Commissioner Owen Ellington :

The Police High Command has raised the threat levels against it’s members to extreme. They say they have credible information that certain criminals are determined to kill cops even in their own homes.

I cannot say what benefit cops will derive from the elevated threat levels, what I can say is I’m appalled that cops are now cowering in fear of being slaughtered in front of their families because of the war waged on them by one Mulatto
 woman from uptown St Andrew.


Jamaicans for Justice Head Carolyn Gomes :

It is a damn shame when we as Jamaicans live to see the day our country is forced to the brink of collapse and ruin, by an inept and corrupt Government, which gives tacit support to criminal elements, who ruthlessly murder police officers on and off the job.

I am particularly appalled at the Police Department, that it has allowed vice, to reduce it to a paper tiger.

The Jamaican public has allowed itself to be brain-washed by elitist pediatric Doctor Carolyn Gomes and others, into believing that our country is a first world country, that criminals should be treated with kids gloves. First of all Gomes is a Doctor, I have no idea where she studied laws or police procedures, to be dictating policy to police , but that”s another subject for another day.

Elitist present themselves as legitimate human rights agencies, they fool the public into believing that Jamaican criminals can be rehabilitated by just ignoring the murder rape and other viscous crimes they unleash on society. Gomes is not alone there are numerous elements within the country who are benefiting, and( eating a food) from crime.

The truth is that Jamaican Criminals have never been ordinary run of the mill criminals, from Three Finger Jack , to Sandokan ,Natty- Morgan , Rigen, Bucky-Marshall , Tony Brown and George Flash, Copper, Burry-Boy, Chubby Dread, Jim Brown, and the list goes on and on, these criminals were hardened monsters who deserved nothing but the ultimate justice .

Be not fooled ,the present situation in our country must be contained and eliminated, Police officers are involved in serious criminal activities and that complicates the problem, but it does not render it unsolvable.

As I read the Commissioner’s empty words my blood boils, they have shackled name brand cops who know how to get things done , Laing, Ford, Dadrick Henry, Parra Campbell, and all the great soldiers of urban policing, yes we know how to find them and we know how to bring justice to them. The Courts could never be trusted to do justice, they certainly cannot be trusted today.

The Jamaica Observer reported today that the same gun which killed Assistant Commissioner Gilbert Kameka almost six years ago was the same gun which killed Deputy Superintendent Denzil Boyd,

Yesterday, a highly placed police source told the Observer that the suspects are linked to the deadly Klansman gang in Spanish Town and have ties to a tough Corporate Area neighborhood off Spanish Town Road. The police source also said that ballistic reports indicated that the weapon used to kill Boyd was also the one used to slay Kameka at a premises in Irish Town, St Andrew on November 29, 2007. Kameka was reportedly visiting 18-year-old Tina-Gaye McGowan when he was attacked and shot. Read more: 

McGowan pleaded guilty to conspiring with 26-year-old Massinissa Adams, a former member of the Gideon Warriors gang; 18-year-old Kemar Dawson; and 21-year-old Rohan Townsend to rob Kameka who remains the most senior member of the constabulary to be cut down by gunmen’s bullets. In November 2008, she was given a three-year suspended sentence for co-operating with government prosecutors.

Adams, Dawson and Townsend were found guilty and sentenced to death. The weapon used to kill Kameka was never recovered by police. “We theorize that Adams told one of his cronies in prison where to find the weapon, and that was when it resurfaced some five years after,” the police source said. “Ballistic tests also revealed that the same gun was also used in a murder at the Causeway Fishing Village last year.”

Boyd was in charge of security at the Causeway Fishing Village when he was killed.

 Read more:

The above story from the Observer is a sneak peek into the dark interior of Jamaica’s criminal gangs and the sophistication with which they operate. This story though not complete, opens a window into the very sophisticated and complex methodical efficiency with which these Jamaican criminals operate.

Various law enforcement agencies in the United States, Britain, Canada, and other countries found out just how demonic and monstrous these cretins are. Jamaican cops knew this all too well for decades now and have used a heavy hand to suppress and deter them. Many ran away to other countries and continued with a life of crime where they met justice or justice was handed to them.

I continue to make the point that these men understand two things , extremely long prison sentences, without the possibility of parole or a swift end from police bullets. Jamaica has decided not to have either, and while we are at it, they are not being hanged either. Many Jamaicans act as though Jamaican criminals are just now demonic, the truth is they have always been that way. Former Prime Minister Hugh Lawson Shearer, obviously frustrated with the rampant criminality of his country-men, reportedly said the police should shoot first then ask questions later. Shearer must be turning in his grave,this was not a policy from the late Prime Minister, it was a statement made by a Jamaican who happened to be Prime Minister.

The crime coddling populist Government of the People’s National Party has reduced Jamaica to a God-forsaken criminal waste-land. Our people are shunned by even our Caribbean neighbors.

The police must adopt a new approach to secure the country, and in the process their own lives.

(1) Create a grid system, which locks down and encircles neighborhoods when criminals strike, then close the circle until they find the perpetrator/s.

(2) Carry out their duties to the fullest extent of the law possible without fear or favor, malice or ill will.

(3) Remove cops from Police Stations and place them in strategic locations, mobile ready and equipped to handle any and all situations. Only a skeleton staff should be left to man stations.

(4) Device strategies to make sure that when a cop is killed, not even the killers mother will shelter him. Lean hard, very hard on everyone and do not rest until they give up the suspect.

(5) Do a better job conducting investigations, know criminals , where they live, know their mother, and  most of all know the bitches who they sleep with, make their lives so miserable they have nowhere to hide.

(6) Make sure investigations are done professionally and thoroughly to ensue that those charged will be convicted.

(7) Make sure those who refuse to be taken alive are summarily and expeditiously dealt with according to law.

Jamaica is a small country with less than 3 million people, this police force must stop being the Barney Fyffe of Police Departments.


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