How About Paying Attention To Your Job?



Zacca: Gleaner cartoon

Christopher Zacca President of The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica argues that to build our Country , people should buy Jamaican. He then does a 180 degree turn dipping his snout into the Conversation about the need for a new Commissioner of Police , suggesting that it is perfectly kosher to look for a new Police Chief from overseas. 

The police Force has many educated well capable officers at all levels . These people have worked tirelessly to earn their education with the belief that if they earn their degrees play by the rules they have a shot at accomplishing their goals.

The last time the JCF tried this madness the results are still being felt. Morale is important , if this little Country want to totally wreck the rule of law , pick a Commissioner from overseas and live with the results. It’s time Jamaica stop with the NEGRO mentality . What other Country outsources it’s National Security to non citizens? What these Elitists are saying is that black Jamaicans are incapable of getting the job done. What exactly did Mark Shields etal accomplish except his flair for the cocktail circuit? The Gleaner depicted Zacca’s hypocrisy appropriately in a cartoon.

It goes to show that in Jamaica everyone knows how to do everyone else’s job but their own. I don’t see anyone running back to Jamaica to invest. Maybe Zacca and the Country would be better served if he paid attention to what he was hired to do leaving the Commissioner search to the people tasked with doing so.