If you have ever donned the uniform of a police officer, a real officer who enlisted for the right reasons because you wanted to protect and serve, you understand full well, that what American police are doing to people in minority communities is not policing.

If the standard principles are to serve and protect, to save lives and protect property, then there is no way that any reasonable person can pretend that what we see happening on video after video is representative of what we expect from police officers.


When the same laws which are supposed to protect citizens and police alike are stretched to the limits and distorted to justify unjust police use of deadly force, while at the same time the reverse of those same principles is used to condemn certain segments of the society, the system is broken.

Any grainy black and white video may be used to condemn a black man of any crime in any court.  Nevertheless, a crystal clear high definition color video of police officers committing capital murder, even after stating clearly that -that was their intent, we are told that we cannot believe what we have seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears.

Many years ago a friend with whom I went to the Jamaica Police Academy asked me, how come I could be so critical of police officers? I asked him to take a look at what is happening to American policing and tell me whether that was what he did as a police officer in Jamaica?
His cheek dropped to his chest, that was the end of that conversation.

Those who tell you there are only a few bad apples, you must call *BS * to them, where are the good officers, sworn to uphold the law without fear or favor who are stepping forward to say “here is what happened”?
During my time of service, I received some pushback and unfavorable comments from a few co-workers who accused me of preferring civilians over them.
My response then was,  if doing the right thing, not allowing the brutal assault of innocent people, is [preferng civillians][sic] then count me in.


How is it sustainable when the public who pays police officers salaries are terrified of police killing them whenever they come across police officers? In many instances, cops dress and behave like soldiers on a battlefield but are less careful, less accountable than soldiers constrained by the rules of modern-day warfare and the Geneva Convention.

Prosecutors, Judges, and Juries stretch the boundaries of the law in order to protect errant cops, this, in turn, results in a metastasizing effect, breeding more abuse of citizens rights in the process.

The whole concept of police as peace officers has been cast aside in America, replaced with a militaristic macho-man mentality which is characterized by the itchy trigger finger. With the female cops doing their level best to demonstrate that they have the same level of balls or more as their male counterparts. This generally ends in the death of unarmed men of color, their only crime, the color of their skin.
Rather minor infractions which ought to be ignored, or at worse, result in a mild warning, are sought out heavily utilized vehicles used as the reason for interactions. These interactions usually culminate in the use of lethal force on people of color after the police themselves massively escalate events.


Terrence Crutcher was gunned down, by wannabe tough guy cop Betty Shelby who murdered him. Mister Crutcher was gunned down and struck with tasers despite having his hands in the air, not having any weapon on him, nor in his vehicle. (Even if mister Crutcher had a weapon on him, or in his vehicle, he could not have been lawfully or legally executed because he had his hands in the air.)
Despite this Betty Shelby was charged and exonerated because a black man had no rights a white woman, much less a cop had to respect, not even the right to life.

Shelby and husband (also a cop) leave the court after her acquittal.

Betty Shelby was acquitted by a corrupt Tulsa Oklahoma jury on May 17th, 2017. Despite having his hands up, having no weapon and walking away from police, Betty Shelby gunned Terrence Crutcher down in cold blood.
She told the court. “I did everything I could to stop this,” she added. “Crutcher’s death is his fault.”
Betty Shelby is a free woman, free to live her life.
Terrence Crutcher is still dead?


So too are all of the other countless black men and women who had their lives taken by unaccountable cops who know that the system will not hold them accountable.

Alton Sterling subdued by two Baton Rogue cops just before they decided to kill him.



Philando Castile killed by a cop who pulled him over for an alleged broken tail-light.


So too has countless others……….