Despite the high percentage of self-absorbed, self-important ingrates among the 2.8 million Jamaicans on the Island and even some in the diaspora the highly imperfect police force continue to plod on amidst the lack of adequate and respectable pay, lack of respect, lack of equipment, lack of support, and lack of appreciation.
Not to mention the Administrative and institutional impediments erected by successive administrations of both political parties to thwart their efforts.

It’s impossible to say just how many lives have been saved even temporarily, a reprieve even, to live a little bit longer as a result of the latest revelations by the police on the number of illegal guns and ammunition they have removed from the streets since the start of the year.


Four hundred and forty-nine (449) guns and almost 8’000 rounds of ammunition is nothing to scoff at.
It is enough guns and ammunition to supply a small army or several militias as in Jamaica’s case.
Even though most of the shooters have no military training, almost 8’000 rounds of ammunition could easily have resulted in the deaths of hundreds more than the over 700 who have met their end since the start of the year.

Amidst the grandstanding and posturing, it is very important that Jamaicans whether at home or abroad, take a moment to step back from these numbers and digest what they mean.

If at all you are a Jamaican and you would like to see the bloodshed stop, it is important to consider what the removal of these caches of guns and ammunition mean.
Bravo to the police officers and members of the military who back them up, for standing up and placing themselves between merciless militiamen and the good law abiding people deserving of their sacrifice.
Several of whom have already made the ultimate sacrifice in service to an ingrate nation since the start of the year.

In a perfect world, rain would fall only on the just. We live in an imperfect world, so a rising tide raises all boats.
The ingrates who should absolutely not benefit from your efforts actually do benefit from your sacrifice.
It’s simply the way the world works.
Keep removing the guns but better yet find ways to stop them coming in-in the first place.  If the police could ever get to the point where it is able to follow the caches coming in and following the evidence where it leads I would be a very happy man.

The lying hustlers who run the country would all be in jail.
Those unjust who received the rain they did not deserve, the boats which should not be elevated by the rising tide…
It would be well worth it to see those unjust dry up for want of rain, how good it would be to see those certain boats sink as the tide raise only the deserving boats.


KINGSTON, Jamaica — The police, through its communication arm, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), is reporting that 449 guns and 7,899 rounds of ammunition have been seized across the island since January 01.

According to statistics released today, Area Four, which comprises of Kingston Central, Kingston East, Kingston West, St Andrew Central and St Andrew South, led the tally with 135 guns seized up to July 9.

They were closely trailed by Area One — Hanover, St James, Trelawny and Westmoreland — which accounted for 28 percent (128) of the firearms seized.

Meanwhile, 51 percent (4015) of the assorted rounds of ammunition seized for the period was found in Area One with St James alone accounting for 3,476 rounds of the ammunition, the police said, adding that Area Four accounted for 20 percent or 1,556 rounds.

Portland and St Mary had the least significant figures for both firearm and ammunition seizures with only three firearms seized in Portland and eight in St Mary for the review period.
Both parishes also recorded remarkably low figures for ammunition seizures with 21 and 39 rounds respectively.,_449_guns_since_January?profile=1228