Each and every life is valued the same, none has more value than the other, at least in the sight of our Lord God Almighty, our Creator.

Here in Earth some lives are definitely more valuable than others, some blood more treasured than others. Bad though that concept be, there are unintended consequence to shedding the blood of those who are highly placed or very visible within our societies.

Every time the blood of the innocent is shed it leaves society poorer, it leaves us all weaker. Our societies are no greater than the individuals who make up those societies. If that concept is true, then the Island of Jamaica is exponentially weak, if the amount of Jamaicans slaughtered annually per 100.000 is a reliable metric by which to judge that weakness, then we are correct in our pronouncements. Most points in any conversation,are subjective, that includes who may be characterized as innocent.We may even argue the meaning of innocent, as well as we may argue the context in which we assume that innocence, all of that is true, so I am aware that the first response from some will be that killings happen everywhere. Of course who could reasonably argue with that? It is indeed true, killings happen everywhere,and they happen with brutal and frightening impunity by those who are predisposed to killing. Though true that killings happen everywhere, have we become so desensitized to the shedding of blood that we are willing to continue to lower the bar of acceptability, and continue to rationalize away the most egregious acts of barbarity as normalcy? Have we become so immersed in the concept of self-preservation and our own individual survival that we are incapable of discerning that when any member of our community is unsafe we are all unsafe?

Once again, as is customary, another Jamaican had his life unceremoniously snuffed out, this is nothing new (a nu nutten) killing people in Jamaica is as casual as having a glass of water.

Melvin Chung, who operated five Total service stations in the Corporate Area, was attacked and shot multiple times outside one of his places of business, on East Street, on Saturday afternoon. Two firearms belonging to his security firm, Melan Security Services Limited, were stolen, along with cash estimated to be over $2 million, Superintendent Steve McGregor, who heads the Kingston Central Police Division, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday. “He’s hard-working, very jovial, full of life and full of spirit. Always helping the poor. He hired a lot of people from the inner city, both at the gas stations and the security company,” the relative said. Read more:–Heaven-pleads_13333843#ixzz2HJt6IhKS

I have no information which pertains to the cause or reason for this man’s death beyond what has been reported in this story, however what is clear is that Melvin Chung has given his life, as so many other Jamaicans have, simply because they decided to believe in their country.

Clearly,this man could have done what so many of us did years ago, he could have decided that he would be safer or even better off living in another geography, he didn’t, and he has paid a price for it.

Our Country is run by people who are still  astonishingly incapable of understanding the consequences rampant criminality is having on the economic life of the country and it’s inhabitants.

The Country’s Prime Minister is way over her head, if populism and empathy were governing currency, Jamaica under Portia Simpson Miller would be in great shape, however that is the extent of Miller’s capabilities, so our country is in bad shape.


   Portia Simpson Miller.PM:

The job creators are being slaughtered because of the failings of an incompetent Government who runs an incompetent National Security apparatus. Over the last two and a half decades the list of Business people killed by local criminal scum have been mind-boggling.

As incredible as those killings have been for the economic life of the country, not to mention the loss to their families, it tells only a small part of the larger story. There is the totally untold story of incalculable financial loss/disadvantage to the nation, Simply put, no one is beating down the doors to enter and invest in Jamaica. Jamaicans living abroad are not beating down the doors to reenter Jamaica to retire, people are actually beating down the doors to exit Jamaica, taking their talents and skills with them.

The loss from all of those combined is monumental, added to that is the incomprehensible inane bureaucratic and corrupt tax and import policy of the country which makes it virtually impossible for the country to claw its way out of the downward trajectory its on.

The names of countless slaughtered Jamaicans continue to litter the dump heap of history, Jamaicans like you and me, who did not need to die,  they died simply because of a corrupt and incompetent Government.