Myeshia Johnson the widow of Sergeant LA David Johnson who lost his life in Niger with four other service members has lamented that she has not been allowed to see her husband’s remains despite making repeated request of the military to allow her to see her husband’s remains.

Sergeant Johnson and wife (abc photo)

The young wife of the 23-year-old army sergeant said has two small children and has one on the way. She said for all she knows her husband’s remains may not even be in the coffin she was forced to bury.
I know my husband’s body from head to toe for all I know my husbands remains may not even be in that box[nydailynews, com]

Funeral for Sergeant LA David Johnson

The idea of having to bury a box without knowing exactly whats in the box must be heart-rending being forced to deal with doing so while pregnant and having to deal with taking care of two small children is something the rest of us can only try to imagine.

We honor this family for their sacrifice to a country which still does not see their sacrifice as it does that of others.
Sleep well soldier in Gods’ arms, sleep and take your rest.