on the altar of political correctness to satisfy the elites and for the administration’s political survival.

A brief synopsis of this scenario goes like this.
Honess is clinging to a single seat majority in the legislature.
Crime and violence are at an all time high and getting worse. If Holness had a bigger cushion he wouldn’t give a rats ass about the mounting dead bodies.

But he did promise that if he won Jamaicans would be able to sleep with their doors open.
He would probably like to see that happen unfortunately for the Prime Minister wishing and waiting is not a crime strategy.
The nation is experiencing unprecedented levels of lawlessness on his watch so the panacea ,the zones of special operations act is born.[sic]

Interestingly Holness has an obstructionist and intransigent opposition nipping at his heels and a large group of criminal supporting lobbyists yelling in his ears.
The average Jamaican being slaughtered and their families are damned.
So we get a law which will basically flood ghettos designated by Holness with active bodies.The bodies of soldiers and police.
The only problem with this fraudulent scheme is that the killers will simply move to an area not occupied by those law enforcement bodies.

Andrew Holness

Jamaicans in the country areas can look for a lot of new faces coming into their communities and a flare-up of killings across the board.
That is because this strategy which some serving and politically motivated ex-officers tell me needs time will not work.
It is a strategy designed to show force at the expense of police bodies and a hope crime will be lowered by just their presence. It is not a real crime strategy.

Neither this Administration nor the Opposition party has a  real desire to see crime reduced in a substantive way.
Eradicating this scourge from the country requires courage and resolve something neither party has.
This is no longer minor leagues we are dealing with Pros, unfortunately for the good and decent people being victimized by crime and living in fear and terror, they have minor leaguers as their leaders.

They have it in them to throw the bums out at the next elections and continue doing so until they get the kind of leadership they need.
This is absolutely not it.
This is smoke and mirrors, a gross abdicating of duty.