Huge Water Reserve Under Africa,scientists:

 There is incredibly good news coming from the scientific community this week, British scientists revealed they have concluded a study which revealed large quantities of ground water under the continent of Africa. I applaud the scientific community for this exciting news, however I have instant trepidation as to the motive of those who funded the research. As the world population increases rapidly , now estimated to be over 7 billion it is imperative that we realize the need to protect the world’s water and seek to source new supplies. Already to some degree , water cost more than gasoline depending on the packaging. As alternative green energy sources are developed it is becoming clearer that the new precious commodity will be fresh clean drinking water. Several factors will manifest themselves culminating into serious conflicts for this now scarce and precious commodity. Global warming, drought, deforestation, drilling for oil, coal and minerals,and other abuse of the environment will continue to increase the demand and influence the importance of this all important product.

See story here: “This research, which the British Government has funded, could have a profound effect on some of the world’s poorest people, helping them become less vulnerable to drought and to adapt to the impact of climate change.”  Scientists say the notoriously dry continent of Africa is sitting on a vast reservoir of groundwater.They argue that the total volume of water in aquifers underground is 100 times the amount found on the surface. The team have produced the most detailed map yet of the scale and potential of this hidden resource. They stress that large-scale drilling might not be the best way of increasing water supplies. Across Africa more than 300 million people are said not to have access to safe drinking water. Demand for water is set to grow markedly in coming decades due to population growth and the need for irrigation to grow crops. BBCNEWS.COM


There is much more to be said on this issue, I do hope that with the aforementioned said the forces which ravaged  the continent will not see this as another opportunity for exploitation, rape and pillage. People on the continent have seen not much but pain over the last several centuries.  Even in instances where the colonialists powers have left the African has not know peace , much of the war and atrocities visited on the innocent have been instigated and carried out by people whom are their brothers and neighbors. Essentially the African continent have been divided and subdivided into groups and sub groups , pitting brother against brother.

This divide and conquer has left Africans open and unable to defend or feed themselves, in countries like The Sudan, and Nigeria, the plight of the African people have not improved despite natural resources like oil under their feet. In fact the reverse is true, precious metals and other natural resources has been a curse rather than a blessing to Africans. Let us hope that this will not mean another assault on the African people from those who profess to come as friends. We have heard this song and dance before.