Where Are The Human Rights Agencies In America

There is a serious and ever increasing threat to citizens rights as a result of Police aggressivness and disrespect of the very citizenry they supposedly serve. It is shocking that after serving 10 years myself as a Police Officer I am now loathe to encourage a young person to serve as a law enforcement officer.

Law Enforcement is no longer public safety, it is now Government containment of the masses through brutal and murderous police departments. We are unable to divest ourselves of the Police as an entity, after all the police are necessary in a civilized society. there is a huge problem when the police cannot be trusted to act with civility and are seen as an equal offender to peace and good order.

As the father of black sons, my greatest fear when my sons get in their cars to enter the streets, is not for regular criminals but for some of the criminals now wearing badges and parading as police officers. There is a growing trend by police in the United States to charge people they do not like with resisting arrest. Unwitting law makers attach serious penalties to the charge to encourage citizens to submit peaceably to being arrested.

What police have done is use it to send citizens to prison unjustly, as well as to justify using excessive force on those they want to administer a beating to. In New City alone the New York city Police Department filed over 55,000 resisting arrest charges against New Yorkers over a 10 year period. Even though the first charge was for a minor offense. Thankfully  some Judges are not blinded by police support, most of these cases have been tossed out along with the underlying charge.

The NYPD obviously sees itself as Lord of the people, if the PBA president Patrick Lynch and the Sergeant’s PBA’s president’s utterances are anything to go by. They haven’t gotten the message that the legislation was not intended for them to lie in order to incarcerate citizens, or to give police the excuse to physically assault or kill members of the public they swore to protect.


We are forced to ask whether the Legislation making resisting arrest a serious  crime was to encourage compliance , or was it intended to give more power to police to squash certain sectors of the society deemed disposable? It bears mentioning that politicians rush to say nice things about the police, even when the police clearly act in contravention to their sworn duties. This wink, wink, nod, nod has systematically encouraged  the lawless within police departments to act with impunity toward citizens.

The notion that resisting arrest is worthy of death, even for the most minor offense has been echoed by many Police brass across America. Clearly they know they have cover to kill because of the sweeping immunity they have been given by legislators in the pockets or afraid of police Unions. The average cop who abuses a member of the public, particularly a non-white member, knows he/she will not have to account. Even in cases where citizens are killed, they are given desk assignments with full pay.

Forty three year old Eric Garner was killed while cops attempted to arrest him for selling un-taxed cigarettes. The Police failed to mention that mister Garner had just stepped in and defused a physical altercation between two other men. They also failed to mention that according to eyewitnesses, Garner had no cigarettes on his person at the time he was alleged to have been selling cigarettes. Notwithstanding Garner was placed in a brutal choke-hold which snuffed out his life. With his dying breath ,Garner could be heard saying , “I can’t breathe I can’t breathe, I cant breathe”.

Daniel M Dononan Jr

Daniel M Dononan Jr

Despite Garner’s pleas, the cop maintained his death-hold until the last breath of life drained from Eric Garner’s body. The Medical Examiner ruled  Eric Garner’s death a homicide. That means someone killed Eric Garner, he did not die of natural causes. Staten Island District Attorney Daniel M Donavan Jr, still haven’t filed criminal charges against any of the cops involved in the killing of Eric Garner.

Donavan insists he will have to find evidence the cops acted unlawfully. This would be laughable if it wasn’t cynical and insulting. The choke-hold used to kill Eric Garner was banned some 20 years ago. If the method used to kill Eric Garner was illegal, the act is criminal. What Donavan is doing is foot-dragging . The District Attorney is hoping that this will eventually die down. This is why it is important that the family of Eric Garner does not relent in their quest to get justice for their loved one, who was essentially murdered by members of the New York City Police Department.

Had Eric Garner assaulted a cop and lived, he would have been beaten to a pulp and facing a raft of felonies from Donavan’s office.  He would be cooling his heels in jail possibly without bail. This is the kind of hypocrisy being practiced similar to the mock investigation and trial which took place in the Trayvon Martin killing. The most recent example being the refusal of the Ferguson Missouri Police Department to name the cop who shot  18-year-old Michael Brown multiple times killing him on the spot.

When you see police abusing citizens , look at these cases and you get an understanding why.



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  1. Mike , Listen up . Jamaica has its problems man but I would rather take my chances here than in the US , where so called minorities don’t have much say . Continue making contribution to the cause Mile , a voice in the wilderness is better than nothing at all . There is indeed a deafenimg silence emanamting from the hypocrites on capital Hill and the so called human rights groups …. Not surprise at all …. Keep hope alive mike .

  2. As a former police officer I understand the stress and danger inherent in the job. I also understand that people are difficult , particularly when approached by law enforcement. I cannot justify what some police officers do in the name of enforcing our laws. There are some people living in the US who are critical of the JCF yet they are complicity silent on the atrocities of America’s police departments against people of color. The hypocrisy of the so-called Human Rights Agencies needs exposure. As such I believe I have duty to do what I can to highlight these inconsistencies in America’s policies toward smaller Nations while ignoring the killings on it’s own streets.

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