How Much Blood Will It Take For The PNP&JLP To Stand Up For Jamaica

In the Parliament two days ago the Prime Minister of Jamaica said that no one would successfully accuse neither he nor his Administration of abusing the rights of the Jamaican people.
A noble comment to come from a politician, considering that politicians can hardly be trusted to be judicious with the power they are given.
Before you celebrate the Prime Minister, however, I urge you to pause just for a second as I outline the context under which he made the statement and outline the impracticality of that statement when juxtaposed against the nation’s present crime reality.

The honorable Prime Minister was responding to the infantile heckling in the people’s house from a member of the Opposition PNP regarding the recent court ruling on the National Identification and Registration Act 2017.
The tragedy inherent for Jamaica, is that the Opposition PNP in its glee to sabotage the Administration and regain power has no compunction about throwing the Jamaican people to the wolves, and certainly is unconcerned about the ongoing loss of lives or the fact that the National Identification and Registration Act 2017 could potentially be a tool for good.
Likewise, the Governing Administration of the JLP and Prime Minister Andrew Holness are not particularly perturbed about the daily slaughter of the Jamaican people.
What the Holness Administration is concerned about is perception.

Now, I would like to speak to the Prime Minister’s statement in response to the PNP’s gleeful behavior regarding the court’s decision.
Before I do I must point out to the Jamaican people who read these pages, to understand that the People’s National Party has one objective and that is to regain state power.
The PNP will sabotage the government you elected and it will subvert the process under the guise that it cares about your rights when what it actually wants is to keep the country backward and in the dark ages, ripe for its own manipulation.

There is much that the present Administration has to be proud of. The Jamaican stock market is being celebrated as among the best if not the best in the world. As a consequence, the Island’s bright young and articulate Finance Minister Nigel Clarke has been making the rounds and taking victory laps on American Television recently.
The modest 2% growth rate the Island’s economy is experiencing is a far cry from the 0.02% under the PNP, and for that, the Administration must be credited.
Additionally, for the first time in my lifetime, there has been a budget presentation to the Jamaican people in which no new onerous taxation has been imposed on the overburdened taxpayers.
Accordingly, more Jamaicans are able to find employment and the Tourism sector is experiencing unprecedented levels of visitors.
But like in the United States in which the stock market has been on a tear and more people are able to find work those indices, though good for the spreadsheets does not reflect what’s happening to the ordinary everyday citizen.

What the Prime Minister is missing is that as focused as he is on the balance sheet, there is another balance sheet that he has ignored by which he will be judged, regardless of what the economic numbers end up saying.
What the Prime Minister has consistently missed, is that we are living in a different time.
A time which is far removed from the indoctrination he and others, including the bunch of frauds who pretend to be human rights activists, received from the (UWI).
Andrew Holness’ [Commissioner] who speaks on behalf of the Police, equally misguided, recently declared that he believes he will see the day in which all police officers will be human rights activists

As I outlined in a previous Article, Antony Anderson lacks the most basic, yet fundamental understanding of what constitutes a police officer. Because he has never been one, and the circles in which he has operated all his life has been hostile to those who actually enforce the nation’s laws.
As such, his statement should be ignored, if it did not carry such dangerous significance for the Jamaican people.
Every person who steps forth with the right mindset to becoming a police officer is already a human rights activist.
There is no greater sacrifice that any man could give than to lay down his life for his brother.
Every police officer who dons a uniform knows that he/she may be killed solely on the basis of being a police officer.
That he/she may become a sacrifice for others they have never met.
Tell me then which mouthpiece which parrots [human rights] in our country has made that sacrifice?
Which one of the glorified frauds who pontificate about human rights, has ever been killed defending the rights of others?
And so I say shut your mouths about Human Rights.
No greater right has anyone man than the right to life. On that note, the Government, Opposition and the litany of frauds in that fraternity have been exposed for what they are, liars and deceivers.

The daily slaughter of the Jamaican people while the Opposition PNP tries to score political points, and the GOVERNMENT refuses to do what it is constitutionally obligated to do, is a searing indictment of the corrosive complicity and moral decadence of the two political parties.
They know that what the Nation faces with the heavily armed gags have long passed just a crime problem.
They know that this is existential, not just to the people but to the state itself.
Unfortunately, for the Jamaican people, both the JLP and PNP are more concerned with holding and acquiring state power and the potential derivatives from the same, than they are about the daily shedding of innocent blood.
They duplicitously conspire to fool the people that police officers asking to enter their premises are abusing their rights are in essence abusing their rights.
In the same vein, they are conspicuously silent when the gangs invade and murder entire families.
It is the most blatant example of hypocrisy and a barefaced assault on the dignity and intelligence of the people.
Andrew Holness, Peter Phillips, their minions, and their anti-Jamaican friends in the Human rights fraternity has perpetrated on the Jamaican people a dangerous fraud.
A fraud which is costing the lives of more than (5)Jamaicans each day.

Regardless of the economic numbers, imagine just how well Jamaica could be doing if these two major Political-gangs did not have the Island in the death throes of a stranglehold.
Imagine if Jamaicans had the confidence to return home confident in their safety.
Imagine if investors were confident enough to return and invest thereby providing our young people with employment which offered a living wage.
Imagine that employment opportunities were not just Chinese employment, which is taking us inexorably back into another form of bonded servitude.
How in God’s name can a whole group of people who claim to be educated, be so blind, deaf, and dumb?

The Killing Of Babies/women Of No Concern To Human Rights Frauds……

One of the most distressing issues plaguing Jamaica within the broader crime epidemic, is the sexual abuse and murder of little girls, young girls, and women overall.
The sexual abuse of women has always been a problem in our country, like in other countries.
Nevertheless, Jamaica has not kept pace as it relates to the behavior of far too many Jamaican men.
Grabbing, ogling, unwanted-touching, harassment, and general disrespect of women in public spaces is rampant. Some men seem to believe that women are theirs to own and abuse.

Over the years, despite the massive advancement women have made through education, which has propelled them to the highest offices in the country, the average woman on the street, and in our communities, are forced to endure demeaning behavior and sexual harassment and assault from men.
This writer has consistently spoken to what I saw as an inevitable backlash against women for their tacit and conspiratorial support for our criminal male.
Not just that, but I have argued that in many cases the women have been the catalyst in the illegal actions of their men.
I argued repeatedly, that the bloodlust of the men would eventually turn around on our women.
I take no pleasure today, in seeing those predictions become manifest on our women and girls.

Notwithstanding the foregone, the disappearance of our women and girls, and in some cases little babies, is indeed a tragedy.
From the police reporting, in many cases, before these young women are mercilessly slaughtered, they are mercilessly raped.
And so today I merely wanted to draw your attention to [the fraudulence of those who say they stand for Human Rights].
Day after day the news is the same, young girls disappear, found dead.
Sometimes we learn that these girls are not really killed but are reported missing by mothers and fathers who send them away from the so-called [DONS] who would sexually abuse them. Even so, the very instances where the disappearance is [concocted] for the protection of young ladies, it speaks to the very danger in which they find themselves, victims of men who are supposed to protect them.
Nevertheless, the incidents of sexual abuse and murder of our women and girls are astonishing, to say the least.

The body of eight-year-old Shantae Skyers was discovered in the Sterling Castle Heights area of Red Hills, St Andrew, yesterday.
This precious little girl was killed and discarded as if she was thrash, as if she was nothing.
This eight-year-old child is not by any stretch an isolated case. If we wish to be honest we have an epidemic on our hands.
The killing of women and children is in no way any less egregious than the killing of men and boys, but we are conditioned to believe that under no conditions would women and children become victims of war.
Yes, we are at war, if you believe we are not at war you are not paying attention.
The tragedy today is that women and children are no longer immune or protected from these marauding animals who take life. They care nothing about who they kill, life to them is disposable. Yet the Government and opposition Party goes overboard to design laws which protect, rather than punish these monsters.
There is no honor among thieves.

And so, as the society continues to degrade, the very same principles which set up that fraudulent system, continue on the path of those same principles.
Like a lone voice in the wilderness, I have tried to warn the nation that the most important right a person has is the right to life.
It follows, therefore, that if we present ourselves in defense of the rights of our fellow man, yet remain silent on the instances of the most egregious assaults on the life of our most vulnerable citizens, we are wolves in sheep clothing, charlatans, liars and most of all frauds.

