Since the Labor Party assumed the role of Government less than two years ago the administration has taken several steps which indicate that the interest of the Constabulary and its members are not paramount in its plans.


The first indication of that was the appointment of Robert Montague to the National Security Portfolio. Montague may be a decent guy but that does not qualify him to oversee the critical National Security Portfolio.

We are told that Montague is an agronomist of sorts which at best would make him a better candidate for the Agriculture Ministry.
Andrew Holness the Prime Minister has on several occasions gone out of his way to say that the police of the past kicked down peoples doors, planted guns and killed people extra-judicially, so too has Montague.

Yet in all of the times, he has chosen to denigrate the police with his slanderous lies he has not provided one scintilla of proof.
Those inflammatory statements do nothing to foster good relationships between citizens and police and have a  debilitating effect on law enforcement.

Stunningly Holness has fostered a close relationship with two tax-payer funded agencies dedicated to being antagonistic to the police department.
I know of no civilized nation on earth which actively creates, fund and encourage dissent and antagonism against its law enforcement agencies.
The Office of Public Defender and INDECOM are two such agencies of big government which actively perpetuates a culture of antagonism toward the police department.

In the meantime, Holness is presiding over a rapidly deteriorating crime situation which is evidenced by a massive increase in murders which some estimates put at four per day but the real numbers are actually closer to seven dead each day.
Several of his minions have been overtly condescending to the police force including Marlene Malahoo-Forte and others.
Time after time the Holness administration has demonstrated that it support is not with the police but in enabling the institutions which are viscerally against the police.

As a result, the escalating homicide numbers are a direct correlation to the way this administration has responded to police officers.
Let me be clear my critique of the hapless and misguided Andrew Holness is not an endorsement of the other morally bankrupt political party.
I understand that many people are intellectually incapable of seeing things other than through the narrow prism of parochial partisan politics.

Below is a Jamaica Gleaner Article surrounding the Police review done to counter the one sided biased and repugnant Tivoli Gardens Inquiry commissioned by the former PNP Government to indict the Police and embarrass the then opposition for political purposes.
The inquiry which was supposed to be a fact finding one ended up being a disgraceful and ungrateful attack on the security forces. As was to be expected, the lengthy and extremely expensive report was devoid of any evidence of wrong doing by the security forces but long on recommendations of penalty to several high ranking police officers, despite no evidence of wrong doing.

The disgraceful inquiry headed by an anti-police neo-colonialist Bajan, David Simmons and two sellouts from Jamaica was a charade from the start. It’s biases and disrespect for law enforcement was obvious and palpable from the word go.

♦If the inquiry was a serious one the question of Bruce Golding’s conduct in shielding a transnational criminal Christopher Coke now serving a lengthy sentence in a US Federal prison would have been center stage.
♦The origin of the money which paid the American Law Firm Manhatt Phelps and Phillips to lobby the US State Department on behalf of said Gangland Criminal would have been the issues investigated also.
♦ Who warned Christopher Coke that an American extradition warrant was issued for his arrest after the then Commissioner Hardly Lewin told the then Minister of National Security of the warrant?
♦ Why was Tivoli Gardens allowed to become a law unto itself and a place outside the remit of Jamaica’s laws and law enforcement?
♦Who supplied the guns to the Tivoli Militia?

There is a whole host of serious and salient points from which a credible inquiry of criminality and collusion could have been launched which would inexorably lead to the imprisonment of many dirty politicians posing now as decent law abiding citizens.
Instead what transpired was a kangaroo inquiry which sought to incriminate law enforcement officials who annexed Tivoli Gardens to Jamaica in a war which only begun when the forces of law and order went into the community to arrest Christopher Coke.
The Police had every right to conduct its own internal review of the garbage report and rubbish the recommendations therein.

Be it remembered that two police officers were murdered as well as a member of the JDF and several police stations burned to the ground.
The leadership in Jamaica are a worthless bunch of filthy criminals who celebrate gangsters and killers while fooling the uneducated masses that it is trying to do something about crime.

It is no surprise than Horace Chang would be the one responding to the police attempt to correct the gross injustice of the Simmons commission which, to begin with, provided zero evidence for its flimsy innuendos and assumptions.
There should be no surprise that Chang does not want the Police to be a badder gang [sic]that those in his St James Constituency in which murder is par for the course.
Neither he nor Andrew Holness wants the gangsters and killers in their constituencies controlled. Holness is in hiding on this, even as the Federation is taking his Government to court for surreptitiously trying to sneak a backdoor change to the Constabulary Force Act which further infringes on the constitutional rights of police officers.

Bruce Golding

The JLP has a history of arrogance and elitism as soon as it gains state power. This time is no different. It is no wonder that it has been in the political wilderness for an unprecedented  141/2 years before Golding was given a chance, only to be dumped in less than one term.
This new administration has demonstrated that 14 1/2 years in political oblivion has not been enough for their party to come to its senses.
The Police Department has every right to expect that the political administration will stand solidly behind it in all instances where it is not outside the boundaries of the laws.
Holness and his administration has drawn the battle lines rather succinctly and have placed themselves squarely against the police.
I hope that the police will remember these moments in the future when they have the chance to step into polling booths.

I am ashamed of the support this medium gave to Holness and the JLP while they were in opposition and seeking state power.
This medium will work doubly hard to right that mistake in light of Andrew Holness systematic attempts to dismantle the Jamaica Constabulary Force one brick at a time.




A senior member of the Andrew Holness administration has disclosed that the recently released Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Administrative Review report has not been accepted by the Government. 

The controversial report which cleared five cops of wrongdoing in the 2010 security operation in Tivoli Gardens has been rejected and denounced by several civil society, human rights groups and the Public Defender Arlene Harrison Henry.

But Dr Horace Chang, the minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, says the Government cannot accept the report at this time. “We are not satisfied that we can accept that report,” Chang said. “It is not a good report and it is not reflecting well on the police force [given] where we are coming from,” Chang added.

He is the first minister of the administration to publicly comment on the report since its release. Chang, a minister who is sometimes left in charge of the Government in the absence of the prime minister, would not definitely say whether the Government will ask the JCF to withdraw the report, but said it is ‘likely we will go that way’. Chang, while he is fully aware of the tough challenges JCF faced, he cautioned that the police response “cannot be to be a ‘badda’ gang than the gangs out there”. The minister said the Cabinet will be asking the minister of national security, Robert Montague, and the National Security Council to review the report and provide a full some response.

He was speaking on Nationwide Radio this morning.  Last week, Police Commissioner George Quallo declared at a Rotary meeting in Kingston that he is standing by the report.  Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte is to provide an opinion on the legal standing of the report.