Jamaican Prime Minister  Andrew Holness continue to harp on a nonsensical narrative he concocted as he tries to save face against the constantly deteriorating security situation in the country.
That narrative is that the newly crafted Special Zones bill he is shepherding through the legislative process will be very protective of human rights.
Holness has gone to great lengths to say repeatedly that police will not be kicking in doors to go after criminals.
If I am reading the PM’s statements correctly the new law will not do Jack shit about the dismal security situation on the Island, it will further placate human rights activists at the expense of innocent dead Jamaicans.

I do understand the politics behind the Prime Minister’s delicate balancing act.
After all, Jamaica is largely a criminal supporting nation which does not take too kindly to the rule of law.
Secondly, the PM is forced to deal with the deteriorating security situation while trying to hold onto a single seat majority in the legislature.

Juxtapose that with the intransigent Political Opposition which has never wholly supported anti-crime initiatives and the plethora of supposed human rights lobby groups and it becomes clearer why the PM is going to such great pains to preach human rights as he tries to grapple with the dangerous situation which is only getter worse.

Now some may find it incredulous that my position on this is may be construed to be flippant and or dismissive of the importance of human rights guarantees.
As a former law enforcement officer, I believe all crimes should be punished. How that punishment is administered or what that punishment should be should be commensurate with the specifics of each particular crime.
I do not believe that aggressively rooting out Jamaica’s urban terrorists is antithetical to or conflicts with human rights of decent law-abiding people who are too poor to move out of the urban slums.
It is a faux lie which has dominated the discourse, created by certain elements with a vested interest in the chaotic murder situation. Its intent is to shut down any meaningful discussion or solutions which would effectively cauterize the cycle of systemic violence under the guise that going in and rooting out terrorists is similar to abusing innocent people.

The Prime Minister a product of the liberal leftist buffoonery which emanates out of that Campus in Mona has latched onto the faux narrative and is now shackled to it.
As a candidate for the job he now holds Holness promised Jamaicans would be able to sleep with their windows and doors open if they elected him Prime Minister.
Regardless of the veracity of the allegations which will surely come out of the security forces interaction with members of the public once the zones are authorized, Holness will also own those allegations of abuse as well.
He has said categorically there will be no abuse, the goal is about protecting human rights.

I have consistently said this new law will have the effect of a child emptying a pail of water in the Ocean.
The men with the high powered weapons will simply move to other parts of the country once the security forces are stationed in an area.
Imagine a law which is being sold as a law which will guarantee human rights as against rooting out terror suspects.
As a former front-line I cop I espouse rooting out the shooters then whomever and whatever can move in and do their social intervention , or whatever the hell they do.

The Bushmaster

Jamaica Defense Force Major Basil Jarrett, the civil-military cooperation officer at the JDF, told the Media that “The PMVs have been a great tactical asset as we can now move into an area to quickly and safely deliver troops or extract security personnel or detainees if needed,” Jarrett said. “The PMVs are rugged, imposing, and flexible enough to be used in a number of emergency situations, including internal security. They are resistant to small arms gunfire, improvised explosive devices, and other personnel threats, and give the soldiers increased confidence to go into the most hostile territories.”


While the Prime Minister line up the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic the professionals who are tasked with dealing with events on the ground sees things differently.

Jarrett’s description of what the armored personnel carrier is capable of is not the lingo of a used car salesman trying to pass off a lemon to an unsuspecting buyer.
Those characteristics are exactly what are required to breach the Urban slums in which the heavily armed militiamen operate.
Jarrett further pointed out that when a joint army/police patrol team came under fire from gunmen in Denham Town, upon request and arrival of PMV support, there was a ceasefire.

You only have a ceasefire in an active situation of war.
That it would require armor to quell the firepower of the militiamen is rather telling and ought to tell sensible Jamaicans exactly to what depths their country has sunken.
The usual hacks and shills will tell you this is nothing new its all under control. I agree it’s not new but it is certainly not under control.
They will tell you it’s political to speak out about it because this party is in power or that party is in power.
I personally do not give a rat’s ass about which party holds power. I care about my country and it’s disintegration troubles me.

It required a Military response 7 years ago to annex Tivoli Gardens to Jamaica and depose a transnational criminal who was too big for the Island’s security forces to even challenge.
It required a full-blown military campaign to bring that enclave under control.
Since then that International criminal has been arrested and is serving time in a United States Federal prison.
However, since the events of 2010, the West Kingston Constituency seat being held by former KSAC Mayor Desmond McKenzie has continued to deteriorate into a fractured enclave for competing gangs.

From reports, the gangs are all competing for the control once held by Christopher Duddus Coke the extradited criminal.
The idea that this problem can be addressed while centering the focus on human rights is simplistic, stupid and laughable in its idiotic naivete.
If the PM and others know that their focus is bullshit, an act of putting wallpaper over the huge gaping hole in the wall, then it leaves us to question their desire to take strong remedial action against the Island’s killers.


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  1. Tell them.also that the hardened soldier and police that use to activily hunt terroist is basically extinct in the JCF and the JDF .The days of aggressive security operations are in the past and now more than ever such are needed,I guess one day when a gun toting terr walks into Gordon house then they will know what security pros been telling them all the years

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