Where is Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)? Where is Jamaica Council for Human Rights (JCHR))? Where are Families Against State Terrorism(FAST)? Where is Horace Levy? Where is the litany of other Parasitical Crustaceans which attach themselves to the body politic, pretending to be guardians of the people’s rights?
The sad reality is that they do not care about the death of our people.
They do not care about the killing of our children. What they care about is to carve out a place for themselves, where they can continue to build resentment against the rule of law for their own relevance, and for their foreign handlers.
But the Jamaican people are too far into the deception of idolatry, decadence, and depravity to realize that the foreign powers which fund these groups are only concerned with their continued mental and economic enslavement.

(NIDS) Now Requires Reasoned Debates And Discussions….

In response to the recent ruling of the nation’s highest court that theNational Identification and Registration Act (NIRA) is unconstitutional, I wrote what I thought was sobering if not an intellectual response which simply laid out some of what’s at stake now that the law is out.
Chief among the points I raised was the fact that, (a) this (NIDS) issue should not be seen as a partisan issue. (b) The court’s decision should not be viewed with partisan lenses, as the courts have a duty to rule based on what’s in the constitution. (c) Those who petitioned the court and received the positive ruling should not see themselves as winners, neither should the Government see itself as losers, as this is critical to the nation’s development. (d) I articulated a way forward which I thought could operate on parallel tracks, vis-a-vis an education campaign which precedes a rewriting of the present legislation and or an amendment to the constitution. (e) in closing, I also laid out in brief, some of the consequences of not having a national database of our citizens in our present world.

As I predicted, but had hoped would not be the case, the court’s ruling on this issue fell snugly into the crevasses of our tribal politics. As was to be expected, the conversation/debate around the issue lacks the merit it deserves based on the authenticity of both points of view, replaced with parochial and outdated political finger-pointing.
Since the decision was handed down, a group of the Island’s major private sector organizations have lent their voices by calling for the commencement of the former debate with a view to passing a new piece of legislation which will give the nation a national database of its citizens.
The group includes the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) and Jamaica Exporters and Manufacturers Association (JMEA).
In a joint statement, the business leaders said “As it appears that there is political consensus as to the necessity for implementing a national identification law, we strongly urge both political parties to immediately commence consultations, with a view to settling the contentious differences in the legislation and avoiding the provisions which offend our constitution, so as to return a bill to the house and enable a smooth and early passage.” 

That has been this writers contention since the ruling. There is no question that Jamaica, like most other countries, MUST institute a law in which all of her citizens are known by the state.
This is not lost on the Government, it is not lost on the Business leaders, it is not lost on this writer, and it should not be lost on the nation’s opposition party.
If the Opposition PNP has legitimate concerns about potential human rights abrogations as it relates to a National Identification Law, it should act responsibly and air out those concerns commensurate with its obligations to be a reasonable and responsible Opposition party.
The position of the Opposition party’s arguments should not be brushed aside, neither should the ruling of the court be branded political because it is the easy thing to do.
The court’s decision should be viewed as an opportunity to sit down and address the parts of the legislation which the court ruled did not pass constitutional muster.
If the present constitution is too archaic and ineffectual to give cover to the (NIDS) legislation, then the nation’s leaders have a duty and a responsibility to amend the constitution, or better yet throw out the whole darn thing.

There is a mindset in our country that effectively latches onto things like crustaceans to a coral reef as the current barrels by, clinging ever so desperately even though it is clear that the position in which it finds itself is not the most tenable position.
Now, there is no denying the privacy concerns of many. Governments have not been known to be exactly the most honorable stewards of the people’s trust. Additionally, there are religious and conspiracy theories in the public domain about globalism that this writer is not about to pooh-pooh away.

The website ( )argues The National DNA Database has proved to be a valuable tool in the fight against crime. However, many people are concerned about how it has evolved from a database containing genetic information on convicted criminals to one that has information from a much wider group of people.
The publication went on:
The UK National DNA Database holds the DNA? profiles and relevant DNA samples from a select number of UK individuals. It is the largest database of its kind in the world and is continuing to grow each year. Every profile in the UK National DNA Database is derived from a sample of human material, such as saliva or hair, collected from a crime scene or police suspects.
However, many people are against the idea of extending the DNA database because of the potential threat it has to our privacy. While a DNA profile provides very little information about someone, their DNA sample contains information that can reveal their ethnicity or how susceptible they are to disease. The risk of data abuse is therefore potentially high.

For those on either side of this issue, a look at some of the Information on this site may be pretty helpful in arriving at a more reasoned and informed position.
Ultimately though, the trend of creating national databases seems to be the direction the world is heading and not where it is moving from.
Subsequently, though ( ) contends that there is no data to support the theory that having a national database with people who are not known criminals helps with solving more crimes, and that it presents a clear danger of false matches, it also argues the following.
The information derived from each DNA profile can be a powerful tool in the fight against crime. If a match is made between a DNA profile at a crime scene and a DNA profile on the database, it can help police to identify a possible suspect quickly. They can then use this information as strong evidence to demonstrate an individual is guilty of a crime.

As I wrote in the previous Article on this subject, this issue requires reasoned level-headed and mature dialogue which takes into consideration all of the pros and cons as much is available on the subject.
The decision of the court is a clear indication that the law lacked the foundational strength to withstand a constitutional smell-test.
This law affects all Jamaicans and so the challenge which came from the PNP was predictable, though the petitioners were exclusively PNP partisans.
That is the modus operandi of the People’s National party.
The INDECOM act written and constructed with the obviously same degree of alacrity as the NIDS act only affects the police so neither Government nor Opposition felt a need or responsibility to be judicious in the wording or content of the law.
They knew that the gullible and hapless police would never test its constitutionality in the courts and so it stands.
This issue will not go away, this is just the beginning of what will be a protracted process which inexorably will conclude with a different version of NIDS.
Mark my words…..

The Campaign Against Congresswoman Omar/Democrat Party Duplicitously Silent…

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

In response to the Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of Michigan did not mince words in clapping back at the silence of the Democrat party regarding the assault on her colleague Ilhan Omar.
Tlaib was furious at her party’s silence despite Donald Trump’s and right-wing attack dogs assault on her colleague Ilhan Omar.
Recently a white terrorist was arrested for threatening to put a bullet in Representative Omar.
This did not stop the race baiter at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave from adding fuel to the fire of the right wing hate machine.

The whole thing started after a piece of garbage Republican Texas member of Congress sought to inflame passions by cherry-picking a sentence from a speech Congresswoman Omar game to (CAIR).
In the speech at a fundraiser for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Los Angeles, Omar said, in part, that “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”
The Rupert Murdoch [dishrag] the New York Post responded with the above front-page, sarcastically (HERE’S YOUR SOMETHING).
FOX, the main mouthpiece of America’s White Nationalism, through one of its brain-dead mouthpieces, Brian Kilmeade questioned whether the Congresswoman was even American.
Kind of an odd question, I guess she has to collude with Russia, obstruct justice and commit a whole litany of crimes to be considered an American.
Because the main Race-baiter in the country was quick to join the fray by way of a tweet,(we will never forget).

Rashida Tlaib

“They put us in photos when they want to show our party is diverse,” Tlaib tweeted Saturday. “However, when we ask to be at the table, or speak up about issues that impact who we are, what we fight for & why we ran in the first place, we are ignored.”
“They put us in photos when they want to show our party is diverse,” Tlaib tweeted Saturday. “However, when we ask to be at the table, or speak up about issues that impact who we are, what we fight for & why we ran in the first place, we are ignored.”

Rashida Tlaib’s clap-back was particularly resonant, because both Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer were quick to condemn Representative Omar for speaking freely about the apartheid state of Israel and how money is driving some of the support for the racist state.
Conversely, Schumer has been silent in the face of the assault and threats against Congresswoman Omar and Pelosi has been below lukewarm in pushing back against the torrent of vitriolic assault and threats leveled at Congresswoman Omar.
So too are the bunch of cowardly opportunists in the Democrat party, many of whom arrived in Washington with Ilahan Omar.

Netanyahu was brought in by Republicans to address a joint sitting as an affront to President Barack Obama

The important thing to consider about Congresswoman Omar’s statements about Israel is that they are absolutely correct.
The Republicans and almost all of the Democrat party had no problem when the Republican-led House under John Boehner brought the Right-wing hatemonger Benjamin Netanyahu through the back door as an insult to President Barack Obama, to address a joint sitting of the Racist Republican Congress.
The Democrats had the option to boycott that sitting, yet they all showed up like little whipped dogs and sat there to a foreign leader who was brought in to disrespect their president.

