How Real Are You ?





Is everyone around us fake and phony? Putting up a front? Lying to themselves
and others? Is everyone really rude,self- centered, depressed, and just
downright angry individuals? Even more importantly… Am I?!!!???  For as long
as I could remember these were the type of people I’d see and just emulated.
Thinking its ok to have an attitude, roll my eyes, and be sarcastic because
someone said “the wrong thing to me”, or something I didn’t want to hear (but
maybe needed to hear). I would think people who were “happy” all the time were
lying to themselves or thought they were better than me ( since of course at the
time I thought no one was better than me)!  I would say to myself, when are they
going to snap? When are they going to go off because I can’t wait to see it. I
always was excited to see the drama it excited me, I was like a drug addict
looking for my next fix. Well did I ever get a rude awakening when these people
never went off, never got angry, never gave an attitude.  As I got older I
understood more and more the world does not and will never revolve around me (
nor does the sun or moon!) Its called grow up and mature. Pray more complain
less is what I learned, which is those “happy” people are truly happy and have
plenty of joy. It may be more work to be nicer to people and not give an
attitude, but it feels better because who really wants to be rude…. I DON’T!


By: Astarr Mahogany.