Horace Chang

It is a tragedy that Jamaica’s leaders stick their noses into places where they ought not to, yet are totally clueless about how to fix the existential crises the Island faces at home.
The Prime Minister travelled all the way to apartheid Israel to hobnob with the racist, megalomaniac Benjamin Netanyahu last year. And of course the pathetic opposition (PNP) is dead set on it’s support for the Venezuelan wannabe strongman Nicolas Maduro.

While Jamaica sticks it’s nose into international affairs which it has no business doing, the unchecked killings continue unabated across the country as a result of policies enacted by both the governing (JLP) and the opposition(PNP).
Front and center of the debate is how to control the spate of killings across the Island, the vast majority of which never gets solved.

The thugs who take life when they feel like it, has long demonstrated that they are no longer afraid or concerned about the police.
Additionally, the supposed awe that they once harbored at the sight of the military in the streets has long faded.
On that score, the old adage ” familirity breeds contempt” is appropriate. Soldiers have been doing some policing duties for years. The shock and awe at the sight of the military on the streets are replaced with shrugs and yawns.

The nation’s laws are made by imperfect people, many of whom are heavily invested in the personal outcomes, country be damned.
Trial lawyers with no allegiance to the country double as legislators. They pass laws which further hamstrung the police and empower those who would be their future clients.
But it’s not just as simple as trial lawyers being legislators, it is as serious as actual legislators being active criminals.
The pathetic excuse for a national security minister (Horace Chang) stands before a crowd in St James and tells the police not to infringe on the rights of any of the people in the parish (
surrounded by his police detail).
Not that he needed the police detail, the real security are the goons in the garrisons whom their policies protect.
He had not one syllable of [charge] to the people to obey the laws, to be respectful of the police and to help the police in their fight against crime.

Of course, this should come as no surprise, Horace Chang is in charge of one of the toughest garrisons in the parish of St James if not the entire Island.
The people who head the national security apparatus are also in charge of the [favelas] in which the criminals have safe-haven with dangerous high powered weapons.
No, this is not about party politics, the Opposition leader also oversees a garrison in which the number of votes cast always exceed the number of electors living in the constituency.

It has never been that the police were incapable of dealing with the killings. What has transpired over the years is that the two political parties have embarked on a process which undermines the rule of law in the country while they pilfer from the scarce resources which ought to go toward running the country.
They relish in taking away choice from the population, which is largely illiterate and totally beholden to the political dogma they are fed.
In order to pull that scam on the masses they needed a scapegoat and so the police found itself caught between the two gangs which run the country and those which enforces the code on the streets.

Because we cannot afford to violate their human and civil rights.
By the 22nd of Janauary last year 100 homicides were reported to the police.
That number meant that just under 5 Jamaicans were killed each day.
This year has started off on a gallop as well but never mind people are dying everywhere right?
I wonder how those people feel about their human rights, or better yet, I wonder how they feel about losing the most precious gift ever given, the gift of life?
I guess we will never know.

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  1. You should do more research on Andrew Holness constituency, re the voting pattern

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