US President Barack Obama makes a statement to the press after a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, soon after Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress, March 3, 2015. (AFP/Brendan Smialowski)

President Barack Obama’s face says exactly what he thought of Netanyahu’s speech, immediately after the warmonger finished giving the speech.

According to (The Times Of Israel) In his speech, Netanyahu assailed an emerging nuclear deal with Iran and told Congress that the negotiations between the two countries would “all but guarantee” that Tehran gets nuclear weapons to the detriment of the entire world. The invitation to Netanyahu to address Congress, extended by House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, has triggered a political furor in the United States. Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s opponents in Israel accused him of staging the speech as a campaign ploy.

John Bolton National Security Adviser

Those familiar with the middle-east warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu, knows how he plotted to have America neutralize Iraq under the guise that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.
Bush and Cheyney were willing sheep and so an illegitimate war was waged on the nation of Iraq and of course, no weapons of mass destruction were ever found.
Barack Obama, then a first-term Senator from Illinois, voted against the Iraq war. Netanyahu knew that he could not move Barack Obama around as he was able to do Bush, or the present idiot-in-chief, so he was no fan of President Barack Obama.
Having had Iraq destroyed and segmented in warring enclaves Netanyahu turned his dangerously deceptive attention to the people’s republic of Iran. His opposition and demagoguery of the Iran nuclear deal had nothing to do with anything that Iran may have done. The Iranians had consistently said they did not intend to have a nuclear weapons program for military purposes.


All of the verification regimes which were put in place all said that Iran has complied with the terms of the deal.
So, Netanyahu’s opposition to the arrangement and his address to the joint sitting of the American Congress was not [truly] intended to warn the world of impending gloom and doom about Iran’s intentions.
But an Iran which is complying with the terms of the deal, is an Iran that Netanyahu cannot convince America to attack.
What the Benjamin Netanyahu really wants is total hegemony in the region, with Syria broken up and destroyed, the only other nations of any consequence in the region are Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and both have already sold out to the Zionist state.
Netanyahu will form the next Government, having finished less than he expected but with the phalanx of right-wing parties in the Zionist state, he will be in charge once again. He will become the longest serving Prime Minister in that nation’s history.
Back In America, Donald Trump has unilaterally declared that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist organization.
That ladies and gentlemen is the second drumbeat for war against the Iranian State.
The first being, the declaration that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.
The war clouds are gathering and you will be paying for it.

Trump & Right Inflame Passions Against Ilhan Omar And Democrats Are Silent..

Donald Trump, the despicable imbecile and the representative of White Supremacy in America knows that only recently a deranged scumbag was arrested for threatening the life of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota yet he tweeted a video linking the Congresswoman to the 9/11 debacle.
If any harm comes to Congresswoman Omar Donald Trump is responsible make no mistake about it.
The half -baked idiot in the white house is barely literate so no one should expect anything else from him.
Nevertheless, the despicable Democrats who have sat on their mouths are justs as retarded by not speaking out against the dimwitted imbecile who is presently parading as a president.

Congresswoman Omar

Donald Trump used Twitter to target Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) on Friday for remarks she made during a speech on Muslim civil rights last month. Trump tweeted an incendiary video that took clips from the speech out of context and interlaced them with news footage of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The tweet text accompanying the video read, “WE WILL NEVER FORGET.” The video came a day after the New York Post published an ethically questionable and widely criticized cover featuring a quote by Omar across an image of the twin towers as they burned.

Court Ruling On NIDS Ultimately A Minor Setback


In a unanimous decision, Jamaica’s Supreme Court struck down the
National Identification and Registration Act (NIDS) , which has been a source of debate and much contention since it was first instituted.
In a suit brought by the People’s National Party’s  General Secretary Julian Robinson on behalf of himself, his constituents in St Andrew South East, and the members of the PNP, Robinson argued that the law was unconstitutional.

In explaining the decision of the court, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes said: “It is the court’s decision for the law to be struck down in its entirety because those aspects which did not infringe on the Constitutional rights of citizens were not enough to stand alone“. 
Justice Sykes went on: “The mandatory requirement of NIDS for persons to submit biometric information is indeed a violation of the right to privacy, which is stipulated by the Constitution“.

This issue should not be viewed as a win for any political party. Nevertheless, it is inconceivable that in light of Jamaican’s proclivity to see crucial issues through green or orange lenses, it will be viewed as a political victory by those who did not want it.
Never mind that many who do not want it can hardly articulate why they have a problem with the idea of a national identification database..
It is rather tempting to talk about the PNP’s constant populist stance which is seriously getting in the way of the nation’s advancement.
Likewise, it is just as tempting to delve into the JLP’s habit of creating legislation which tends to do more harm than good, even though the original intent of the legislation may have been righteous. (see the INDECOM Act.)

If we allow ourselves to avoid the default political fallback on these issues we can take a look at the reasons these methods are relevant today even though they may not have Constitutional cover.
The Jamaican Constitution was crafted at a time when none of the issues affecting the Island today were present, particularly on the crime front.
As such it is critical that there either be amendments to the Constitution which allows the country to keep up with the way the world is going or be left on the inconsequential garbage-heap where failed states go to die.
This writer has no problem with the decision of the court. The court is tasked with deciphering exactly what is in the constitution and how cases which come before it stand up to constitutional scrutiny.
I believe that is exactly what the learned Justice Byran Sykes and his colleagues did in arriving at this unanimous decision.
Neither do I have any quarrel with the petitioners of the court al -la Julian Robinson et al, outside of the cumulative pile of circumstantial evidence which has become the PNP’s [modus- operandi], as it relates to being obstructionist in the fight against dangerous criminals.
It follows that the Administration in office must forthwith brush this rebuke aside and proceed with a national education campaign to bring citizens up to speed on the ways a national Identification database is beneficial to and necessary for their protection.
At the same time, it must also seek to get a Constitutional amendment through the parliament where the Opposition PNP party has decidedly staked out a stance that it will be an impediment and a hindrance to any strategy aimed at dealing effectively with the nation’s crime problem.
It is also important that people yapping about their opposition to a National identification Database do understand the ramifications and consequences of not having one.

A National Identification system is a must for all Nations for all intents and purposes.
Here’s why.
If a nation does not know its citizens, it cannot give an accounting of their actions,, what crimes they have committed, if any.
As such, any accounting, vis-a-vis police records for visas and green card is useless and will not be viewed with any degree of deference. When a nation cannot be trusted to give an accurate accounting of its citizens, that country is deemed a failed state.
So now, everyone is unable to travel or engage in commerce outside the country. This is not where the world is coming from it is where the world is going. This setback is only a temporary block on the road. The PNP is an agent of opposition to progress in Jamaica and so the present administration should through the parliament pursue a constitutional amendment, if not a rewording of the present piece of legislation before the courts. Ultimately, the Parliament is constituted of the people’s representatives and that is where the power lies.
Frankly, I have called for a new constitution for years.
Now may be the time !!!!!!!!

This Time It’s Attempted Murder-suicide,

Residents of the Mountain View community of East Kingston were left stunned after a near similar event as the one on Waltham Park Road yesterday, in which a Corrections officer killed his estranged wife and then himself, played out in their community.

According to the police, a man known only as “Suddy” used a rock to bludgeon his common-law wife’s head, believing she was dead he then hung himself.
Neighbors told police the couple was quiet people who were not a bother to anyone. They expressed shock that the deceased could have carried out such an act.
On the arrival of the police, the elderly woman was found lying in a pool of blood but still alive.
She was rushed to the hospital where she is in serious to critical condition.

Neighbors told police the man did not hear or see very well and would sometimes walk into light-posts.
They allege that the woman moved out of a house they shared and he would visit her where she stayed occasionally to help with household chores and provide financial support to her. According to neighbors, he could be heard yelling before the incident,” after 19 years yu nuh want me”?
She reportedly had planned on leaving him.

America’s Drug War Is Ruining The World

From our friends over at the Nation. And an in-depth look at the fallacy of the American Drug war which has scooped up guilty and innocent alike, largely people of color while the real powerbrokers behind the use and sale of dangerous drugs, white men gets off scot-free.

A half-century of Washington’s harsh drug prohibition policies has brought misery to millions across the globe. 

By Alfred McCoy

An opium field in Afghanistan

Afghan farmers harvest raw opium in a poppy field. (AP Photo / Allauddin Khan)

We live in a time of change, when people are questioning old assumptions and seeking new directions. In the ongoing debate over health care, social justice, and border security, there is, however, one overlooked issue that should be at the top of everyone’s agenda, from democratic socialists to libertarian Republicans: America’s longest war. No, not the one in Afghanistan. I mean the drug war.

