My greatest wish is that I could hire the entire police department, [save for some of course] and give them jobs they love and pay them what they are worth. I would hire them so that Jamaicans may have their wish to have the criminal paradise they want without anyone or anything standing in the way.
I was raised believing familiarity breeds contempt, at least that’s one of the things my elders taught me. The police department is experiencing this familiarity first hand.


I would hire them away so these foolish Israelites could have their king Saul.
And for the record, I would move them and their families out of the country.
Sure I know this is a pipe dream, a silly unattainable dream, but I am entitled to have my own utopian escape.  A moment of bliss at the prospect of such a possibility, and it’s real time consequences on these foolish deceitful people called Jamaicans.

Illegal guns flooding into Jamaica reportedly being paid for with lotto scamming mone










On a battlefield, if you are sustaining heavy losses the thing to do is to change strategy. Throwing large amounts of manpower at the enemy does not compensate for poor strategizing.
Jamaica is at war with the heavily armed gangs which have been empowered since the police have been prevented from going after them.  The Islands borders have become gaping gateways for the pouring in of weaponry and ammunition of all kinds.

Police in the Parish of Saint Ann had grenades lobbed at them last year, fortunately for those officers only one member of the party sustained minor injuries. On a daily basis, the police all across the Island remove weapons and ammunition of all kinds from the streets. Yet the number of illegal weapons in the hands of gangsters seem numberless.
I cannot recall a circumstance in which grenades have been used against law-enforcement in any western country so I stand to be corrected on that.
The point of the matter however, is that the country is engaged in a war that the Government is unwilling to acknowledge and the Opposition party is all too willing to see continue.

How can the leaders fix a problem they are wont to admit exist. Does anyone believe 10 people murdered over a 12 hour period is just crime?
In what normal society of 2.8 million would 1616 murdered people over the course of a single year be acceptable?
The very people who are responsible for the predicament in which the nation finds itself are the very people pointing fingers at the people with the least to do with those problems.

Guns seem to come into the country without much effort.

Police officers do not make policy.
In some developed countries which respect their law enforcement officials their laws are drafted with detailed input from their law enforcement officers.
The crime situation in a country[any country] is hardly ever wholly the fault of the police. Whether or not some members of the police department[any department are corrupt] is neither here nor there.

If there is corruption in the[a] police department it is up to the political leadership to fix it. The concept of firing the team is only a thing in a country like Jamaica. In other countries political leadership iron out problems in Government agencies police departments being no exception.
When the rubber meets the road I don’t see any [hifalutin bullshit-talking, non-facts-getting, elitist] chasing down a single little boy with a sling-shot, much less removing one gun from the streets.

Two AK 47 rifles, 15 other guns, ammo found in cargo .

At the end of the day, none of the gobblygook written on paper purporting to know how to deal with Jamaican criminals from the relative safety of ivory towers can compensate for good intelligence-based policing.
Let me go a little further by saying we need analysts for analyzing scientific samples, we need profilers, we need people who are super educated to formulate forward-leaning policies, we even need psychologists to help us to understand why people sometimes do the things they do.
But all of that must be done as part of a comprehensive strategy geared toward effectively dealing with crime which is an ever-changing phenomenon.

Just some of the weaponry which have flooded the Island and are in the hands of gangsters.

None of those other disciplines compensate or replaces policing.[Do you hear me, Professor Harriot and the braindead PSOJ].
The sad conclusion is that the Jamaican public rich and poor and in between does not understand the value of policing to their lives.
Not kid gloves, not begging criminals to behave, not worried about how many of them end up dead if they refuse to hand over the guns, or worse yet, shoot at our police officers.

Brazen images many Jamaicans do not see.

It will be accomplished by the same old strategies being employed in every other country in which some quarters decide that they are above the laws.
You go after them with overwhelming force and squish them like bugs.
A people too stupid, too criminally complicit or too damn pretentious to understand that concept deserves what it getting.

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