Prime Minister Andrew Holness told members of the security forces that there are elements in the country working to drive a wedge between the Police and Military.
I laugh at this because if what he says is true, that information would most likely have come from ………… well the members of the security forces themselves.
If the Prime Minister has credible information as he asserts, he should make that information public as soon as possible.

Holness maintained that there was a conspiracy involving both members of the security forces and criminals, who are threatened by the operations and who fear the level of cooperation between both arms of the security forces — the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Jamaica Defence Force.

What nonsense, the police, and military have been working together from as far back as I can remember and beyond. There is nothing new about this so I would guess that if there are any plans to create disruption between the forces it is not because they are collaborating.
The Prime Minister would be better served by looking at his friends in the Media and over at INDECOM there he will see the vile demoguges who are fighting valiantly to drive a wedge between the two forces.
It is the vile divisive entity which passes for Media which is and has been doing the damage cutting the police out of pictures and sowing discord, no one else.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo was in this frame but deliberately cut out.
Look no further than the media who have no love for the police…


A friend asked me recently why I thought people hated the police?
First of all Soldiers are not on the streets daily locking up people for the crimes they commit, so naturally when a joint force party of police and soldiers attempt to arrest an offender, of course, that offender will appeal to the soldier whom they see as the last line of help before they are carted off to jail.
But I also thought the question required a deeper look and a more comprehensive response.

My response to him.
Police officers are the people authorized to take people’s freedom away.
Even when those actions are carried out by the military as in some totalitarian states, those actions are generally characterized as secret police actions.

For the most part in the context of Jamaica over the decades since independence, we have had an interesting paradox.
After governance of the country was handed over to the natives, both political parties saw an opportunity to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor.
This was not confined to Jamaica or the wider Caribbean region alone.

Oh well

It was also the norm in post-Colonial Africa, Latin and South America where corruption after colonization became a serious problem.
In Jamaica, the strategy was to keep the people ignorant and inexorably loyal to the two political parties with the police as the scapegoat in the middle.
They had to have the police, but their support was with their bases of operations, the areas we call constituencies. O/C [GARRISONS]
That is the reason politicians always show up to their bases of operations whenever the police take action against criminals in those areas.
As such the police are seen as villains and the politicians are seen as saviors.

Welcome to the lawless Serengeti knows as Jamaica where lawlessness rule as the police are forced by politicians to stand and watch.

My friend disagrees, he argues that the fact that the JCF was formed as a response to the Morant Bay Rebellion and was seen inevitably as a force in support of the Powerful monied elites against the peasantry are the reasons behind the hatred.
I don’t deny him the history of the formation of the JCF  but the 11th of October 1865 and the Morant Bay rebellion is a long way away.

There is a nonsensical narrative prevalent in Jamaica that if somehow you were to place soldiers to patrol the streets there would be fewer shootings and more cooperation between the people and members of the military.
I would laugh if that assertion wasn’t so incredibly sophomoric.
First of all, tell that to the family of Mister Keith Clarke who was gunned down in his home by members of the JDF.

My statements are not designed to impugn the integrity or the efforts of members of the military.They are the comments of someone conversant with the differences between the roles the two agencies serve.
It is incredibly difficult to convince Jamaicans that people are people and not police officers or soldiers. Police officers are not from Mars and soldiers from Pluto.
Most, if not all of the young people who step forward to serve, do so out of love for their agency of choice and a sense of how they want to be seen when they volunteer for either force.
What differentiates them is their discipline of choice.

The Prime Minister and his Minister of National Security would be better served by using their airtime to educate the people on their responsibilities as citizens.
The Prime Minister speaks with forked tongue about citizens rights while he ignorantly and duplicitously ignores their responsibility to obey the laws and respect of our law enforcement officers.

He should be ashamed to keep talking about monitoring reports for allegations of abuse while he has already convened a panel [as I warned he would do] of his elitist friends, to sit in judgment of the security forces.[remember Tivoli Gardens].
He should be ashamed to keep talking about rights without a single word of charge to the viragos and hoodlums who tear off their clothing, revealing their most private parts when the forces attempt to do their jobs.

This is the embarrassment and disgusting affront to their dignity that Andrew Holness wants members of the security forces to endure while carrying out their duties without upsetting the sensibilities of these hoodlums.
In other words, he wants them to place their lives on the line to save his political backside without creating a stir, without making waves, and that should include stopping the highly doped-up and hallucinated killers and bring them in with their weaponry without firing a shot.

What Andrew needs to do is to ask the Rights lobby he so obediently follows and Terrence Willams and tell them to go do that job. Jamaica will indeed owe them a great debt of gratitude if they can pull that off.
Failing which Andrew Holness should take several seats and shut up.  Clearly, he has no idea what it takes to stop these gruesome killings and his lack of support for the security forces is causing more harm than good.

Jamaica needs a state of emergency not a partial state of emergency or a limited state of emergency. There needs to be a sense of awakening. An awakening which recognizes that the country is rapidly sliding into anarchy.
Talk and platitudes will not stop the slide.
Most importantly keeping up appearances instead of doing the dirty work is applying paint to a broken down and dilapidated structure which inevitably will collapse.