For more than a century, the US has worked through the UN (and its predecessor, the League of Nations) to build a harsh global drug-prohibition regime—grounded in draconian laws, enforced by pervasive policing, and punished with mass incarceration. For the past half-century, the United States has also waged its own “war on drugs” that has complicated its foreign policy, compromised its electoral democracy, and contributed to social inequality. Perhaps the time has finally come to assess the damage that drug war has caused and consider alternatives.

Even though I first made my mark with a 1972 book that the CIA tried to suppress on the heroin trade in Southeast Asia, it’s taken me most of my life to grasp all the complex ways this country’s drug war, from Afghanistan to Colombia, the Mexican border to inner-city Chicago, has shaped American society. Last summer, a French director doing a documentary interviewed me for seven hours about the history of illicit narcotics. As we moved from the 17th century to the present and from Asia to America, I found myself trying to answer the same relentless question: What had 50 years of observation actually drilled into me, beyond some random facts, about the character of the illicit traffic in drugs?

At the broadest level, the past half-century turns out to have taught me that drugs aren’t just drugs, drug dealers aren’t just “pushers,” and drug users aren’t just “junkies” (that is, outcasts of no consequence). Illicit drugs are major global commodities that continue to influence US politics, both national and international. And our drug wars create profitable covert netherworlds in which those very drugs flourish and become even more profitable. Indeed, the UN once estimated that the transnational traffic, which supplied drugs to 4.2 percent of the world’s adult population, was a $400 billion industry, the equivalent of 8 percent of global trade.

In ways that few seem to understand, illicit drugs have had a profound influence on modern America, shaping our international politics, national elections, and domestic social relations. Yet a feeling that illicit drugs belong to a marginalized demimonde has made US drug policy the sole property of law enforcement and not health care, education, or urban development.

During this process of reflection, I’ve returned to three conversations I had back in 1971 when I was a 26-year-old graduate student researching that first book of mine,The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade. In the course of an 18-month odyssey around the globe, I met three men, deeply involved in the drug wars, whose words I was then too young to fully absorb.

The first was Lucien Conein, a “legendary” CIA operative whose covert career ranged from parachuting into North Vietnam in 1945 to train communist guerrillas with Ho Chi Minh to organizing the CIA coup that killed South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963. In the course of our interview at his modest home near CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, he laid out just how the Agency’s operatives, like so many Corsican gangsters, practiced the “clandestine arts” of conducting complex operations beyond the bounds of civil society and how such “arts” were, in fact, the heart and soul of both covert operations and the drug trade.

Second came Colonel Roger Trinquier, whose life in a French drug netherworld extended from commanding paratroopers in the opium-growing highlands of Vietnam during the First Indochina War of the early 1950s to serving as deputy to General Jacques Massu in his campaign of murder and torture in the Battle of Algiers in 1957. During an interview in his elegant Paris apartment, Trinquier explained how he helped fund his own paratroop operations through Indochina’s illicit opium traffic. Emerging from that interview, I felt almost overwhelmed by the aura of Nietzschean omnipotence that Trinquier had clearly gained from his many years in this shadowy realm of drugs and death.

My last mentor on the subject of drugs was Tom Tripodi, a covert operative who had trained Cuban exiles in Florida for the CIA’s 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and then, in the late 1970s, penetrated mafia networks in Sicily for the US Drug Enforcement Administration. In 1971, he appeared at my front door in New Haven, Connecticut, identified himself as a senior agent for the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Narcotics, and insisted that the bureau was worried about my future book. Rather tentatively, I showed him just a few draft pages of my manuscript for The Politics of Heroin, and he promptly offered to help me make it as accurate as possible. During later visits, I would hand him chapters and he would sit in a rocking chair, shirt sleeves rolled up, revolver in his shoulder holster, scribbling corrections and telling remarkable stories about the drug trade—like the time his bureau found that French intelligence was protecting the Corsican syndicates smuggling heroin into New York City. Far more important, though, through him I grasped how ad hoc alliances between criminal traffickers and the CIA regularly helped both the Agency and the drug trade prosper.

Looking back, I can now see how those veteran operatives were each describing to me a clandestine political domain, a covert netherworld in which government agents, military men, and drug traders were freed from the shackles of civil society and empowered to form secret armies, overthrow governments, and even, perhaps, kill a foreign president.

At its core, this netherworld was then and remains today an invisible political realm inhabited by criminal actors and practitioners of Conein’s “clandestine arts.” Offering some sense of the scale of this social milieu, in 1997 the United Nations reported that transnational crime syndicates had 3.3 million members worldwide who trafficked in drugs, arms, humans, and endangered species. Meanwhile, during the Cold War, all the major powers—Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States—deployed expanded clandestine services worldwide, making covert operations a central facet of geopolitical power. The end of the Cold War has in no way changed this reality.

Holness’ Silence In The Face Of Existential Gun Violence Is Astounding And Inexcusable…

Andrew Holness took office talking thrash about police kicking off people’s doors. To date, he has empowered political operative Terrence Williams to persecute the police, but has done nothing about the gangs which have taken over entire parishes.
In the meantime, the police have become an ineffectual laughingstock while the gangs rule the streets leaving those not yet dead cowering in fear wondering whether one of the barrages of bullets they hear have their name on it.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

One of the most renowned quotes attributed to Jamaica’s first national hero, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, is: “Jamaicans will not know themselves until their backs are against the wall.”
I do not pretend to know just how far up against the wall the small nation of 2.8 million is willing to be pushed?
Neither do I know just how much smaller they can,”small up dem self“.
And so, as I have predicted time and again, simply putting grill fortifications around ones home will not be enough given time.
That time is here, grill fortifications do nothing to deter the killers anymore.
If they decide to kill, nothing stops them. They travel in large groups, heavily armed, totally unconcerned about police or military presence.
They simply law down huge and sustained volleys of automatic weapons fire on whoever dare approach them.
The tragic irony in that overused Garvey quote, is that the very people who recite it unfailingly, fail to grasp that they themselves, are unwitting pawns on that chessboard.

Jamaica has one of the world’s highest murder rate. For an Island/nation with a size 4,411 square miles, or less than a third of the American state of Connecticut, the 48th smallest of that nation’s 50 states, Jamaica’s murder rate is staggering.
Unfortunately for the law-abiding citizens still left in Jamaica, there will be no respite or let up anytime soon.
The Island’s political leadership has no concern for the bloodletting outside of using it for mileage politically.

Andrew Holness the Island’s Prime Minister

The sitting Prime Minister came to office with a decided attitude against the police, or more appropriately against the tactics the police department used in keeping criminals in check.
Tactics used on urban and other criminals and militias around the world. Those are tough no-nonsense hard-nosed policing tactics, which creates space around the population and gives those who would commit murders pause.
Without stipulation or context, he repeatedly stated that the quote: ” the days of police kicking off people’s doors are over,” closed quote.
Now technically Holness has no power to directly stop the police from going after criminals, and that includes kicking in doors to get them.
Nevertheless, he has the power to make it increasingly difficult by increasing the bureaucratic process after such police actions, thereby rendering the police uninterested in going after criminals.
This he did by ramping up the power with stated support for the onerous, overbearing and counterproductive police watchdog INDECOM.
This essentially iced police enthusiasm for fighting crime.
Under this kind of system, officer’s interest is best served by simply running out the clock on their shifts and going home to their families, rather than risk being persecuted by an overzealous INDECOM. Usually on false affidavits provided them by manufactured witnesses.

Day after day I watch uncut video-clips of the dead, at other times the bullet-riddled bodies, sometimes still writhing as the lifeblood drains from their ruptured bodies. Meandering like a lazy puddle on the dusty sidewalks.
Simultaneously, I see the Prime Minister mislead the Jamaican people, that he is bringing prosperity to their lives.
Fundamentally ignoring the existential crisis the country faces as he makes those promises.
Repeating over and over again, the discredited refrain, knowing full well, [or does he], that there can be no prosperity in an environment of wanton unchecked violence.

Peter Phillips leader of the opposition PNP

How stupid are these political leaders really? They ignore the cry of the people, in Saint James, Westmoreland, and Clarendon, in Saint Thomas and Saint Catherine and in Hanover and Manchester, in Saint Elizabeth and Kingston, in Portland and Trelawny, in Saint Andrew and Saint Mary and Saint Ann.
There is no safe haven from the gun in Jamaica, guns are everywhere and the gangsters don’t care who knows that they are armed and dangerous.
The people are begging for an end to the lawlessness so that they can live their lives as normal people do.
Yet the unconscionable Administration in Jamaica House, like the one before it, refuses to release the agents of the state to go after the terroristic thugs who are killing people at will.
Choosing instead to focus on supposed human rights obligations of police officers.
If the leaders refuse to plug the dike then the water will wash over them. Somehow change will come either with their help or to their peril.
I call upon innocent law-abiding Jamaicans to mobilize against this threat. If your leaders refuse to act then you must act.
Do not be a statistic stand up and fight and throw out the bums.

Corrections Officer Murders Wife In Front Of Child Then Kills Self….

In the hustle and bustle of early morning Kingston, a corrections officer took the life of his estranged wife, 42-year-old Rouleene Clarke-Gowans, also a correctional officer, as she headed to work.
Patrick Gowans, this morning shot and killed his ex-wife in front of their 12-year-old daughter who has been left traumatized according to local media.

“For years now, she and the man have problems, problems in the sense that him keep on beating her, draw him gun on her,” said Horace Copeland, half-brother to Clarke Gowans, who sought to give comfort to grieving family and friends gathered at the house near Woodpecker Avenue, Kingston 11, mid-morning.
Copeland said he had long warned his sister to break off relations with Gowans, who he described as a serial abuser.
He said that he was so incensed that his sister had secretly got married to ​Gowans that he refused to speak with her for a few years.”Them hide and go married. Me did vex!” said Copeland. “I don’t go to their house, I don’t deal with her. ‘You a go make the man kill you!’” he said, recounting the multiple warnings he gave Clarke Gowans.

In the meantime, the family is also traumatized by the stark images being circulated of the crime scene before the arrival of police.
They are appealing to the sensibilities of those who post the gruesome images on social media sites not to continue doing so out of respect.
We have opted to honor those request by not including those images in our reporting.

Paul Burke’s Assessment Exactly What PNP Needs But Cult-character Won’t Allow It..

Asked about the PNP’s backlash against him for speaking out about his party’s recent loss, former general secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP)  Paul Burke said:

“I don’t know what backlash is. You mean the paid social media mercenaries? [They] have very little impact on the ground. It’s going to get worse, not better. I’m going to become Mr Unpopular. It’s water off the duck’s back, trust me.” 
“They can’t do anything to me. I’m not worried about them. I don’t need them; they don’t need me. The only thing I have is the truth, which I can back up. I don’t know what direction the party will go in, but I really believe that the party has to get its message clear. It has to be clear. It has to be consistent. It has to be credible and you must find messengers, whatever that message ends up being, who can carry that message. In other words, I can’t carry a message to tell people go to church because I don’t go to church,” 

Say what you want about Paul Burke’ s brash bravado, and seeming lack of humility, but Burke knows what he is talking about. Paul Burke has been in the trenches and has been instrumental in the PNP’s political successes for decades.
Burke understands what it takes to win elections, even though his party lacks the basic fundamentals of governance.
It appears that it is to this very issue that Paul Burke is relating.
Burke’s unperturbed nonchalance may be a by-product of his knowledge that many who are now condemning him for speaking out and wants him ousted from the party, also wanted Peter Phillips out of the party as well.
Many of those same people also at one time labeled Peter Phillips a traitor as well.
Phillips was almost [persona non grata ]for signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States without the knowledge or consent of the Party boss Portia Simpson Miller.
It is that cultish undemocratic mentality which has defined the PNP throughout its existence.
A mentality which has kept the party stuck subscribing to a failed and discarded [form of Socialism] which has hurt our country exponentially before, and from which Jamaica has yet to recover.

The great existential threat to the PNP is the PNP’s refusal to adapt and change. The JLP made the same mistake after its loss in 88. As a consequence, they were locked out of the process for over two decades. The brain-dead decision to continue on as a cult, instead of a 21st-century political party is demonstrated by the comments against Paul Burke who has been instrumental in the PNP’s successes long before many of his critics were born.
Burke a smart political operative is cognizant that the party needs to change and separate itself from the old failed socialist policies and affiliations which ruined the country in the 1970’s.
The Party’s string of losses will continue as long as the JLP continues to build out the nations infrastructure and people sees positive changes happening in the country and in their own lives.
As long as the administration can eschew corruption, the PNP will have a long time on the outside looking in with clenched fists and beret’s, relics of a distant past no one wants to revisit.

Police Shootings Down/ Gangsters Control The Streets….

According to recent crowing from Errol Chattoo, the director of complaints for INDECOM’s Western Regional office, police fatal shootings are down this year compared to the corresponding period last year.
Responding to local media Chattoo remarked:
“We have seen a significant decrease in police fatal shootings across western Jamaica between 2017 and 2018,” said Chattoo, in providing the figures outlining the comparison. “When one looks at St James, where 28 civilians were fatally shot in 2017, we had 17 less in 2018, as the number dropped to 11.”
Inspired by the numbers, Chattoo said that INDECOM wants the police to be cognizant of how they use force, as the organization is committed to continuing their push to encourage professional behavior.

Even though the INDECOM mouthpiece did not directly take credit for the lower police shootings, I believe we all know that their aim is to see low, to non-existent police shootings, criminals killing citizens does not matter.
Set that aside for a minute and we can understand clearly that the fewer incidents in which police are forced into the use of lethal force may readily be attributable to the fact that during the time stipulated the ZOSO was in effect.
Lower across the board crime numbers support the foregone.
Those facts missed both the local Gleaner and the police watchdog group, or it wasn’t worth mentioning in their reporting.
See reporting here:

More recent reporting this month shows a continued drop in police shooting of civilians, according to the [Gleaner] Statistics from the Jamaica Constabulary Force show that 21 civilians were killed by police personnel between January 1 and April 6, 2019. This is 12 fewer cases when compared to the corresponding period last year. There has, however, been an increase in the number of people killed by licensed firearm holders. A total of six persons were fatally shot, five more when compared with the same period in 2018. And two persons were killed by security guards. Meanwhile, the figures indicate that there was a fall in the number of persons arrested by the police during the period. The statistics show that a total of 3350 arrests were made compared with the 3807 recorded in 2018. The majority of the arrests, 287 cases, were for breaches in the Firearms Act.

In that reporting, there is a direct cause for alarm if you are a law-abiding citizen.
(1) Police are engaging fewer armed criminals.
(2) Licensed Firearm holders seem to be pressed into defending themselves and others as there seems to be a drop off in police engagements.
(3) Police have arrested fewer people for the period this year against the corresponding period the previous year.
(4) Frighteningly, the majority of the arrests, 287 cases, were for breaches of the Firearms Act.
(5) At the same time, there has been no letup in the number of violent assaults and murders as well as sustained military-styled operations carried out by heavily armed thugs across the Island.
Just yesterday five people were shot, two fatally, on Tower Avenue in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew. Twelve hundred and eighty-seven (1,287) murders were recorded last year, this meansJamaica has a homicide rate of approximately 47 per 100,000.
The shocking reality of this is that Jamaicas murder rate is almost three times higher than the average for Latin America and the Caribbean, which has the highest homicide rate globally of 16 per 100,000 of the population.

The creator of this video added video to the audio which is unrelated.
Nevertheless the aduio is no less factual because the video may have created some confusion in the minds of some viewers who cannot figure things out without being spoon fed.

So in the excitement of winning elections to solidify power or to set an agenda to retake power when the green and orange colors are back in the closets the dark statistics remain the same and are getting worse.
At the same time, protracted gunbattles rage in Kingston 11 between what is reported to be gangsters from 35 Lane in what the street said is revenge for the shooting of Oney British.
In online audio of some of the shooting which went on for several minutes, the horrifying barrage of high-powered weapons-fire was almost surreal, as residents cowered in fear and angst.
These are the scenes all across the Island yet the focus is on lower police shooting data.

no shortage of guns heading into and in the Island.

Jamaica’s leaders continue to delude themselves and lie to others overseas that the Island is safe when the reverse is true. Crime is out of control but they will tell you that crime is trending down.
Not true!
Violent crimes are running rampant, heavily armed thugs attack and kill whomever they will, whenever they want.
They have an endless supply of weapons and ammunition while in some cases entire police stations do not have enough ammunition to arm officers going out on duty.

Police stations have no vehicle and in cases where a vehicle exist, the firepower of the gangsters are exponentially superior to anything the police could muster. Added to that officers are under immense stress and strain if they engage the marauding gangsters even after they have killed innocent citizens.
Such is the reality in Jamaica, and police officers are not allowed to speak out to the media and certainly, they are not allowed to speak out on social media.
It is shocking, what’s occurring on the island, as the focus which ought to be on enforcing the laws are concentrated on protecting the rights and interest of murderous thugs.
The faux-commissioner of police, who never did a minute policing in his life, dreams of the day when all police officers will be human rights agents.
Not having the benefit of ever being a police officer. Not having had the benefit of actually donning a police officer’s uniform, (not an unearned costume). Not ever having the conviction which draws a real police officer into service, Antony Anderson lacks the wisdom and the knowledge, that before officers took the oath to serve, they were already human rights activist.
That is what draws real officers to serve, the call to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves.
The desire to stand up to the bully. The desire to stand between those who are powerless and those who are powerful and arrogant.

When the chief law-enforcement officer is ignorant of these ideals, it is no wonder that criminals continue their murderous rampage.
When our police officers are reduced to window- dressing, de-authorized and demotivated from acting in defense of the nation’s laws, the situation is only going to get worse.
While the Nation’s leaders and elites focus on building a police force of patsies with pasted on smiles in the place of a real police force, criminals consolidated their power bases and build out their support structure and geographical spheres of influence using terror, fear, and cohersion.
They openly display high-powered weapons on social media without fear of prosecution because with INDECOM and the Governemnt on the back of the police who will stand in their way?
Welcom to Jamaica the land of Kartel and Buju, both convicted felons, both wildly popular role models.

FBI To Probe Black Church Burnings….(Yawn)

In the space of ten(10) days, three African-American places of worship were reduced to smoldering ruins in the State of Louisiana, and now we are told that the FBI has gotten involved in the Investigations.
Before you break out the champagne, however, ask yourselves how many African-American Churches have been targeted by white domestic terrorists, using arson as a weapon over the years?
Then ask yourselves, how many of these cowardly punks have been held accountable by local, state or Federal law-enforcement authorities?
Here are a few facts from 2015.

  • June 30: Mount Zion AME Church in Greeleyville, South Carolina. The historic black church burned down on June 30. A federal law enforcement official told the AP that the fire wasn’t intentionally set, and the FBI currently thinks it was probably caused by a lightning strike.
  • June 26: Glover Grove Baptist Church in Warrenville, South Carolina. The mostly black church burned down on June 26. Investigators don’t know if it was intentional or an accident, but they “observed no element of criminal intent.” The fire has officially been classified as “undetermined” because investigators couldn’t rule out the possibility of an accident.
  • June 26: Greater Miracle Apostolic Holiness Church in Tallahassee, Florida. The mostly black church was destroyed by a fire on June 26. It was likely set off by an electrical short, so it’s not believed to be arson or a hate crime.
  • June 24: Briar Creek Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. The predominantly black church was burned down on June 24. Investigators are treating the case as arson, but there’s no evidence it was a hate crime.
  • June 23: God’s Power Church of Christ in Macon, Georgia. The mostly black church burned down on June 23. The fire is being investigated as an arson, but local and federal law enforcement agents have said there’s no evidence yet of a hate crime.
  • June 23: Fruitland Presbyterian Church in Gibson County, Tennessee. This is a mostly white church, and it was struck by lightning on June 23. But it’s been widely included in reports of church fires.
  • June 21: College Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. Officials said that someone on June 21 intentionally set fire to a church-owned van and straw near the mostly black church, but the church itself wasn’t burned. Investigators have confirmed that the fire was a case of arson. A spokesman for the Knoxville Police Department toldlocal news station WATE that it was being investigated as an act of vandalism rather than a hate crime, because the suspect didn’t leave any message or indication of the reason for the crime.

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association (via the Los Angeles Times’s Matt Pearce), firefighters responded to an average of 1,600 fires at churches a year from 2007 to 2011. That comes out to an average of 31 fires a week.

The foregone was in just 2015. according to []

Let us understand something here, these are acts of terror being carried out by the descendants of ignorant white terrorists who were doing the same thing in the ’50s and ’60s.
As for the reason that no one is ever held accountable? In many cases, the ones doing the burning are wearing police uniforms, or they are part of the same white supremacists’ groups that the cops belong to.
By the FBI’s own account over a decade ago, law enforcement has been infiltrated by white Supremacists, Skinheads, and Neo-Nazis and have become a problem.
In this medium, I have written several Articles on this phenomenon and there have been independent reporting on the subject.
Yet in America, the definition of “Terror” has been reduced to acts committed by Muslims.
The almost daily acts of “Terror” being committed by white mas-murderers upon American citizens of all colors are reduced to back and forth arguments about gun rights and mental illness.

The narrative coming from Law-enforcement in this latest string of arson church fires, as have the narrative through time, is that they are probing to see if there are any links between the different fires!
A link to what?
What does it matter whether or not there is a link between perpetrators who set two or all three of the churches ablaze? If there is no nexus does it mean that the churches are any less burned?
If there is no established nexus, does it mean that the one or more individuals who burned those churches are not domestic terrorists?
And if they acted separately, independently and in no coordination with each other does that mean that the acts are any less terroristic?

Investigation underway after three ‘suspicious’ fires at black Louisiana churches

The dangerous reality is that there is hardly any attention being paid to the rapid growth of white supremacists, Neo-nazis and skinhead groups which sprung up during Barack Obama’s eight years in office, and are emboldened to act without fetter under Donald Trump.
What the FBI is concerned with infiltrating, are innocent Black activists who demonstrate and speak out against White Neo-nazis operating as police officers and killing unarmed Black people.
To add insult to injury, according to [] (in the face of Rising Extremism, Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security disbanded its Domestic Terror Unit).
The unmitigated truth is that Domestic Terrorism has been on the rise in America and now the people in those groups feel empowered to act because Donald Trump referred to them as “fine people.”

The full context and consequences of the rise and spread of white nationalism across America, is yet to be understood, as there is a refusal by authorities to accept that it is even a problem.
As more and more information surfaces of police officers being members of neo-nazi groups, municipalities and police departments have hunkered down and refused to see the problem of unwarranted lethal police-civilian encounters for what they truly are.
With that mentality, it is impossible to source accurate data on the loss of life, loss of liberty and destruction of property this is causing, particularly in the Black Community.
Having the FBI investigate should offer no comfort to the Black community. The FBI is no greater friend to the Black community than the local hicks who double as clans-men and cops.
The FBI is interested only in infiltrating and disrupting black protest groups which are simply demanding justice for the atrocities committed by white nationalist cops who murder without accountability.

JLP Can Ill-afford Not To Position The Nation Into The Future…

Newly elected member of parliament Ann-Marie Vaz

The elections are over and things will go back to normal, politically at least.
Ann-Marie Vaz, a political neophyte, was able to eke out a 300 plus vote win, becoming the first female member of parliament in East Portland’s history.
Vaz, has name recognition, her husband Daryl Vaz, is also a member of parliament in the parish.
Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to brush off her win as simply a result of her name.
Ann-Marie Vaz came to the political theatre as a housewife. Despite her lighter hue and societal connections, she was not spared the ugliness of Jamaica’s elitists system which sees those without a college degree as useless in any process.
Her opponent, the PNP’s Damion Crawford, an eminently educated young man, demonstrated that despite his formal education, he was not extremely bright when he referenced Ann-Marie Vaz’s lack of formal education and hyped his own educational [bona fides].
Now granted Crawford’s loss may not be blamed for his lapse into elitism for which he was forced to apologize, Vaz’s victory is a win for every smart housewife and house-husband who want to serve their country but never went to University.
The slew of by-election wins for the governing Jamaica Labor Party may have an even more ominous meaning for the PNP than Crawford’s elitism.

Damion Crawford

The Portland Eastern seat was made vacant by the heinous murder of longtime Member of Parliament Dr. Lynvale Bloomield of the PNP.
The People’s National Party has been in control of the East Portland Constituency for the last thirty years(30). That is the most significant takeaway when the PNP does its post mortem on this latest defeat.
Set aside that fact that the party has lost a string of by-elections after its massive general elections defeat at the hands of the JLP, this defeat of the party’s most popular standard bearer by an untested newcomer, has huge ramifications for the PNP.
For 22-years the People’s National Party held office from the late ’80s through the 90,s and mid 2’000’s.
In an unexplained leap of faith, the Jamaican people refused to put the JLP back in office after Seaga lost to Michael Manley in 88, until Bruce Golding eked out a win in 2007.
Between Michale Manley who was given an inexplicable fresh start in 1988 after his [mea-culpa], Percival Patterson and Portia Simpson Miller, the trio from hell made a mockery of Governance, and changed our country forever, and not for the better.

Peter Phillips

Many Jamaicans, including this writer, sadly began accepting that the party of Alexander Bustamante and Hugh Lawson Shearer had become a filler party, given a chance, only when the people are tired of the PNP.
Not to be outdone, the PNP arrogantly mistook the people’s chastisement of the JLP for it’s perceived arrogance at times, to mean that Jamaica was PNP Country.
As in most Democratic Nations, it is a tiny sliver of around 5-10% of the electorate, middle of the road voters, who determine elections.
Jamaica is hardly any different in that regard.
Despite this, the Andrew Holness led JLP was able to wipe out a double-digit seat deficit and win the legislature in a single seat majority in the 63-seat legislative body.
That one seat majority gave the JLP the ability to form the Government and gave Andrew Holness his own mandate to lead the country.
For those familiar with Jamaican politics and the impact garrison politics has on the electoral process, there is an understanding of the impressive nature of the JLP’s victory in the general.
The string of unlikely by-election wins by the party, have been in of themselves, individually and collectively, [coup-de-grace] over the PNP.

Andrew Holness PM

The failure of the PNP to tangibly demonstrate it’s fitness to lead and set a course, not just for the close of the twentieth century, but for ushering in the 21st century is more than enough reason for young voters to look elsewhere.
Elsewhere toward the younger Andrew Holness, as against the old tired and jaded Peter Phillips who has the personality of a brick wall when matched against the last leader of that party, Portia Simpson Miller.
In the same way that political partisans tend to place party over country, they tend to place self over party.
Peter Phillips the personality-deficient leader of the PNP is still smart enough to know that Damion Crawford is the most popular member of the leadership of the PNP.
He is also conversant that Crawford has aspirations on Jamaica house.
It is not out of the ordinary to conclude that Damion Crawford was sent to East Portland to blunt those aspirations.
Crawford is a bright young man, not a brilliant politician. He has made some strategic blunders, not the least of which was his latest by leaving the Senate in order to contest the seat in the lower chamber.
Surely this loss has done damage to Crawford’s credibility as a potential leader for his party, in the sense that he was rejected by voters in the upper Saint Andrew seat now held by Juilet Holness and now this latest debacle in east Portland.

There is a general feeling that the voters are largely fed up with the People’s National Party, and so it is the JLP’s turn.
The JLP has been known for some degree of arrogance and Elitism, classism, and contempt in some quarters for the man from the streets.
The JLP has always been the party which offered the best plan for a stable well-established society.
The PNP, on the other hand, has demonstrated a keen understanding of the plight of the common man.
Michael Manley’s raft of social-welfare programs has earned the party the endearment of ordinary people.
Unfortunately, handouts funded by big Government bankrupts nations.
Likewise, it is important that the ruling JLP learn the lessons the PNP failed to learn. By eschewing corruption and arrogance the JLP has the opportunity today to once and for all place Jamaica on a sure economic footing which will guarantee a better Jamaica for generations to come.
None of this is possible however as long as this administration continues to mirror the PNP in its failed social engineering strategies on crime.

Barr-ing The Muller Report…

Robert Muller

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the challenge to simply put food on the table and get by, we are missing something rather consequential and precedent-setting.
The President of the United States, and his campaign has been under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Muller to determine whether he, or his campaign, conspired with a foreign power, [Russia], to defraud the United States in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Donald Trump

As a result, a Special Counsel was appointed, in the person of Robert Muller, former Marine, former FBI Director, Lawyer, Former Federal Prosecutor.
Muller’s mandate as Special Counsel, was different than a Special Prosecutor, a-la Kenneth Starr
Muller was tasked to look at whether Trump or his campaign conspired with Russia to steal the elections and thereby defraud the United States.
The challenge for the American public which has an interest in justice, fairness, the rule of law, and the concept that no one should be above the law, is the way the system is set up.
It is a system which means for all intents and purposes, a president can put himself above the laws and there is precious little anyone can do about it.

William Barr

According to what the present Attorney General William Barr revealed so far, Special Counsel Robert Muller did not exactly establish a link that could stand the test of a criminal trial that Trump or his campaign had criminally conspired with Russia to defraud the United States.
That was the very first misrepresentation made by William Baer. counterintelligence investigations are not necessarily criminal investigations. Their results are for the intelligence community and Congress.
The Attorney General took the view that the President had not committed obstruction of justice, despite Trumps many acts of interference with the investigations in plain sight, notwithstanding that decision was not William Barr’s to make, but the decision of the Congress.
(1) Firing James Comey, the FBI Director when he refused to pledge loyalty and fealty to him.
(2) Lambasting then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the investigations.
(3) Eventually firing Jeff Sessions.
(4) Placing an unqualified political hack Matthew Whitaker in place to head the Justice Department after firing Sessions. (After Whittaker had openly declared on Television that he knew how to end the Muller Investigations.
(5) After much outcry at the Whittaker appointment, nominating William Barr, a man who wrote an exhaustive memo in support of expansive Executive power, and his disdain for holding a president accountable for obstructing justice.
(6) Demonizing, embarrassing and ultimately firing top-tiered Justice and FBI officials who were instrumental in starting a counter-intelligence investigation into Russian interference into the 2016 Elections.
These are only a few of the steps Donald Trump took that are public, it begs the question of what kinds of actions he took in private over the two years that the Special Counsel Investigations were in effect.

The Justice Department and its employees are part of the Executive Branch of Government. Subsequently, an investigation undertaken by the Justice Department is technically under the control of the chief executive,(the president). Even though the president is the subject of the investigation, he has the power under the laws to suppress the findings of said Investigation.
The so-called safeguards which had allowed this charade to exist for as long as it did, were that previous presidents were less openly hostile to the rule of law.
So even though they may have openly broken the laws, a-la, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, in recent times, they still maintained an exponentially less disdainful attitude towards the laws of the nation.
The moral of all this, is that those laws were designed specifically so that a corrupt President would not ever see the inside of a jail cell, unless he went into one to see conditions for himself as President Barack Obam did.
With all of Richard Nixon’s crimes, he resigned before he was tossed from office, but not before cutting a deal with Gerald Ford, the only man to have been vice president and president without being elected by the voters.
[Ford] pardoned Nixon immediately h ascended to the presidency, thereby ensuring that Richard Millhouse Nixon, the criminal, never saw the inside of a jail cell.
The guise Ford used to justify his actions was that the Nation needed to heal. The irony of that position was that Richard Nixon knowingly and criminally created the Constitutional crisis.

Nancy Pelosi

For the people on the left who were of the opinion and belief that a finding by Robert Muller would result in Donald Trump being led out of the white house in handcuffs, it is a bitter pill to swallow that the context of Muller’s findings will never see the light of day, much less the truth of the crimes which were committed in the process of creating and maintaining [a president Donald Trump].
There has been too much energy and arrogance invested in the creation of the sense of mystique and exceptionalism of America and the American Presidency, to allow a report on Donald Trump to destroy it.
Did anyone ever really believe that there would be a report, (regardless of the Investigator) which would say a foreign power picked and installed an American President?

Trump’s DHS Responds To Rise In Extremism By Disbanding Domestic Terror Unit

Kirstjen Nielsen says DHS is alert to domestic terror threat. Law enforcement sources say the agency has gone “silent.”

The Department of Homeland Security has disbanded a unit of intelligence analysts who monitored domestic terrorism threats even as department officials admit that the threat of domestic terrorism is growing.
The DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis has reassigned a group of intelligence analysts who focused on domestic threats, resulting in a significant drop in reports and analysis about threats from extremists and white supremacists, The Daily Beast reported. Local law enforcement officials told the outlet they are no longer receiving important information from DHS since the unit was disbanded last year.

“It’s especially problematic given the growth in right-wing extremism and domestic terrorism we are seeing in the U.S. and abroad,” a former intelligence official told The Daily Beast.
The move came after new Intelligence and Analysis chief David Glawe reorganized the division.
A DHS spokesperson told the outlet that it works with other law enforcement agencies to gather “threat information regardless of a threat actor’s ideology” and shares that information with other agencies.
“The same people are working on the issues,” a senior DHS official insisted. “We just restructured things to be more responsive to the I&A customers within DHS and in local communities while reducing overlap with what the FBI does. We actually believe we are far more effective now.”
But Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Mike Abdeen told The Daily Beast that the Office of Intelligence and Analysis has been “mostly silent” for the past six months despite previously sending his office a significant amount of information.
“It’s been very quiet lately,” Abdeen said. “It’s changed with the new administration. It doesn’t seem to be as robust, as active, as important — it is important, I’m sure, but it’s not a priority. It doesn’t seem like engagement, outreach, and prevention are seen as a priority as we used to see in the past. There were roundtable meetings in the past, there was more activity, more training, more seminars. Now it seems like it’s gone away.”

As a result of the “reorganization,” officials said the office must now coordinate with the FBI to share information with local law enforcement.“While I cannot speak to what is going on at DHS I&A today, the analysis provided by I&A personnel on domestic extremism was essential during my tenure at DHS,” former acting head of Intelligence and Analysis John Cohen told the outlet. “Based on the current threat environment, I believe those same efforts are essential today.”
Disbanding the domestic terrorism intelligence unit is a curious move after DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a speech at Auburn University last month that her department would work to prevent attacks like the one in New Zealand, where a white nationalist gunman killed 50 people at two mosques.
“We, too, have seen the face of such evil with attacks in places such as Charlottesville, Pittsburgh and Charleston,” Nielsen said. “I want to make one thing very clear: We will not permit such hate in the homeland.”
Read more here:

Self-serving Pols Holding Country Back…

Damion Crawford

On Thursday, April 4th, voters in East Portland will get their chance to cast votes for either the JLP’s Ann-Marie Vaz, or the PNP’s Damion Crawford for the seat made vacant after the PNP MP Lynvale Bloomfield was murdered in February.
The intense buzz surrounding the by-election for this seat, brings into sharp focus the value the two major political parties place on state power.
Still evident is the old style partisan sniping, which generally ends up in bloodshed.
Thus far, there has been bloodshed and the old partisan Horace Chang in his dual role as General Secretary for his party and Minister of National Security, has immediately hyped the shootings as political, over the findings of his own police Department which pointedly said the shootings were not political.

Ann-marie Vaz

Now granted that I couldn’t care a Rat’s ass who wins this fiasco on Thursday, it seems to me that Chang has a duty, and indeed a responsibility, not just to square his pronouncements with the findings of his police department, but to be measured in the way he deals with incidents such as the shootings in the constituency considering that he is the Minister of National Security.(gag)
But this is the kind of hyper-partisanship on which Horace Chang cut his teeth and has flourished in, to become the member of Parliament for one of the Island’s grittiest political garrisons.
Chang must understand that his statements as General Secretary of his party cannot be separated from Horace Chang the Minister of National Security.
If there is information which is of help to the police as to who the shooters were and what their motives were, Horace Chang as Garrison MP, and Minister of National Security is best poised to have those answers.
That intelligence should be passed on to the police and not used to stir the pot of political violence.
On the other hand, it is remarkable that Fitz Jackson the opposition spokesperson on National Security can garner information with such alacrity indicating that the deceased was a JLP supporter wanted by the law, yet he and his party are unable and unwilling to support measures which are aimed at curbing the lawlessness and the metastacizing gangland stple killings on the Island.

Horace Chang

Most Jamaicans at home and abroad wishes that political violence is a thing of the past. Rightly so, most of the building blocks of political violence are gone.
Because of better accountability safeguards in place, a-la the Contractor General’s Act. etc, Members of Parliament have fewer dollars to toss around to thugs to do their bidding.
As a consequence, politicians are only useful to the thugs as buffers between themselves and the police.
Thugs are making their own way, through lotto-scamming, murder for hire, Robberies, and other criminal acts, which renders the politicians far less important.
Being that as it may, politicians on both sides of the political divide are still clinging to their connections in the garrisons to deliver the votes en-block, as Mister Anderson clung to his murderous shotta Wayne, in the fictional Jamaican flick (SHOTTAS).
For the good and survival of the Jamaican state, it may be a positive outcome if life imitates art, since Jamaican Politicians refuses to eschew this type of criminal association.
If they refuse to change, then change should remove them from the equation.

Fitz Jackson

One of the easiest ways for the political gangs which run our country to show maturity is to begin to bring people together, rather than separate them.
We are a small country of families, friends, and neighbors, and yes, friends we are yet to meet.
What a difference it would make if the two gangs do away with the party colors and show the world that we are one people?

Doctors Patching Up Gangsters For Large Sums Of Money, Thwarting Law Enforcement Efforts….

Horace Chang

“What’s going on in Montego Bay cannot be dealt with using normal Policing measures”.
“We need enhanced security measures.”
(Horace Chang, Minister of National Security)

Panicking much!
Let me just say that this guy should be nowhere close to National security, but since we are talking about Jamaica where its standard procedure for the Fox to guard the hen-house, it is also okay for the inmates to run the asylum.
Of course, what is happening in Montego Bay does not require normal policing measures.
It hasn’t been that way for many years, but isn’t just Montego Bay, it is all across the Island.
Imagine testimony coming to light in the Uchence Wilson Gang trial, that gangsters went to rob a home in sleepy and serene Guys Hill where I attended High school.
And that one gangster was shot by the police in the process, yet a Medical Doctor practicing medicine in the parish of Manchester asked for a quarter of a million dollars to remove the bullet without alerting the Police.
According to the reporting, the doctor received $90.000 to remove the bullet and the police was none the wiser.
When the major pontificators in Jamaica get on their high horses to talk about corruption, as if its a police only problem, we try to shine a light on these well-respected criminals in the society who are doing far worse than collecting lunch money because they are hungry.
These doctors know that the reason that gang members come to them instead of going to a hospital is that for all intents and purposes they have been involved in criminal activities.
They know full well that they likely killed one or more innocent persons in the process of committing other criminal acts.
Yet they patch them up and turn them loose on the society once again.
We can talk about the fear they have for their own lives if they do not comply with these gangsters demands.
I’m prepared to counter with the fact that (a) how do the gangsters know which doctor to go to across several parishes, unless they know these doctors are dirty and (b) if the gangsters wished to, they could simply force the doctor to perform the procedure without paying one dime, then kill him. They don’t have to pay if they chose not to.
It follows therefore that these doctors are wlling participants in the culture of crime which has been plaguing the country for decades.
They have been on the forefront.
As police officers, we knew that certain doctors were there ready and waiting unscrupulously, to patch up any murderer for a price.

Despite these unscrupulous acts, these sick bastards will tell you they have taken a Hippocratic oath to do no harm.
That they have taken an oath to adhere to medical confidentiality. What they won’t say is that those very same Hippocratic oaths bind them to also commit to non-maleficence.
This across the board corruption has been at the heart of the nations crime culture. It enables those who pull the trigger off-ramps when they would have been otherwise stuck on the freeway waiting for law enforcement to find them.
When Criminals are able to source underground hospital and life-saving medical service, after they themselves have just robbed and murdered innocent citizens, it makes the job of the police doubly difficult.
It is this lucrative underground economy which causes those in the highest offices to be vehemently opposed to the police.
It is this vehemence which makes police officers say “to hell with it why am I bothering myself“?

The proliferation and expansion of the culture of violence in our country will not be remedied with more laws. Certainly not the watered down types they have managed to pass to blow smoke up the collective ass of the nation to make it seem they are doing something about crime.
The two political parties have huge communities which are benefiting from crime. INDECOM and the proliferation of so-called human rights lobby is proof that neither political party wants an end to the status quo, it works just fine for their interest.
Change in Jamaica requires that there is [a come to Jesus recognition]. Jamaica is the only country which spends its energy worrying about the rights of murderers and Rapists over the plight of law-abiding citizens.
It requires that the Prime Minister and his party and Peter Phillips and his party, decide to stop shielding criminals and commit to the full support of the police as the departments is allowed to go after the gangs and pull them up from the root.
The comments of Chang are correct. Normal policing cannot apply, these thugs are bloodthirsty murderers who play by no one’s rules.
ZOSO and SOE’s are not the way to eradicate this scourge, more laws will do nothing as long as police going after these killers are criminalized for doing their jobs.
As long as the emphasis is on the rights of criminals and not on that of innocent citizens, expect this disaster to continue.
Andrew Holness’ attempt at social engineering followed the PNP’s attempt at social engineering.
Both have failed. We need to get back to allowing police to do their jobs without the specter of prison hanging over their heads, it is what successful countries do.